My New Nose Reveal!! *Emotional*

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Month ago

My new nose reveal is here! Hope you guys like it, i love it so much and im so happy i went through with this process and could take you guys on the journey of my new nose!
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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs Month ago
I’m so happy with how it turned out! Check out tomorrow’s vid to see Joshs reaction 👀❤️
Mia Miranda
Mia Miranda Month ago
Katie you look more like Biz now
Lucy Monroe
Lucy Monroe Month ago
Hey 👋 thank you ok ok but get a good good night thank love ok
Sandee Pfaff
Sandee Pfaff Month ago
Infinet Sunshine Love
Infinet Sunshine Love Month ago
Congratulations 🎊
Infinet Sunshine Love
Infinet Sunshine Love Month ago
Omg it looks so cute the noes I love ❤️ it
Malissa Colburn
Malissa Colburn Day ago
Katie I love it
Malissa Colburn
Malissa Colburn Day ago
Omg love it.
Rachel Blacker
Rachel Blacker 3 days ago
katie you look so good
• Simply_JC •
• Simply_JC • 5 days ago
I loved her old nose But I love her new nose just as much! She’s gonna be pretty no matter what!
johnson wang
johnson wang 8 days ago
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose 12 days ago
Omg it looks so good!!! 😁😁😁
Kathy Graves
Kathy Graves 12 days ago
I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Katy Irick
Katy Irick 14 days ago
the camera lady talking over the doctor :(((
marilyn o'Brien
marilyn o'Brien 14 days ago
You so pretty good bless you
Party Girl
Party Girl 14 days ago
Where’s your intro I haven’t been seeing it in your videos lately
Elyse Holsinger
Elyse Holsinger 14 days ago
Katie’s new nose looks so great
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 15 days ago
I’m so happy for you Katie 🤩🤩
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 16 days ago
I saw her reel and now I'm here
Vanessa Leal
Vanessa Leal 20 days ago
Katie's nose looks soo good
HANNAH HUISH 20 days ago
OMG!!!!!!! It looks great!!!!!
Taylor Whitaker-Slaughterbeck
Taylor Whitaker-Slaughterbeck 22 days ago
I like it. Love you Katie. It looks Incredible
demira playz roblox
demira playz roblox 22 days ago
Yay omg!
Aly Garica
Aly Garica 23 days ago
Yall dont wear mask?.
haley mendez
haley mendez 24 days ago
Looks so amazing 🥰
Savannah lewis
Savannah lewis 24 days ago
Omg I'm so happy for you I love you so mu
Juliana Abel
Juliana Abel 26 days ago
Omg it looks SO good we luv you katie it looks awesome. But it doesn't look like you but you look amazong
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 26 days ago
FAITH MAYO 28 days ago
Love the new look Katie it is like you are a whole new person.
CaitrionaG Gavigan
CaitrionaG Gavigan 28 days ago
She looks more like her sister now but Katie looks amazing 🤩 but she looked great before as well 💜💜😍
David potter
David potter 29 days ago
Her nose looks the same to me old nose or new nose she is gorgeous
Reyna Phan
Reyna Phan 29 days ago
had katie ever died her hair, like balayage?
Elivia Mcdonagh
Elivia Mcdonagh 29 days ago
Amazing Katie 👏🏽🙌🏽
La 17
La 17 Month ago
It makes her look exactly like her sister 😇🥳
Lexi jake Terry
Lexi jake Terry Month ago
Absolutely beautiful you already were but girl you look good!
Candy Hot
Candy Hot Month ago
No difrence
Journey Wolverton
Journey Wolverton Month ago
I'm really gonna miss the old nose though =( BUGT U LOOK GREAT!!!!!! congrats
Helan Giravi
Helan Giravi Month ago
cheke panda
cheke panda Month ago
I love it
Leeann Reynolds
Leeann Reynolds Month ago
I sis just me or does she look like Biz
Charlee’s Videos
Charlee’s Videos Month ago
It looks great 👍
Eda Month ago
It looks so real like you never did any nose job. It's awesome girlll
Chloe Shoot
Chloe Shoot Month ago
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith Month ago
im telling my opinion i dont really like it i like her old nose bc it looks more like her now she doesnt look like katie anymore
Kara Meyers
Kara Meyers Month ago
You look so beautiful 😍 💗 💖 💕 💛 💓
Caolan Mcgrory
Caolan Mcgrory Month ago
You look amazing❤️
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Month ago
Everyone should go subscribe to their friends della vlogs and help them get to 700k
Brandon Johnston
Brandon Johnston Month ago
Can we get a before and after?
Baya Broaddus
Baya Broaddus Month ago
I don’t like it I liked it before
Jordyn! :P
Jordyn! :P Month ago
Grace Bridge
Grace Bridge Month ago
I. Love you Gide
isabella medina
isabella medina Month ago
it looks so good !! she looks a little like biz now 💕
someone somebody
someone somebody Month ago
honestly i think bella is rude, like the way the dr was talking and she was interpreting him and kept doing it.
Molly Krimzyn
Molly Krimzyn Month ago
You and Biz could SERIOUSLY pass for twins now!!!! Crazy.. so happy for you!!!
Trina Bolstad
Trina Bolstad Month ago
You look so different omggggg
Lilly Hehe
Lilly Hehe Month ago
Not that you need to worry ab my opinion but I personally like your old nose better
Audrey Navarro Flores
Audrey Navarro Flores Month ago
Dr's voice sounds like Eugene Levy! Your nose looks amazing!!! 💗
Kate Zeimet
Kate Zeimet Month ago
Did you get your hair died
Lila Bruno
Lila Bruno Month ago
It’s so cute
Payton Ullrick
Payton Ullrick Month ago
I love it so much! It looks so good, I think it looked good before too though but looks even better now!
Amayah Dexheimer
Amayah Dexheimer Month ago
Omg she looks like biz now
_Ann_ Sunflower_
_Ann_ Sunflower_ Month ago
Anyone else remember when josh got her those blue LV shoes I believe it was called “surprising my future wife” that was off topic but love the new nose Katie
ROEL. Month ago
Looking a bit more like Biz rn
Ava Sears
Ava Sears Month ago
I haven’t watched u for so long and this is how I came back 🥲
Adriana Dusaj
Adriana Dusaj Month ago
WOW Katie your nose looks so good! But it was so beautiful before as well
Jaci Sackett
Jaci Sackett Month ago
Omg it looks so good!! I love it Katie!! Beautiful!
Princessmaci Macimaci10
Princessmaci Macimaci10 Month ago
I’m sooooooooooo sorry but honestly I do not like it sorry 😞 I’m not a hater I just like it before
Kourtney Morris
Kourtney Morris Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks she looks more like Josh now ?
Spitz Puppy Adventures
Spitz Puppy Adventures Month ago
Omg it’s looks amazing Katie!!!! She looks a lot more like biz now I feel like . Ily
Meredith Mozingo
Meredith Mozingo Month ago
She looks a lot more like biz now
ᗰᗩᗪᗪIᗴ Month ago
Her outfit is so cute!
raptor gaming
raptor gaming Month ago
I have been watching for a long time but Katie why you looked better with the turtle nose but you still look good but your nose so do what you want congrates
Monica Garrison
Monica Garrison Month ago
Is it just me or does she look more like biz
Sathmi Ekanayake
Sathmi Ekanayake Month ago
can u guys pls put the intro vid at the beginning. katie your nose looks absolutely amazing.
Inside My eyes
Inside My eyes Month ago
God bless everyone.
A Rodgers
A Rodgers 19 days ago
Love this!
Kris Bordeaux
Kris Bordeaux Month ago
I love it KATIE!!!
Khloee Turner
Khloee Turner Month ago
You looked great before but you look great now to have a great day 😁
Chevvy Month ago
It looks pretty good
Michelle De Tuya
Michelle De Tuya Month ago
No offense but it looks bad
Flower Safarian
Flower Safarian Month ago
Katie... now you just look more like your sister lol
Rosie Marie
Rosie Marie Month ago
Honestly teared up when they did the reveal 😅 I am SO happy for you girl! I have the same issue. A bump on my nose and I’ve always been insecure. I’m so happy for you for being able to get ur nose job and that you love it! Ily Jatie fam💞
Arya Patel
Arya Patel Month ago
Yayayaayay! Katie is back to normal and her nose looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bren Amazing
Bren Amazing Month ago
Omg you look so different I'm so happy for you and now you look like kinda just like your sister.
Abigail H
Abigail H Month ago
she looks more like her sister
Jodie And Scarlett
Jodie And Scarlett Month ago
I think josh is not gonna like it
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
So happy for you!❤️
Linsie Schrum
Linsie Schrum Month ago
Looks so good!💜
Massimo Gesua' sive Salvadori
Massimo Gesua' sive Salvadori Month ago
Katie and josh are so annoying
Victoria Nolan
Victoria Nolan Month ago
Love it!! It’s looks natural which is amazing
Gitty Rosenberg
Gitty Rosenberg Month ago
It looks amazing!!🔥🔥💖
Lindsey Watson
Lindsey Watson Month ago
Looks amazing Katie, good on you for having the courage to do it. Thank you for allowing me to feel like part of the process love you both xx
Nanditha Gururaj
Nanditha Gururaj Month ago
Bella kinda looks like Chrissy teigen
Martinez’s Martinez
Martinez’s Martinez Month ago
God bless turn to Jesus and be saved God and Jesus is always with u!!!
Brad Rad
Brad Rad Month ago
You look amazing! Love it Katie
Rita Wolfe
Rita Wolfe Month ago
scrapped my USposts channel
Rita Wolfe
Rita Wolfe Month ago
The Katelyn&Leah Show
The Katelyn&Leah Show Month ago
Is it just me or when he took off the splint, Katie legit looked like Biz, like kind of.
Elena Khouri
Elena Khouri Month ago
Oceania MacCarlie
Oceania MacCarlie Month ago
i love ittt it sooooooooooo goooooooooooooodddddd i love your vids soo munch love u
Jacob Feltner
Jacob Feltner Month ago
Is it just me, or does she look more like Biz now
Jordyn Jackson
Jordyn Jackson Month ago
It nice but for camera view it look the same
Sarah Luna
Sarah Luna Month ago
I still think she looks great either way
Carol Osterhout
Carol Osterhout Month ago
U look so good but so different
Recordsalycia Month ago
I am so happy for you
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