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16 days ago

Crazy bachelor party! This is only day one, it only gets crazier! Love yall and hope you enjoy this. If you see this comment "CRAZY"
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You can look but you CANT touch prank:
Being PDA in front of our friends:
Being mean to my fiancé:

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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs 15 days ago
Lol it got wild. What do you all think? Day 2 for the guys gets ten times more wild just wait👀🔥
Ailin T
Ailin T 8 days ago
@Brooke Schexnaider u Jajaja
Ailin T
Ailin T 8 days ago
@Brooke Schexnaider u Jajaja
Ailin T
Ailin T 8 days ago
@Brooke Schexnaider n
Rian Reppert
Rian Reppert 9 days ago
Hey what’s the app you guys used to play silent library ?
Aboudy Police
Aboudy Police 11 days ago
That looks like the pandemic doesn't exist anymore
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 2 days ago
Dangg Lol
Annabell Delreal
Annabell Delreal 3 days ago
I feel like I’ve seen Alex before!
Angelique Cruz
Angelique Cruz 4 days ago
Everyone: Katies bachelor is all asthetic Josh's bachelor boys being dumb Me: look at their handshake!
Maria Knoblaugh
Maria Knoblaugh 5 days ago
This is so funny.
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole 6 days ago
Do you guy know how to wear masks?!?!
Eloise Tabor
Eloise Tabor 6 days ago
I feel like Alex always gets left out
Jeni Fauser
Jeni Fauser 7 days ago
This video is so fire
Halcorg! 8 days ago
Fernanda Barranco
Fernanda Barranco 9 days ago
I love that Katie said you do you babe in the beginning
Lucy McCue
Lucy McCue 9 days ago
"The most aesthetically pleasing bachelorette party" YEs, he was 100,000% correct
Lou Maye
Lou Maye 9 days ago
SHe is the queen lol lu and he is the king hope you love your biggest day in your life
Anthony Bingham
Anthony Bingham 9 days ago
I love Jatie and I have been subscribed for like 2 years already lol
inaaya khan
inaaya khan 10 days ago
inaaya khan
inaaya khan 10 days ago
Emily Wisa
Emily Wisa 10 days ago
that boy said shoo fly. i'm dead
Luke & Jass
Luke & Jass 10 days ago
Does anyone know what app they had playing silent library lol
ChocolateChaos 10 days ago
Bro the editior being pranked and then not going out with them
Annemarie K.
Annemarie K. 10 days ago
Courtney Rich
Courtney Rich 10 days ago
Jersey shore vibes???
Jeremiah Artis
Jeremiah Artis 10 days ago
Get out of my head lol
Devyn Andrus
Devyn Andrus 10 days ago
I still can’t get over how much Katie looks like Biz ! Love you Jatie! Glad you guys had a great bachelor party can’t wait for the wedding video❤️❤️❤️❤️
laurenelizabethsmiles 11 days ago
8:05 silent library from mtv?😂
Danae Mateos
Danae Mateos 11 days ago
I like how they made him get down😂
kailey lope
kailey lope 11 days ago
Dakota Hyatt
Dakota Hyatt 11 days ago
Ok one thing I got to say to you Christian are you in a religion or a relationship with God?
Andrea’s Gaming
Andrea’s Gaming 11 days ago
Why are they parting during a pandemic you shouldn’t be but I love them
Ellie Ireton
Ellie Ireton 11 days ago
crazy is an understatement
Jada Sims
Jada Sims 11 days ago
That's dope that Josh's friends are carrying him like royalty, so that he can have fun & enjoy himself.
Rat lover forever I love rats
Rat lover forever I love rats 11 days ago
The Happy Light
The Happy Light 11 days ago
roblox with mikayla
roblox with mikayla 11 days ago
who else wants to see them react to each others bachlorets and bachelor party's? sorry i cant spell
Harmoney Davidson
Harmoney Davidson 11 days ago
Notice how he said Adult air bnb 😂
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 11 days ago
I felt bad for their editor he also bowed 😂😂😂😂
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 11 days ago
I have been the guy who makes everyone else's bachelor party crazy and what they did is nothing I call strippers and stuff and it's crazy
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 11 days ago
OMG I am a og sub I have been watching jatie before the proposal and I stopped watching and today I came back and this bachelor party what did I miss someone fill me in
Bell Reid
Bell Reid 11 days ago
Who’s I can’t believe I’m talking to josh and Katie yayyy! Pls do another prank hope y’all doing fine
Chamberlyn Custer
Chamberlyn Custer 11 days ago
Poor Josh
꧁a l e e c i a꧂
꧁a l e e c i a꧂ 11 days ago
I feel bad for Katie’s brother, all of them were making fun of him the whole time 😭😭
• The Service Angels
• The Service Angels 9 days ago
Alex?? Alex is Josh’s brother
Humayra Chowdhury
Humayra Chowdhury 10 days ago
Katies brother isnt a groomsman
Lily Does STufF
Lily Does STufF 11 days ago
the difference between Katie and Josh's bachelor parties-
Joe Keery
Joe Keery 11 days ago
Alex I broke a beer bottle
E Herrera
E Herrera 11 days ago
this is why we women live longer
Dream iconik
Dream iconik 11 days ago
The thumbnail
Cheyenne Sears
Cheyenne Sears 11 days ago
when they were punching him in the stomach and it was joshes turn di they forget he is a pro-MMA fighter or something
Hallie Gill
Hallie Gill 11 days ago
Exactly what Josh said happened I’m probably going to get tortured and Katie is going to have the best bachelorette party ever and I know that because I’ve watched both videos
Cheyenne Sears
Cheyenne Sears 12 days ago
dang the bachelors party is so aggressive
xdToasty 12 days ago
anna gable
anna gable 12 days ago
I have watch a lot of your vids in like a couple weeks
YuliD Deleon
YuliD Deleon 12 days ago
Ayyyy, lit day’s!
Lucia Barrera
Lucia Barrera 12 days ago
(no harm ment
Lucia Barrera
Lucia Barrera 12 days ago
this was soo boring i'd rather puke a mil times LIKE KATIE WAS WIIIIILD SHES THE SAVAGE
Lucia Barrera
Lucia Barrera 12 days ago
ugh boys think there soooo cool but then a girl comes in *All eyeys go on the lady* Girls : Sorry just swalloed some Told ya so >:) (Katie DEF better Katie the QUEEN. JOsh... ehhhh (MABYE im sorry)
Bijlowdinho 187
Bijlowdinho 187 12 days ago
when someones doing a nazi salute on the thumbnail you know its finna be wild
Mike Battaglia34
Mike Battaglia34 12 days ago
Anyone know where i can order that silent library game lol
Alexa Kabat
Alexa Kabat 12 days ago
Did anyone see their handshake Katie’s and Josh’s
grace Kowitch
grace Kowitch 12 days ago
Fucking awesome 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 epic party
Jatin Patel
Jatin Patel 12 days ago
Katie:This bacheleete party is gonna be wild!! Josh's bachelor party:
MaddieTheBoss! 12 days ago
Everyone just partying and getting drunk, and Dallin's just recording and is sober! 😂
Clarissa Perez
Clarissa Perez 12 days ago
Jessica Torry
Jessica Torry 12 days ago
Katie’s bachelorette party= like my dream 💖✨ Josh’s bachelor party= I wouldn’t survive 😂💀
Colin Sabourin
Colin Sabourin 12 days ago
Colin Sabourin
Colin Sabourin 12 days ago
You need to prank girls
Angelina LaLuna
Angelina LaLuna 12 days ago
Niatooboujee 12 days ago
Silent Library was my favorite show bro 😂😂😆
Nikki Humble
Nikki Humble 12 days ago
Please reply
Ella-rose Brooks-murray
Ella-rose Brooks-murray 12 days ago
Jatie vlogs I love you you make my day
Amanda Chellan
Amanda Chellan 12 days ago
This looks like so much fun and it kinda looked like it hurt. Josh looked like he had so much fun hope u enjoyed it Love u guy a lot ❤❤❤❤❤
Geraldine Cerezo
Geraldine Cerezo 12 days ago
the handshake at 2:22 had me shook did u guys saw that too? LOL
Destiny Gilbert
Destiny Gilbert 12 days ago
so crazy
Nadege Baron
Nadege Baron 12 days ago
me watching Katie's bachelorette party and being on her side and then watching this and waiting for Katie's revenge again
Laila Doheny
Laila Doheny 12 days ago
why do i kinda wanna hang wit the boys tho......
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 12 days ago
Looks like fun.
Sierra Russell
Sierra Russell 12 days ago
Josh hope you feel better it could have been way worse I went dirt biking with my boyfriend and I almost got killed and now by legs and arms are broken
Lauren Wallman
Lauren Wallman 12 days ago
katie: I heard there gonna shove your head in a toilet josh: oh no😔
NaeNae Hayes
NaeNae Hayes 12 days ago
That game you guys are playing is from the silent library
Amy Duck
Amy Duck 12 days ago
Yeah don’t worry about a pandemic,Americans are too cool,like Jake Paul who had a house party,selfish 😞😤🙄
Ashlee Hull
Ashlee Hull 13 days ago
This is soo hype! There is nothing better than spending your life with your best friend!
Sarah barker Xx
Sarah barker Xx 13 days ago
I loved this video ! Love u Katie and joshy b ❤️💕
Hajràhkhan Khan
Hajràhkhan Khan 13 days ago
Tiffany Jarrell
Tiffany Jarrell 13 days ago
Katie's party: aesthetic, Pinterest vibes, cute clothes, balloons Josh's party: cussing, drinking, slapping, killing josh
•Diamond Sprinkles•
•Diamond Sprinkles• 10 days ago
Carriel Calloway
Carriel Calloway 13 days ago
Katie: can we break up for 3 days
Tahira Devonshire
Tahira Devonshire 13 days ago
I feel bad for dallin he was just recording the whole time 😭
Nevaeh Larock
Nevaeh Larock 13 days ago
They make the most out of ev-I’m doing something
Eliana Mahboubi
Eliana Mahboubi 13 days ago
What happened to Covid ?????
Philip Hoyle
Philip Hoyle 13 days ago
It’s so fun you guys are engaged cause today my uncle asked his girlfriend to marry him on Valentine’s Day and she said yes and I can’t wait I love you guys.
InMyHead 13 days ago
Damn, delivered that punch with the quickness.
Aliyah Villa
Aliyah Villa 13 days ago
My man is going to his own bachelor party with a cast on one foot and a boot on the other... this is great! 😂
I luv Doggos
I luv Doggos 13 days ago
Josh: coughs(after eating the pepper thing) Other dude: -has no expression-
Skye Day
Skye Day 13 days ago
I can't wait for the wedding, everyone bowing down to Josh was great.. I freakin Love you guy's and following those grams.. # jatiefam #jatiebeauty #J80fit #joshbrueckner #katiebetzing #Topperbrueckner.. Much love from TX..
Tara B
Tara B 13 days ago
Wow! I’m so ready for these videos! Love Josh and Katie ❤️❤️❤️
Italey Brantley
Italey Brantley 13 days ago
I thought y’all quit USposts...
Marianna Lara
Marianna Lara 13 days ago
The fact that they are getting married in the month of my birthday I'm sooo excited
Valentin Pirvulescu
Valentin Pirvulescu 13 days ago
Love your video . When you're wedding
K And S Stigger
K And S Stigger 13 days ago
I saw on ur ig story you guys are literally thirty minutes from my house
Sloan Zachary
Sloan Zachary 13 days ago
I hope my relationship is like y’all one day!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️✨💍✨💍🌿🌿🌿👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Ball Lover
Ball Lover 13 days ago
King #josh LOL 😂
areyberry_vlogs 13 days ago
Sho fly 👋
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton 13 days ago
CRAZY Loved this video so much
Riley Holz
Riley Holz 13 days ago
Damn boys are having the times of their lives
Danielle Bennis
Danielle Bennis 13 days ago
i laughed so hard when josh was talking to us and jeremy came in dancing and josh was like "im doing something".
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