Rushing Josh To Get Surgery!

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Month ago

Rushing josh to get surgery! Unfortunately this isnt the first time ive had to do this lol. Thanks for all the prayers!
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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs Month ago
Guys check out Katie’s no’s job reveal on our VIP site!
Presley Setaro
Presley Setaro 28 days ago
Presley Setaro
Presley Setaro 28 days ago
You spelled nose wrong
Gabbie Jackson
Gabbie Jackson Month ago
Gabbie Jackson
Gabbie Jackson Month ago
turiayah boateng
turiayah boateng Month ago
Dam what long tissues came out Katie b nose lmaooo
Jaida Speers
Jaida Speers 8 days ago
Oh my god are you ok
Zayne Mason
Zayne Mason 13 days ago
What happened to your nose
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 17 days ago
Hope you heal quick Josh 🤩😊
PinkieySwirl 26 days ago
When she was saying Felipe Flamingo Flamingo flamingo if you don't know how to look up Flamingo Whispers -and i oop
Reeseergreaser09 27 days ago
Hey I had 2 eye surgeries you will be fine In your next one
Iggins Wiggins Of Andrew
Iggins Wiggins Of Andrew Month ago
They say were playing This board game: them playing catan one of the most legendary games ever
mrs hilton
mrs hilton Month ago
I wanna join VIP sooo bad, I just can’t afford it right now. lost everything because of covid 😓 hope I can join one day;;;
Millie Butler
Millie Butler Month ago
I love you guys so much I watch you nonstop all day
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
“Theres more to life than food!” 😂😂
Gabbie Jackson
Gabbie Jackson Month ago
Peyton Evans
Peyton Evans Month ago
Did anyone else notice Katie’s tattoo? A cross behind her ear.
grace Kowitch
grace Kowitch Month ago
Exited to see her new nose!! I’m your biggest support for both you😍😍😍😍❤️❤️💖💖💖💖
Bacon Sienna
Bacon Sienna Month ago
I have type one diabetes a finger prick does not hurt that bad
Summer Mills
Summer Mills Month ago
Josh once you are better could you do the army prank on dalin and Bella pls 🙏😁
paxton haney
paxton haney Month ago
Jatie vlogs are AWESOME!!!!!!
Ella D
Ella D Month ago
Ella D I love your guy’s channel!! 😄 Please remember though to keep your masks on your face and ABOVE your nose!!! Please! It doesn’t help help you protect your self from COVID or other people from COVID. You have a higher chance of catching it if you don’t wear the masks correctly.Again love you guys and hope you stay safe and healthy
Dàniella Sutherland
Dàniella Sutherland Month ago
Dallin: “ Ewww how do you do that bro” Josh: “Close my eyes and picture something else” Me: On the ground rollin🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Mac Anderson
Mac Anderson Month ago
Josh: They had to prick my finger. It hurt man. Me (a diabetic of almost 10 years): bruhhhh imagine 😂😂 (No hate btw thought it was funny)
Shalyn Ernst
Shalyn Ernst Month ago
You looked sooooo much like Biz on 3:30
ILY MOST Month ago
I hope y'all get better soon.
melinda phillips
melinda phillips Month ago
This nose Doctor is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Pupkin Gacha
Pupkin Gacha Month ago
"Don't babe me!"😂
maleah lw
maleah lw Month ago
josh- why do they call it board game? cause you boredd... josh maybe cuz ur playing the game on an actual board 💀😭🤚🏻
The Hicks Family
The Hicks Family Month ago
Praying for josh
Aisling Brown
Aisling Brown Month ago
Katie - "babe" Josh - " don't babe me!!!" ME - (dying) katie and josh u are so funny i love u guys!!plz dont stop YT i love u guys sooooooo much i know i'm one day latel but u proble wont see this but i hope u do and its my birthday on saturday bye i hope u had a good day:) love yall
Catswoman Month ago
CATAN! I love that game. good luck recovering to both of yall, and to DELLA because they are taking care of you so there gonna need a recovery after that lol.
Maddie MacMillan
Maddie MacMillan Month ago
You should have Luke and gab come to Arizona
Angela Rowland
Angela Rowland Month ago
I love it how josh goes hold on a second to Katie and then he says to Bella were we going um to my house I put the destination in it is hilarious 😂 Lol 😂😂
Sommer Behymer
Sommer Behymer Month ago
Katie ur nose looks sooo good!!! but it always did!!
Aliyah G
Aliyah G Month ago
Josh I hope you get better if you are ever doing any giveaways please tell me because I can't follow you on Instagram because my parents won't let me have Instagram and 12 years old and I really need a new phone I broke mine on accident so please kitty I hope you get better I hope Josh will be okay for a wedding
Adi Month ago
what kinda mascara does katie wear???
Rachel Lawson
Rachel Lawson Month ago
I had a dream that josh was walking at the wedding!! It will happen!!
Macey Feick
Macey Feick Month ago
Josh: I'm going to go insode their going to cut me open I'm going to bleed! Yahhh! LOL
Ash lewis Martin
Ash lewis Martin Month ago
She looked better before Surgery
Ash lewis Martin
Ash lewis Martin Month ago
Jayden Pack
Jayden Pack Month ago
The Broken bruckners!! Btw I love catan it’s the best board game ever!!
Sue Wachter
Sue Wachter Month ago
Like Wetzels pretzels
NotVioletPlayz X
NotVioletPlayz X Month ago
Did y’all know that when I was 7 I had to get surgery the surgery took 4hours I had to stay at the hospital for a week bc something in my stomach Bersted. It hurt so bad so I feel y’all pain (appendicitis situs)
alaybah haroon
alaybah haroon Month ago
I'm not being rude or anything but josh u should never be nervous because if u do die then u r going back to ur creator.
Salena Rico
Salena Rico Month ago
Lol his words are so slurry
Salena Rico
Salena Rico Month ago
You're looking great katie, I can't wait to see. Good luck Josh Hoping for quick recovery.
Summer Langley
Summer Langley Month ago
Tara B
Tara B Month ago
So happy to see both of you are doing good. Josh is super savage traveling right after surgery. Did the doctor approve of that? 😂😂😂😂
Flora Baxter
Flora Baxter Month ago
I love Catan 😂
Plaky Month ago
it’s the clickbait for me
Tyrek Ager
Tyrek Ager 12 days ago
Since when was taking him to the hospital clickbait Kids just think everything is clickbait
Emily 7167
Emily 7167 Month ago
I love how josh has his foot up on the wedge pillow which was for Katie’s nose!
Stephanie Eastabrook
Stephanie Eastabrook Month ago
Me hoping the VIP website was free- when i get to the website: XoX
Russell Meaders
Russell Meaders Month ago
Your followers won’t say this because they’re too young but stop click baiting shit like that you didn’t rush him anywhere. You went to a scheduled visit
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 20 days ago
Omg kids Honey its doesn't matter if they schedule a visit thats still rushing him there so he can get there in time
Kendra Steed
Kendra Steed Month ago
Haha, I guess I'm your girl Kendra! Love you guys!
Lexy Anonech
Lexy Anonech Month ago
i am sick of hearing about the Jatie VIP like sorry i cant afford it
Bailey Life
Bailey Life Month ago
I thought I was gonna throw up when they took the stuff outta her nose. But still love ya!
Maeve McCue
Maeve McCue Month ago
prank idea for katie: act like her nose is n pain an d she cant breathe to see how he reacts
Katelyn Halas
Katelyn Halas Month ago
I know how you guys feel going under. I got my wisdom teeth out and I was put under and I started crying because I was scared I was going to not wake up and I kept screaming I’m to young to die
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran Month ago
sending you prayers and lots of virtual hugs! wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgry josh!
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran Month ago
I'd love to become a VIP member, but i don't make $ yet :(
Kaylene Month ago
Me and my boyfriend were in science and we were sitting by each other and cuddling while doing our work and out (male) science teacher walled into the room and said "you two... Unlock" and our whole class started laughing but we stopped hugging/cuddling but then like 5 seconds later he looked away and we went back to cuddling.
Payson Buchert
Payson Buchert Month ago
People that dislike are not part of the Jamie fam
80’s kitty
80’s kitty Month ago
Katie actually looks cute with the bandages. ❤️
80’s kitty
80’s kitty Month ago
3:40 Jatie photoshoot at the doctors. ❤️😂
Kady Elizabeth
Kady Elizabeth Month ago
Hey josh plssss act like you can’t walk at the wedding then walk for a supriseeeer
ItsMadz Month ago
Where are the intros? The one where it says “She said YES!”
Aah'Maria Forbes
Aah'Maria Forbes Month ago
Lol up in love it
Camille Bacon
Camille Bacon Month ago
Looked like nose tampon
Niah Celestine
Niah Celestine Month ago
Why are you guys not staying at home !! This is very serious. Stay at home guys, stay safe !!!! Josh is at a higher risk because of his surgery, guys be careful x
Cecilie Olsen
Cecilie Olsen Month ago
Im never breathing trough my nose! Im always breathing trough my mouth! Btw when Josh kept talking about dead i started crying bcs i recently lost my dad! He died sunday 13th of December a week before Christmas😭😭So when he kept talking about death i was just getting super sad😭😭
Victoria Tucker
Victoria Tucker Month ago
Josh's personality reminds me of my brother who passed away sometimes it makes me miss him but like bittersweet memories come back
Liana Ford
Liana Ford Month ago
i can just tell even wit that bandaid on katie’s nose that her nose is gonna look so good i can’t wait to see it💕
InMyHead Month ago
Hahaha, "And by the way, if you ever need my help, you don't got it", I'm dead lolol
Milkshake Bananå
Milkshake Bananå Month ago
I was freaking out when they started playing catan that’s my favorite game 😭😂
Priscilla Bodden
Priscilla Bodden Month ago
Who wants to see the nose reveal early but doesn’t want to pay
Seraphina G
Seraphina G Month ago
why did they say rushing him to get surgery? bro that’s not rushing, it’s an appointment? I just don’t understand.
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 20 days ago
Thats still rushing him You still have to get there in time
Diego holub
Diego holub Month ago
dang it, my broke ass can't afford the VIP, lol
idk idk
idk idk Month ago
Wie is hier Nederlands/België?
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
I'm glad Josh's surgery went well and Katie is recovery well!
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT GAME!!! I played with my brother and sister when he came home from Washington State!!
Mrs Sloth
Mrs Sloth Month ago
To anyone who is reading this. God is good and they will give you a good life. You are strong and amazing.
Gracie Stephens
Gracie Stephens Month ago
Love you guys ❤️
Heart to Hart With Bri
Heart to Hart With Bri Month ago
Anesthia makes me so weird so does iv Benadryl
Grace Arnold
Grace Arnold Month ago
I love yall so much plz shout Me out
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas Month ago
I’ve had over 10 surgeries☹️
Morgan White
Morgan White Month ago
I hope josh Surgery go well😭😭😢😢and Katie Knows feel better😩😩😩love you guys so much
anna Jansen
anna Jansen Month ago
In Europe we do three kisses🤣
Listen.Vibe.React Month ago
Gck Hudson
Gck Hudson Month ago
I play that board game all the time Catan
Tahira Devonshire
Tahira Devonshire Month ago
Tahira Devonshire
Tahira Devonshire Month ago
Ellie Bradley
Ellie Bradley Month ago
Oh my god.. this video made me scared and im thankful josh and Kate is ok and I cant pay that much money for vip so I cabt see the nose pics so im excited to see her with out the cast! love your vids guys
Tahira Devonshire
Tahira Devonshire Month ago
😭😭 the name scared me so much
Nicholas Vollmer
Nicholas Vollmer Month ago
For Josh Do a prank where u say ur glad that she got the nose job because u hated her nose.
Peyton Cady
Peyton Cady Month ago
Don't call your self a idiot Katie!😩
Megan Esau
Megan Esau Month ago
Bella: "The doctor says we don't want him to get to thick so..." Josh: "Ohhhhh good one."
Mia Eddleman
Mia Eddleman Month ago
How did he hurt his leg?
Sustronaut Month ago
Katie's earrings look so low on her earlobes
Noelle Month ago
Katie: Babe! Josh: Don't "Babe!" me 😂😂😂
Kaelynn Horton
Kaelynn Horton Month ago
She’s getting the cast removed in 2 hours 🥺
Emily Month ago
Whens the wedding
Sparkles TheUnicorn
Sparkles TheUnicorn Month ago
It’s kinda cool, cuz I really did break ur bonz. Me : 😶ok? Cool... righhht
Eliška Pokorná
Eliška Pokorná Month ago
I seriously thought that you have to be home or even in the hospital for a few days to relax and let it heal. And now.... Im confused. If they let you go out of the hospital the same day, their hospital is half empty
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