Kidnapping My Fiance At Her Bachelorette Party!! *Prank*

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11 days ago

Kidnapping my fiance at her bachelorette party!! Had to get revenge on the girls, taking katie b!
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank:
Being PDA in front of our friends:
Being mean to my fiancé:

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Christina Palmer
Christina Palmer Day ago
Had Dallin not been there I think Josh would have jumped off the side of the boat like his friends were doing
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 2 days ago
Michelle m.m.bubblegum train Marck
Michelle m.m.bubblegum train Marck 2 days ago
they be living their best life cause their just booshy like that. how much did they drink lol?
Grace 4 days ago
Y'all are so straight, good Lord.
Trista Lynn.
Trista Lynn. 4 days ago
When’s the wedding btw love you guys!!💕💕
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber 4 days ago
When dallin flips his cap to come tell us the game plan
Happiness Within
Happiness Within 5 days ago
I think it’s funny how josh actually thinks he got them back lol 😂 like I’m all for team josh but he literally made Katie be quiet just so he could keep going lmao 😂 sorry josh but your going to have to give this one to Katie
Tina Wyatt
Tina Wyatt 5 days ago
Everyday lives when you do your hair flip
Anayah Ramirez
Anayah Ramirez 5 days ago
At 1:23, does josh have a hickey? On his neck ?!?!
Clara 5 days ago
dallin is literally the only sober one
Annabelle Ziegler
Annabelle Ziegler 6 days ago
That look likes a hickey on joshes neck
BeckyJayne 6 days ago
Josh: “My crutches were broken” Me: That’s not the only thing that’s broken 😂
Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris 6 days ago
He has a hickey
Lindsey Maiorani
Lindsey Maiorani 6 days ago
Sad there was no bachelorette footage on your channel or Della's for the last day 😭
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole 6 days ago
Do you guys know how to wear masks?!?!
Eloise Tabor
Eloise Tabor 6 days ago
Someone marry me now
Kaylene 6 days ago
The world- Awww they are going to have so much fun at their bachelorette and baclor parties! Josh and Katie- What no this is gonna be a PRANK WARS!!!!!
Kayla Alexander
Kayla Alexander 7 days ago
You guys are the cutest couple
Mr Harvey Moon
Mr Harvey Moon 7 days ago
She’ll find out
Abby Russ
Abby Russ 7 days ago
Why is Josh wearing the same shirt in literally all the thumbnails??
Brandon Decker
Brandon Decker 7 days ago
Team Josh. Sorry Team Katie. Team Josh is better!!!!
CHRISY TRUDGE 7 days ago
Ok I'm only ten and I know josh and Katie for 4yr and they are the best couple ever and I mean it
Martinez’s Martinez
Martinez’s Martinez 7 days ago
God blesss turn to Jesus and be saved
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan 7 days ago
Josh looooked soooooooo handsome soooo charming
Bozzie_Ozzie 7 days ago
Omg to be in this friends group 😍
Marlin Richards
Marlin Richards 7 days ago
Y’all clickbait to hard tone it down ! ✨💁🏻‍♂️
ana grujic
ana grujic 7 days ago
The fact that they dreanched the boat in alcohol is honestly disrespectful and just doesn't sit right with me...
ana grujic
ana grujic 5 days ago
@Kirsten Johnson ummm am i not allowed to say my opinion on a public video? I still love them but that doesn't mean to just ignore the things they do wrong
Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten Johnson 5 days ago
.....who asked.....
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 7 days ago
Good one guys
Maddy DeLuia
Maddy DeLuia 7 days ago
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne 7 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Johan van Wyk
Johan van Wyk 8 days ago
Please dont devorse you the best people if ever seen
Annalise Brown
Annalise Brown 8 days ago
This looks like Brisbane Australia
julia elston
julia elston 8 days ago
How does someone fall on there neck😂 and it be only a little bruise 😂 sketch asf
Claire Hashbarger
Claire Hashbarger 8 days ago
Jatie vlogs are literally the cutest couple! Della vlogs are so far the cutest married couple!
Claire Hashbarger
Claire Hashbarger 8 days ago
Hi! I love Della vlogs and Jatie vlogs! I text Della some times! Get back to be soon please.
Party Girl
Party Girl 8 days ago
Where’s the girls third day
Dhiira 777
Dhiira 777 8 days ago
13:46 lmao the whole toilet paper went flying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AceLuna Plays
AceLuna Plays 8 days ago
Where’s the part where you actually capture Katie? 🤔 (No offence I’m a big fan, I was just curious)
Robyn Shipp
Robyn Shipp 8 days ago
I subscribed and turned on the post notifications and liked the video
Robyn Shipp
Robyn Shipp 8 days ago
Payton Fannin
Payton Fannin 8 days ago
Team Katie!!!!
2084Masey 8 days ago
New vid pls I can’t wait for the new vid. (IDEA: Make a bachelor and bachelorette party movie, basically take all the bachelor videos and all the bachelorette videos and make a movie so we can have a Jatie bachelorette movie and Jatie bachelor movie
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 8 days ago
You guys better post today if you guys don’t post I will unsubscribe from jatie vlogs
nalani Richard's love youtube couples
nalani Richard's love youtube couples 8 days ago
I always watch the videos to the end even when I have to pee really badly I dont go to the bathroom I hold it bc I love yall so that's why I watch even if I have pee bad I dont care I have go really bad right now I haven't went for like 2 hours 30 minutes so its pretty bad lol but I dont care tmi but lol small bladder 🙄
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 8 days ago
When new vid coming?
zabby 8 days ago
is Josh's middle name Philips i forgot what vid it was but im a huge fan love ya!
Sophie Fisher
Sophie Fisher 8 days ago
they should give zoe laverne one of the groom squad t shirts.....
sams club
sams club 8 days ago
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 8 days ago
I can't wait for the wedding
Laurie K
Laurie K 8 days ago
Do a video of scary story telling about your old place!@jatievlogs
tabatha tingle
tabatha tingle 8 days ago
Team girls
jordan crist
jordan crist 8 days ago
what airbnb is this? looking for our bachelorette/bachelor parties!!
Addi Marie
Addi Marie 8 days ago
Where is Joshes other brother?
bellas animals
bellas animals 8 days ago
I hope next vid is the wedding or the rehearsal dinner!! If they have a rehearsal dinner
itsamanda 8 days ago
I love you
Yadira Arnold
Yadira Arnold 8 days ago
+ Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be . For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are ."
Marisa Taber
Marisa Taber 8 days ago
Why the F would you even bother interfering with your fiance while she’s having a good time at her bachelorette party? Literally the whole point is to not see them the whole time 😑
Baylie Moore
Baylie Moore 8 days ago
Oh my god yall are awesome. Congrats again!
Kacey-May Summerley
Kacey-May Summerley 8 days ago
Anyone else see the right side of Josh’s neck at the start 1:11 and 1:12
John Cox Master Cartoonist
John Cox Master Cartoonist 8 days ago
Biz needs to upload again, she hasn't posted anything since January. Why won't you two let her vlog at the party??? No wait, that's right, you're too busy to so much as answer my questions, something Biz tries to do.
Earle's World
Earle's World 8 days ago
You can tell that one friend craves attention
Pets galore 6
Pets galore 6 8 days ago
Another funny thing is fella are the reasons why everyone is allowed to break in to each other house dallen gave up the address and Bella left the door unlocked
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton 8 days ago
loved this video
hadley balian
hadley balian 8 days ago
Nobody better mess with thier future children cause 1. Their father will be an mma fighter 2. Theyve got an army of guys that will mess them up
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 8 days ago
Question for you josh doesn’t dallin drink?
Kaylee Markram
Kaylee Markram 8 days ago
I dont want to be mean or rude but i was i big fan until the Bachelor/ Bachelorette party started
Danna Martini
Danna Martini 8 days ago
Katie should do the hiding my period from my fiancé please do this I love your videos.
JasonWickham 8 days ago
I’m over these dumb vlogs
Jimmy Feltz
Jimmy Feltz 9 days ago
Your Guys are awesome keep being savage Josh and doing well sorry to hear about you legs
Mariana Deruyter
Mariana Deruyter 9 days ago
the guys stole the girls prank
Irene clarencia
Irene clarencia 9 days ago
genuinely curious, are masks not mandatory in Miami?
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 8 days ago
So I think its optional to wear a mask
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 8 days ago
I don't think so Last thing I heard is that we have no restrictions or something like that
Leon James
Leon James 9 days ago
It's really funny 😃😂
Allan Junior Mana
Allan Junior Mana 9 days ago
Katie sucks, she couldn't at least scream.
Michelle 9 days ago
Lol it sounds weird but Josh looked so attractive 😭😍
Kyla Savage
Kyla Savage 9 days ago
Omg, when they were all clinging their glasses together, no one clinged Alex 🥺
Alicia narkiewicz
Alicia narkiewicz 9 days ago
When u guys get married u should change ur USposts profile to ur wedding picture
Samara Jackson
Samara Jackson 9 days ago
Why is no one talking about how iconic Jeremy is 😭😭😭
Kylie Burger
Kylie Burger 9 days ago
How many Bachelor/Bachelorette partys did you have lol
Halley Luko
Halley Luko 9 days ago
These are the Best videos 🤣🤣
Sophie Fitzsimmons
Sophie Fitzsimmons 9 days ago
Notice how they haven’t been doing os at the start of the video
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin 9 days ago
Prank idea: have bella or some of the other girls tell josh that Katie kissed another guy at the bachelorette party!!!
Eriqa 9 days ago
Videos I can’t wait for! : The Wedding 👰🏼🤵🏻‍♂️ Honeymoon ✨ I’m pregnant 💕 Telling Josh I’m pregnant ❤️ Telling My family I’m pregnant 💜 The Labor video 💘 Meet my baby 👶 Gender reveal 💝 Like if you agree💖
Sadie Schack
Sadie Schack 9 days ago
stupid :
Serenity Fuqua
Serenity Fuqua 9 days ago
I feel ashamed I haven’t watched you guys in a long time. But live the prank idea
Grant Hartmann
Grant Hartmann 9 days ago
I think its so cool that they were matching shorts
Jamie Morin-Kennedy
Jamie Morin-Kennedy 9 days ago
Do the Pringles prank on Katie
Katie Hanson
Katie Hanson 9 days ago
prank idea for josh act like you don’t feel good and be all clingy and cuddly on katie and then fall asleep and pretend your having a nightmare to see her reaction
Brittany Lemon
Brittany Lemon 9 days ago
Love watching!!! Love the pranks as well. Looks like you all had a blast
RavensOGMileHigh5to12 9 days ago
U do be looking like off brand more jacked Josh Allen
Mike Enyart
Mike Enyart 9 days ago
You never lie to your wife dalian i hope that josh will never lie to katherine
rajinder kaur
rajinder kaur 9 days ago
Did they say on there insta or anything that there not gonna post
Alyssa Giang
Alyssa Giang 9 days ago
14:16- somethings drops All of the boys: start running Josh: slowly making his way with the crutches 😂
Katie Henson
Katie Henson 9 days ago
PRANK: Katie and biz should get in a fight biz would then push katie down the stairs. Katie will then pass out and loses her memory. Like if you want them to do this prank!
Mango 9 days ago
Adysen Mayfield
Adysen Mayfield 9 days ago
What I don’t get is that Jatie could have yelled and the girls would have come running
Adysen Mayfield
Adysen Mayfield 9 days ago
Unless this was staged
Adysen Mayfield
Adysen Mayfield 9 days ago
FUN Bella! Bella’s FUN Ideas!
FUN Bella! Bella’s FUN Ideas! 9 days ago
Wow LOL this is
Zozo Hehe
Zozo Hehe 9 days ago
U know that corona pandemic isn’t done?
Pooja S
Pooja S 8 days ago
Apparently it doesn’t affect them
Jake Galloway
Jake Galloway 9 days ago
God loves you all
julie bug
julie bug 9 days ago
You know what's good is that he can still call Katie Katie B because his last name is bruckner
Masher Sounds
Masher Sounds 9 days ago
Katie a long time after they’re married for a while: “whew will there be a day when there isn’t a prank”
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