Why We Are Postponing The Wedding *Cute Reaction*

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Month ago

Explaining why we are postponing the wedding. Katie had the cutest reaction to this! We love you guys
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Being mean to my fiancé: usposts.info/vision/js6cuJu5eqykrpE/video

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angeline dmt
angeline dmt 9 days ago
"im literally obsessed w u" awwww
Chloe_hein 19 days ago
I almost yelled at josh when he said he was gonna "pop a wheely" in the beginning
Christina Linville
Christina Linville 20 days ago
are you recoreing
Leanne Hill
Leanne Hill 26 days ago
Leanne Hill
Leanne Hill 26 days ago
Abcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwuxynxmy ABCs next time won't you sing with me
Bhumija Boricha
Bhumija Boricha 28 days ago
Did they change the house again? Cause I remember they lived in Michigan and it was a different house! Della vlogs stay pretty far, how do they come over so easily and all
Anonymous 29 days ago
They are so good for eachother❤❤
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 29 days ago
The cutest video ever 🤩🤩
Royal Ame
Royal Ame 29 days ago
They way she put her hand on his neck was so sweet and they way he rubbed her shoulder omg ima cry these are the cutest couple
Morgan’s Gymnastics
Morgan’s Gymnastics Month ago
Oh my gosh
mrs hilton
mrs hilton Month ago
🔥🔥 keep pretending you can’t walk even once you can and then the wedding day let Katie think you will be waiting for her in a wheelchair and instead you’ll be standing! I bet you would get a great reaction out of Katie!!💥💥
Tina Buchanan
Tina Buchanan Month ago
Study up on wheelchair dancing it is very cute.
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
popping wheelies out here🤦‍♀️
Aundrea Ervin
Aundrea Ervin Month ago
Yaaas josh prank wars 🙏
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez Month ago
😇🤗God has a plan for everyone😇🤗🙏
Sara Bradford
Sara Bradford Month ago
How on earth is Josh able to think about PRANKS!! I love that about you guys, you include us in everything!!!
T R A S H :p
T R A S H :p Month ago
I love he was like “ watch me wap, watch me wap” That’s was the best 😂
Drunk Dora
Drunk Dora Month ago
Prank idea by me: ONE OF YALL SHOULD DO A ‘CALLING MY EX TO THE WEDDING TO SEE HOW MY FIANCÉ REACTS’. I think that it would be a fire video. U n Katie r in my prayers josh🥰. Thanks, luv y’all!
Rease Glover
Rease Glover Month ago
Why don’t you use the intro anymore!? I it 😢
Rease Glover
Rease Glover Month ago
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez Month ago
He goes “ I can do the wap”😂❤️
Elaina Lash
Elaina Lash Month ago
I can only pray that one day someone loves me the way you two love each other. 😭💕
itsamanda Month ago
This is the cutest thing omg❤️
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
I made a song for y’all for your wedding day
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
Please give my song a shot out plssss haha
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
Sorry not the best also kinda short and not very good I tried so sry but good luck at the wedding!!
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
Hope you liked it!!:D
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
You first saw each other and were like that’s the one everyday every hour I can’t spend without by my side I wanna closer with you when you come out in that dress and he comes out in black you hold each others hand and dream of the future with you!
Brooke Wagner
Brooke Wagner Month ago
Ready I am!!!
courtney franklin
courtney franklin Month ago
when she yawned it made me yawn 😂
Riddhi Sandhu
Riddhi Sandhu Month ago
William R.S.
William R.S. Month ago
11:45 I recognize that washing machine beeping melody sound, from our washing machine too lmao 🤣
pool shark
pool shark Month ago
I am a disabled vet and can't walk anymore. I am bedridden 24/7. People get married all the time and their are alot of ppl in wheelchairs getting married. You are both still young and have the rest of your lives with each other. God bless.
H E L E N A O D E N B R E I T Month ago
Josh it is youre descision to prospone the wedding and all of the jatie fam respect that but you need to know that katie will love you no matter what you do or what happens to you and all of the j80 fam will be waiting for the day that the folowing words are anounced I now proununce you husband and wife
Jolie Gartzke
Jolie Gartzke Month ago
Katie is literally an angel “if this is t really a prank you can tell me”🥺❤️
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
Yall are seriously the cutest couple ever and the sweetest most caring people on earth
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
Katie: "because topper's cuter" hahaa
Carson Quinlan
Carson Quinlan Month ago
bruh y’all are like IDENTICAL to me and my girlfriend it’s scary
Izzy Robertson
Izzy Robertson Month ago
Am I the only one that notice they don’t use there intro anymore?
M Month ago
Hope Bursey
Hope Bursey Month ago
i love yous🥺❤️
Jolene Richeson
Jolene Richeson Month ago
So awesome to find your half that completes the one another. 💝
Sam Cilliers
Sam Cilliers Month ago
Della vlogs sent a message on here
Olivia Gazzola
Olivia Gazzola Month ago
Josh to be winning in da prank wars lately juss saying haha
Brandy Paul
Brandy Paul Month ago
Love you guys you’re awesome your content is so fun makes me so happy
Keira Rodermond
Keira Rodermond Month ago
praying for you guys
Keira Rodermond
Keira Rodermond Month ago
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
Lisa Wideman
Lisa Wideman Month ago
Natalie Bland
Natalie Bland Month ago
Josh: Toppy mommas home Katie: Topperrr Josh: Toppy mommas home Katie:Topperrr Cutest little family ever!!!!❤️
Gabi M
Gabi M Month ago
Katie is pure GOLD, she’s a queen. Precious girl inside and out 😍
Kynnedy Carta
Kynnedy Carta Month ago
The part when you said” who are u gonna marry then”
Shelly Month ago
Take it from someone who is about to spend her 25th anniversary with an amazing man. My MS has tried to take special times away from us but we haven’t let it. It makes those times more special. You realize just how amazing every moment is. Good or bad.
Kaija Nev
Kaija Nev Month ago
I have a question for JATIE VLOGS AND DELLA VLOGS. If I ever saw you guys in public could I get a pic with you?
Kaija Nev
Kaija Nev Month ago
I am from Michigan! I don’t live there anymore. TWINS!
Kennedy Green
Kennedy Green Month ago
I just wanna say I stopped watching you guys for a couple months. Just been busy and stuff but the moment I started watching again I was so happy. You guys make me so happy, you guys are so fun and I look up to you. Stay safe Josh, you too Katie. I believe in you josh, stay happy Jatie Fam.
Lacey Cooper
Lacey Cooper Month ago
Hey if you do feel that way a little you can have the real wedding and have a little one when he’s better and you can have a small ceremony and do it again but with fewer people and then you can take the pictures and have songs to dance to and have fun it’s just a suggestion you can think of if you want to
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Month ago
Everyone please go subscribe to their best friends della vlogs and help them get to 600k by the end of January
Lorenz Wiggins
Lorenz Wiggins Month ago
Hello 👋
Jeremy Brand
Jeremy Brand Month ago
Crissy Snyder
Crissy Snyder Month ago
What day are yall getting married
Zhane Jones
Zhane Jones Month ago
Waylon Roberts
Waylon Roberts Month ago
They look like brother and sister
Lily V
Lily V Month ago
Ily guys so much 😍
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur Month ago
Aww you guys are so cute!
K&AVLOGS Month ago
love you guys !!!!!
Heldy Portillo
Heldy Portillo Month ago
I feel like i’m more excited than they are😂
a n i a k a r i s h m a
a n i a k a r i s h m a Month ago
a n i a k a r i s h m a
a n i a k a r i s h m a Month ago
Linda Beatz
Linda Beatz Month ago
i hope josh gets better!!!! #teamjosh pranks
francisca chavez
francisca chavez Month ago
68 days until the jatie wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elsie Chattin
Elsie Chattin Month ago
I broke my collarbone on my motorbike to I know the pain good luck Josh
Cheyanne Doan
Cheyanne Doan Month ago
Soooooo cute
KaileyElyse Month ago
God did this to him so you guys could get that tighter, closer, humble relationship. God is letting you guys realize that you are truly in love and would do anything for each other before you get married :) praying for josh❤️
Raven deberry
Raven deberry Month ago
So if her nose surgery goes wrong you gotta cancel but if he really want to cancel because he can’t walk you insist on still doing it. He don’t want wedding pictures with broke legs lol. I love y’all but I was like waaaaat on that part.
Lilly-Mai Murphy
Lilly-Mai Murphy Month ago
Ur legs
Lilly-Mai Murphy
Lilly-Mai Murphy Month ago
Aww I saw when u broke us legs and it chin will u go to the wedding
Paulina Playz
Paulina Playz Month ago
Paulina Playz
Paulina Playz Month ago
Be careful
Lion Lover
Lion Lover Month ago
Why have they changed the intro thing with the song to the end instead of the start 🤔
Alysa Dittamore
Alysa Dittamore Month ago
At the wedding WAP is just going to come on and Josh will somehow figure out how to twerk to it😂😂 ( I typed this at the beginning and at 11:56 Josh just did the WAP dance )😂 😂😂😂
Analyce Jackson
Analyce Jackson Month ago
Are y’all going to post a utube vid of the wedding??
Kallista Seybert
Kallista Seybert Month ago
Josh: does wheelie in the wheelchair 😂😭 Me: does this mans want to break his neck too?😂😭 Jk i love yall sm
FreeRunnerZB Month ago
Where are girls like Katie where I live
FreeRunnerZB Month ago
Lauren McCreary
Lauren McCreary Month ago
I know this is really off topic but why does Katie’s leg look so skinny hanging off the couch 😂
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez Month ago
Josh and katie, you both will get through this we are here for you no matter what The jatie fam loves you❤ Like the video and subscribe for the support.
Diana Calvo
Diana Calvo Month ago
Josh: es broma pero si quieres no es 😂😂😂 You guys are the cutest💘
aaskew2480 Month ago
I love y’all .y’all are my fav
Derek Tremont
Derek Tremont Month ago
josh we don't need u to get hurt even more but I am so happy that u are happy now
Safaa Soya
Safaa Soya Month ago
I hope Josh gets better
Erin’s Vlogs
Erin’s Vlogs Month ago
You could put it off a year so he could dance and people would be able to come and have the time off but I love you guys I hope you heal fast
Joshua Randall
Joshua Randall Month ago
Push it back, why put people at risk? No wonder numbers are still so high in the us. Gatherings should be stopped
Jatin Patel
Jatin Patel Month ago
Omg I just realized that they put the intro song as the outro!!
KylahPlayz_Bloxburg Month ago
PRANK IDEA FOR JOSH: Text Katie another girls name and say Hey Ashley I loved the other day can we meet tonight. To get Katie’s reaction
Katie you are a angel from heaven 🙏 and you too Josh I hope you get better soon love you so much 🙏 and I will pray you Josh 🙏 and Katie 🥺🥺🙏
Katie you are a angel from God 🙏🥺 and you are the sweetest person in the whole world 🌍 and you too love so much and you too Josh and you are a angel from heaven 🙏
iiSunrise_ Safarianii
iiSunrise_ Safarianii Month ago
Prank on josh : Pretend that you were gaining weight, and tell him that you are only going to be eating healthy foods, so pretend that you are like insecure. Like so they see it!!
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox Month ago
Jack is a simp but it’s ok he treats her right
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox Month ago
I meant josh idk y I said jack my fault
Kaylee Cornelius
Kaylee Cornelius Month ago
For a USposts video idea you guys should react to your first video together. I kinda want to see that
MyJourneyToBeSeizureFree Month ago
Drink Celery juice every morning on an empty stomach Josh! Celery juice is great for everything! It’s one of the most powerful and healing juices we can drink! I have been drinking Organic Celery juice everyday on an empty stomach, every morning when I wake up. I’m drinking it to cure my seizures and all of the improvements I have seen is absolutely amazing. I haven’t had a seizure for almost 5 days now. Please please please try it! I’m telling you it will help you! 🙏🏼
Katie Phippen
Katie Phippen 16 days ago
Not quite how it works but that’s my opinion u can think what u want
kaleigh Capps
kaleigh Capps Month ago
Good luck
Tiffany Ann
Tiffany Ann Month ago
@Phantom 55 they told me I wasnt allergic to gluten but whenever I eat it I get allergic reactions. You saying that was the dumbest thing I have heard
Phantom 55
Phantom 55 Month ago
@Tiffany Ann that might be the dumbest thing iv ever heard. Doctors legally have to tell the truth or they can lose there license to practice medicine
Tiffany Ann
Tiffany Ann Month ago
@Phantom 55 Doctors dont always tell the truth
Kylee Haring
Kylee Haring Month ago
Josh u are not the only one who broke there leg I broke more parts too I broke my coller bone my leg and my hand my lil sister pushes me off my bed get better josh
Amber Foust
Amber Foust Month ago
I am so excited
Awande Sithole
Awande Sithole Month ago
Random thought:I heard the washing machine...and I think we have the same washing machine. 😅 I could be wrong tho😂
Chelsie Thompson
Chelsie Thompson Month ago
🤩🤩🤩Awwwww!! Get well soon josh!!!❤❤❤
Joyce Carruthers
Joyce Carruthers Month ago
Do you reply
Joyce Carruthers
Joyce Carruthers Month ago
Adam Lubar
Adam Lubar Month ago
Adam Lubar
Adam Lubar Month ago
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