Rushing My Fiance To The Hospital *Broke Both Legs*

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2 months ago

Had to rush Josh to the hospital. He was in a bad dirt bike crash and broke both of his legs. Thanks for all your prayers, love yall!
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Bradley Waln
Bradley Waln 7 hours ago
Amber 8 hours ago
I hate the fact they went shopping when he was in the hospital the whole time that’s really messed up...
Jodecy Genus
Jodecy Genus 8 hours ago
Due to covid they weren’t aloud in the hospital, so they could go shopping or go home, which there house is a good distance away...
C S 12 hours ago
You can tell hes reigning in his pain for Katie
Bella Primavera
Bella Primavera 18 hours ago
Whos here after finding out he can’t walk at the wedding because of this crash?
Stacey Parsons
Stacey Parsons Day ago
''Just a sprain'' here today two broken ankles & a stitched chin. How the tables have turned,
Epic Clips
Epic Clips Day ago
All the dislikes on this video are all the people who are so sad for josh
Anna Black
Anna Black Day ago
I am fine I am alright Bella help omg poor josh
Makaila Deady
Makaila Deady Day ago
I hope your ok! 🌷
Pauline Stoltzner
Pauline Stoltzner Day ago
I am sorry
p4ige 2 days ago
What I love about them both is that despite what happened they didn’t forget about God. Praise the Lord! ❤️ Can’t wait for Josh to be able to stand again and I can’t also wait for their wedding 🥺💕
AIYANA KURZ 2 days ago
when katie said noo it hurt so bad
Victoria Perdomo
Victoria Perdomo 2 days ago
I love how he was positive and prayed till the last moment and seconds after the accident.
Victoria Perdomo
Victoria Perdomo 2 days ago
Omg him telling her, "go to the car, I'll be ok, don't look at me" made me cry.
Lel 2 days ago
That’s what helmets are for glad your ok ❤️❤️❤️👍
addison ping
addison ping 2 days ago
i literally do not know how you do it. you broke both of your legs, and cut your chin wide open. But you continue to be grateful and see the light in the situation.
Keeno Vermeulen
Keeno Vermeulen 2 days ago
Josh if you reading this you gone be Okay that dirt bike crash accident you took it like a G blood full respect you took the bike accident like a real Man big respect big Man you gone make it out you gotta stay strong you a strong boy i you can do it i now you can beat it you are a fighter real life big homie on blood you gone get better love y'all USposts videos y'all funny also sweet love you man all the bloods here they pray that you make it out love y'all hope you get better soone love y'all Frome the parland Bloods
Squarterbike142 Plays
Squarterbike142 Plays 3 days ago
He is nearly crying when he is vlogging in the car
Cassondra Switzer
Cassondra Switzer 4 days ago
I am crying i fell sooooo bad
Aspen James
Aspen James 5 days ago
is josh bellas brother
Chad Wharwood
Chad Wharwood 5 days ago
Zuri's Fun Review
Zuri's Fun Review 5 days ago
Okg when I saw the chin I fast forwarded
Anne Boland
Anne Boland 5 days ago
Anne Boland
Anne Boland 5 days ago
I was cring🖕
Charly Parsley
Charly Parsley 6 days ago
His voice was so shaky
Charly Parsley
Charly Parsley 6 days ago
I broke both my legs a while ago I am still in a wheelchair but my casts are off and it is grey to see I am not the first one this has happened to I broke mine when I jumped off a diving board and I hit the water wrong and both my legs were like bent in half just thought I’d add this is not for likes it’s just the truth I swear I don’t lie
Charly Parsley
Charly Parsley 5 days ago
@Success Loveday did this happen to you too?
Success Loveday
Success Loveday 5 days ago
Me too🥺
Bright Flame
Bright Flame 6 days ago
0:53 awww, I love how his first reaction was to pray instead of paniking
Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon 6 days ago
My man was gassing that truck though you can hear and see it 4:53
Jaiden Mitchell
Jaiden Mitchell 6 days ago
today is the worst day for me because my sister just broke her arm and she’s me twin 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️😭😭😭😭❤️❤️ please send prayers for her
Saiesha Mittal
Saiesha Mittal 6 days ago
Ugh Katie's face at 3:33! It was sooo devastated!
Rocklyn Little
Rocklyn Little 7 days ago
OMG i hope gets better soon its so sad
Preston Borden
Preston Borden 7 days ago
at 0:39 when he screamed hit hard
Addison Avery
Addison Avery 7 days ago
Nooooo I didn’t watch you for 2 months and you brake something 😫😫😫😫😫😫 im so sorry pray he’s healed soon
Peyton Rees
Peyton Rees 7 days ago
Love you Joshy B get well soon!
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro 7 days ago
I am going to cry are ok now
Boo Boo the Kangaroo
Boo Boo the Kangaroo 7 days ago
I’m alright I’m all right I’m crying I hate you getting hurt
mark mccormick
mark mccormick 7 days ago
one of my buddies back in 2002 broke his leg on a dirt bike after Graduation
Carole Seeley
Carole Seeley 8 days ago
Hope you feel better Josh!
Meagan gaming channel
Meagan gaming channel 8 days ago
I am crying so much
David Lyons
David Lyons 8 days ago
Hay who’s KTM ?
Jaida Speers
Jaida Speers 8 days ago
Are you ok 😢
Annabel Zois
Annabel Zois 9 days ago
Literally the day after watching this I had a nightmare about this video... LIKE WHAT!!!!
Savvy Parchman
Savvy Parchman 9 days ago
Mia Pope
Mia Pope 9 days ago
How come he didn’t want Katie to see him? If my fiancé was hurt I would be running towards him trying to help
Savvy Parchman
Savvy Parchman 6 days ago
@Mia Pope 😁🙂
Mia Pope
Mia Pope 8 days ago
@Savvy Parchman oh ok!
Savvy Parchman
Savvy Parchman 9 days ago
He probably didn't want her to see him in pain and how bad it was At least thats wut i thought when he said that
Ean Perkins
Ean Perkins 9 days ago
I feel your pain man I broke my back and arm a couple weeks ago and the doctors told me I was an inch on the break from being paralyzed
Ean Perkins
Ean Perkins 9 days ago
It cracked my helmet all the way thru too
Kerri Kennedy
Kerri Kennedy 9 days ago
No are u OK
Mark Birdr6e5r7r86 ud
Mark Birdr6e5r7r86 ud 9 days ago
I am crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kirsty Bingham
Kirsty Bingham 10 days ago
Are. You. Okay
sabirbjbnj mohhammed ali
sabirbjbnj mohhammed ali 10 days ago
What does fiance mean
Katie Glass
Katie Glass 9 days ago
Someone your engaged to
amanda hicks
amanda hicks 10 days ago
Kashlynn C
Kashlynn C 10 days ago
This brought me to tears
Annabell Delreal
Annabell Delreal 10 days ago
I hope josh is okay!
abbacado_official 10 days ago
she is right god has got you both he will fix this
abbacado_official 10 days ago
jjShoter44 Gaming
jjShoter44 Gaming 11 days ago
don’t get rid of the bike bro
Miranda LeAnn
Miranda LeAnn 11 days ago
Pore thing
aj hoover
aj hoover 11 days ago
Get a sxs, safer,
Ansleigh Zirlott
Ansleigh Zirlott 11 days ago
katie: surgerys wack also katie: getting a nose job😃
Aqsa Ghafoor
Aqsa Ghafoor 11 days ago
Omgod that must off been so scary thank god your okay that must off been so bad
AC and G
AC and G 11 days ago
Prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aracely Soria
Aracely Soria 11 days ago
Greta Watson
Greta Watson 11 days ago
The background music is depressing by itself😢
Richardeline Telemaque
Richardeline Telemaque 11 days ago
That heart so bad right I'm going to cry
Payton’s Vlogs and vids
Payton’s Vlogs and vids 11 days ago
Do u guys support lgbtq? Hope your ok josh lay guys
Diane Swanepoel
Diane Swanepoel 11 days ago
I am so sorry plz get better
StormziGirl12 11 days ago
Oh Josh I'm so glad your o k!!!!! We all love you and care about you! Poor you hope you get better soon:) ❤:)
Brookeezzplayzz 11 days ago
Me watching this a month later. I’m so glad he is getting better. I have already watched it though
Sydney Sullivan
Sydney Sullivan 11 days ago
I'm glad he's ok because my cousin died in September from a dirt bike crash!!! I miss my cousin so much!!!
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales 11 days ago
I feel him. I've had so many bad accidents and I'm only 20. And i always say that over and over again till i calm down. The worst part is the healing process.
Natalia spring
Natalia spring 12 days ago
i you guy🥰😍😘😻💓💞💕💋💌💝💖💗
sophie hello
sophie hello 12 days ago
Josh- no but I’m fine
Natasha Blake
Natasha Blake 12 days ago
are you ok
Hazel B
Hazel B 12 days ago
Omg is he ok
Hailey Baars
Hailey Baars 12 days ago
i am so glad he is ok
Martina Dailey
Martina Dailey 12 days ago
I ignored this video! But he’s so braver I would have been dead then!
horse girl
horse girl 13 days ago
Josh! You ok? Josh you gotta be more careful you all ready did it once so jatie fam for life!
Phoebe Royer
Phoebe Royer 13 days ago
Are you ok I am sorry for you I hope u feel better soon
Maya Gentry
Maya Gentry 13 days ago
Omg! My sister did the same thing to her chin on a mountain bike ride off a jump. When got a down to the bone cut. It was bad. Hope you are better.
Amie Martin
Amie Martin 13 days ago
All he cares is about his “wife” is the best person that ever lived Hope you get better soon for your wedding 👏
Gracie Swank
Gracie Swank 13 days ago
"I'm so sad" "I'm so sad" You could hear the quiver in his voice. He wanted to cry... you could tell
Domination Mt
Domination Mt 13 days ago
He always getting hurt
Natasha Wiest
Natasha Wiest 13 days ago
When he was in the car his voice was so emotional...
Hajràhkhan Khan
Hajràhkhan Khan 13 days ago
Are you going to be ok
Elyse N
Elyse N 13 days ago
Praying for you king
Carlie Hawkins
Carlie Hawkins 13 days ago
This is my second time watching this and it still makes my sad
Perla Carapia
Perla Carapia 14 days ago
i Love 💕 you i hope you are okay 😢
Perla Carapia
Perla Carapia 14 days ago
i am sad 😢
Alena Slocum
Alena Slocum 14 days ago
me crying my eyes out,
katiecatcalloway 14 days ago
Why does the title say legs but in the video he says confused
iisxphia 14 days ago
dirt biking is dangerous but he is a savage and def not average my whole family rides we get ur pain get better josh
Carly Woods
Carly Woods 14 days ago
my brother is a snowboard racer and he brock his ancle while dirt biking but it will heal so yah
Sienna Andreacchi
Sienna Andreacchi 14 days ago
I had surgery and it was bad hope he’s ok
Craig Handley
Craig Handley 15 days ago
I feel so bad
Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson 15 days ago
He brought me to tears .....
Genesis 15 days ago
Get off the dirt bike man. Like fuck
Tabatha Beard
Tabatha Beard 15 days ago
nalani Richard's love youtube couples
nalani Richard's love youtube couples 16 days ago
I lowkey had tears coming out bc I felt so bad I'm praying the way he screamed made me tears come out i love yall so much thank the lord that it wasn't more worst then it was i can explain how much i love yall I cant I wish I could meet yall it made me sad when I hear the go pro audio I lowkey cryed a little
BM Gaming
BM Gaming 16 days ago
Women: why do we live longer than men? Men: 0:30
Shyanne Thompson
Shyanne Thompson 16 days ago
The beginning of the video when he yelled literally made me have tears
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson 16 days ago
bruh I broke both my arms doing basically the same thing 😑 aren’t we lucky
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro 17 days ago
Well... at least your ankles will be tougher after this.
Zianelle Van Staden
Zianelle Van Staden 17 days ago
The way he yelled HELP I did started to cry I'm really glad he is OK♥♥
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