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Uber loyalty test on fiance.. Does Josh Fail or Pass? This was honestly such a fun video to film. Got the idea from the viral tiktok that has been going around and we thought we would give the uber loyalty test a try!
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Hannah Betts
Hannah Betts 36 minutes ago
At 5:53 when Katie did that hand movement I can't stop watching it back idk why!! aha! -Hannah Betts-
Lexxi Martin
Lexxi Martin 6 hours ago
Omg Katie was killing me 😂😂😂
Taylor South
Taylor South 9 hours ago
Josh: I was looking at the dump truck! Katie POV: knowing hes lie'n Josh:..... Katie:.....
Destiney Lofton
Destiney Lofton 14 hours ago
Lmao this is the funniest thing I have ever seen lmao 😂
Destiney Lofton
Destiney Lofton 14 hours ago
“ wait that’s my phone” “ I don’t give a s***t”
Destiney Lofton
Destiney Lofton 14 hours ago
Lmao when she says “let me pull over real quick” when they aren’t even moving lmao 😂
Lucia Rivas
Lucia Rivas 15 hours ago
There are not moving
SLUGGER 20 hours ago
Charle[ Leonard
Charle[ Leonard 22 hours ago
Katie Katie katie
Adam LoCash
Adam LoCash Day ago
MALLORY HOUGH 2 days ago
When the boy was driving he was just pretending to drive so he wasn’t really driving liar boom you got roasted
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton 2 days ago
Great video liked it a lot
Josie Stock
Josie Stock 3 days ago
Not being inappropriate
Josie Stock
Josie Stock 3 days ago
Yes I love that they curse they should so it more
THE FIRE_ CHICKEN 4 days ago
Stormi Heaviland
Stormi Heaviland 4 days ago
i think it will be katie who will be loyal.
Inés Ramón S.
Inés Ramón S. 5 days ago
I wish they were my parents 🥺
everything emma
everything emma 5 days ago
I don't have tiktok
Apple Addy
Apple Addy 5 days ago
Why did I like water sound like the meme I like turtles 🐢
Apple Addy
Apple Addy 5 days ago
Josh: is it Katie Katie: *sassy* sure Josh: *sassy* ok Katie
ALLIE SIMPSON 6 days ago
this is so funny! lol
Cayla Doescher
Cayla Doescher 6 days ago
What editing app do you use
Clameron Lucas
Clameron Lucas 7 days ago
Me at4:39 trying to not burst out lying 😂😂😂😂😂
CHRISY TRUDGE 7 days ago
Wtf I love you all you are the best
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 7 days ago
Ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂
Alice 7 days ago
"Your fiance must *suck* then" - Josh
Ava Joelle
Ava Joelle 8 days ago
Do part 2 with Dallan and Bella!!!
Ava Joelle
Ava Joelle 8 days ago
It is nice to see Katie without makeup! She's so beautiful and should be comfortable with herself! Your amazing! ILYSM!
Thegamergirl Plys
Thegamergirl Plys 8 days ago
lol katie cant talk katie:u laughing
father & daugther Escalante
father & daugther Escalante 9 days ago
Josh is not loyal
reborn world 12
reborn world 12 9 days ago
Katie:Joshua you smoked my bottom Josh:i tried to push your bottom away from me
Love the galaxy
Love the galaxy 9 days ago
Katie will be more loyal ☺️😉
deena 10 days ago
katie genuinely looked so terrified when josh was hitting in her😭
GO Getters
GO Getters 10 days ago
One of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen
Zeriah Chancellor
Zeriah Chancellor 10 days ago
me: raged her weave
Willa gorilla Adele White
Willa gorilla Adele White 10 days ago
You should of flashed hem
Rand Hermiz
Rand Hermiz 10 days ago
Wow you where so cringe 😬 well you where acting but love you guys
Zahra Lila
Zahra Lila 10 days ago
Andrea Gambino
Andrea Gambino 10 days ago
Andrea Gambino
Andrea Gambino 10 days ago
When Josh smacked Katies butt that was the last straw for me I was drinking juice and I almost spit it out lol. 😂😂😂😂
Andrea Gambino
Andrea Gambino 10 days ago
Moriah McLeod
Moriah McLeod 11 days ago
This video literally made me laugh the most I have in so long it’s hilarious
Tegan Baines
Tegan Baines 11 days ago
Taylor Rosin
Taylor Rosin 11 days ago
this is my sisters accout
PinkCheese 11 days ago
Her half smile Bc the nose job recovery XD
Shyanne Johnson
Shyanne Johnson 11 days ago
#team Kaite
Taneya Butler
Taneya Butler 12 days ago
Do you want some water cause you sound hella thirsty rn lol 🤣😆
Tamika Brundidge
Tamika Brundidge 12 days ago
Is they not married yet
Zaigne Fettig
Zaigne Fettig 12 days ago
you guys should do this again but instead of uber each other josh should uber one of katies friends and katie should uber one of josh's friends
katy1108 x
katy1108 x 12 days ago
Seriously I watch about 💯 jatie videos a day just because they make me happy and I have watched every video they have ever made
Rory Click
Rory Click 12 days ago
Katie is more loyal sorry Josh
Chloee Alexa
Chloee Alexa 12 days ago
i honestly dont know who would be more loyal. they are such a great couple and they are both SOOO loyal!! love yallll
Emma and hanah the cuties
Emma and hanah the cuties 12 days ago
we all know it is Katie of the safe video usposts.info/vision/j9StlsjXsaCgqLo/video
Alaynah perez
Alaynah perez 12 days ago
They laugh because they are doing iui t to each other but when the did the uber pranks on each other they showed there true reactions so they r funny though love you guys
Lia Shaffer
Lia Shaffer 13 days ago
Katie you should have said my fiance is also an MMA WRESTLER
talia brown
talia brown 13 days ago
Katie loyal
andrea nicolle
andrea nicolle 13 days ago
Robert Olmscheid
Robert Olmscheid 13 days ago
If I was Katie I would laugh sooo hard
3 Sister Squad
3 Sister Squad 13 days ago
I haven't watched them in like 2 moths so I'm curious her nose changed like she looks kinda different like did she get plastic Sergey (OFC not like she needs it just asking) Sorry if I offended u no hate pls
Grackles Cackles
Grackles Cackles 12 days ago
@3 Sister Squad yep!! :)
3 Sister Squad
3 Sister Squad 12 days ago
@Grackles Cackles Ohhh okay this Explains a lot thanks
Grackles Cackles
Grackles Cackles 12 days ago
They actually have a few videos on it! She got a nose job because she was unfortunately insecure about the bump on it😕. When this was filmed it was a few days after and she is talking different and is smiling different because she was still numb from the nose job. That’s why it looks different :)
Alexis Bowlin
Alexis Bowlin 13 days ago
Katie: Take Josh back to the old days. Josh: What are you tryna say.
JasonWickham 14 days ago
This is the dumbest video
Kiara Ramey
Kiara Ramey 14 days ago
I knew before I even watched it that Katie was loyal
Niatooboujee 14 days ago
Katie: Is this a Uber for Katherine Josh : uber for Katie yup 😂😂
Andrea Pluff
Andrea Pluff 15 days ago
This is so awkward 😂🤣😅
Kenley Dennis
Kenley Dennis 15 days ago
When he said his name was Broc LMAAOOO
Zoey Avant
Zoey Avant 16 days ago
"the car off, im off" -Joshy B
Rebecca Steudeman
Rebecca Steudeman 16 days ago
They are the cutest couple!!
FoxyDog898 16 days ago
11:39 is so funny
soulblex 16 days ago
Megean the stallion meet josh no way
kiroshi harimy
kiroshi harimy 17 days ago
I never realized how funny Josh can be.
Roblox Gurl
Roblox Gurl 17 days ago
I wanted Josh to snatch Katie’s wig 😂
Roblox Gurl
Roblox Gurl 17 days ago
Gabbys World
Gabbys World 17 days ago
Josh definitely failed. You guys were just in your driveway😂🤣
Hannah Somerville
Hannah Somerville 18 days ago
Katie b is gonna be more loyal. Also Katie initials won’t change because here last name is betzing and she’s changing her last name to bruckner so it’s not gonna change she’ll still be Katie b
Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
Lila & Caitlyn Phavis 18 days ago
um what is this. y'all bored or sum?
Daniel Boucher
Daniel Boucher 18 days ago
It's like when u say DONT CHOKE ME DONT CHOKE ME! Omg I cant lol
Daniel Boucher
Daniel Boucher 18 days ago
"Uber for Josh?" "Oh yea I'm Brock"
jaylynn schopfer
jaylynn schopfer 18 days ago
katie wins
Bobbi Garcia
Bobbi Garcia 18 days ago
katie is more loyal
Ariel Haasch
Ariel Haasch 19 days ago
i ya'll this video is hilarious
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson 19 days ago
at 2:29 Katie face
Maddie R
Maddie R 20 days ago
Josh: pretty girl like you can have any guy she wants I- like that is accurate KATIE DO BE GORGEOUS like she could pull any guy but Josh is perfect for her and she would always choose Josh
Maddie R
Maddie R 20 days ago
when he said “Brock” I LOST IT😂😂😂
Jasee Xiong
Jasee Xiong 20 days ago
Ally Eskridge
Ally Eskridge 20 days ago
Ok umm not trying to start something or spread roomers but did anyone else relize when Katie told josh she was calling the cops on his phone that he was like “bro give me it back!” Like he got really defensive over it! But idk he might of just been acting!
Amber Matthews
Amber Matthews 20 days ago
You guys are so funny and cute together
Allison neumeister
Allison neumeister 20 days ago
Dang kaite is amazing actor
Allison neumeister
Allison neumeister 20 days ago
Team Katie
Allison neumeister
Allison neumeister 20 days ago
Josh is amazing
Danielle Duncan
Danielle Duncan 20 days ago
This one was actually hilarious
Mojo Moore
Mojo Moore 21 day ago
Christina Linville
Christina Linville 21 day ago
it is kindy
Emma Willams
Emma Willams 21 day ago
I think k
Baden Monroe
Baden Monroe 21 day ago
Katie "so what do you drink" Josh "I drink water" Katie "I'll drink you"😂😂😂
Baden Monroe
Baden Monroe 21 day ago
We stand for all of Katie's dirty jokes😂
Alex Hart
Alex Hart 21 day ago
Baden Monroe
Baden Monroe 21 day ago
Katie do be making it dirty minded🤭😂 Katie "I could you for a ride, you know what I'm saying"
Vigskillz 21 day ago
My name is brock
Riley Betts
Riley Betts 21 day ago
there’s no way i can do this w my gf w out dying laughing😂
Jill durham
Jill durham 21 day ago
I don't do tick tock. I already spend too much time on USposts.
Coralie Peña
Coralie Peña 21 day ago
Katie: *u like that huh* Josh: trying to say no. *But really keep going* 😂😂
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