Confronting My Fiance With Serious Questions Before We Get Married..

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27 days ago

Confronting my fiance with serious questions before we get married to make sure shes still the one lol.. In this video we find out some good tea about katie b!
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Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 4 days ago
Juicy questions 😂😂😂
STRIKEFURY 5 days ago
"Define dangerous, do you mean to savage" Josh is to funny 😂
Ava Joelle
Ava Joelle 8 days ago
I have never seen Katie without makeup and she is beautiful!! you guys sm!!
Belle Biggs
Belle Biggs 8 days ago
Just realized the intro is now at the end? 🤨🤨🤨
Hank And Remmie Forever
Hank And Remmie Forever 8 days ago
Olivia Rodrigo: "RED LIGHTS!!!!" Josh: "RAIN DROPS!!!!"
PhilFinessez 10 days ago
She gets more kills than me *facepalm*
Keaton Bailey
Keaton Bailey 10 days ago
I won’t to see you in real life
Auryn Penner
Auryn Penner 13 days ago
New Chanel name jatie games please 😀
Gia Gomez
Gia Gomez 14 days ago
Evelyn Nickerson
Evelyn Nickerson 16 days ago
In a vid she literally said my parents don’t allow her to sleep with josh AND SHE SAID SHE DREAMED OF SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE LOL
Brandon Niskala
Brandon Niskala 17 days ago
Her exact dream would be an epic prank
Ariana jesica Rivera
Ariana jesica Rivera 17 days ago
Beloved Lps
Beloved Lps 17 days ago
Your food makes me want a Mcalisters Toastie🤣
Kaleigh Tyson
Kaleigh Tyson 18 days ago
Katie: that is so inappropriate if you think about it Me:🤔🤔🤔???? Katie: “your eating my buns!” Me: PHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAAHA I would have never thought of that
Abby Romigh
Abby Romigh 18 days ago
is your nose clogged?
Mel Mac
Mel Mac 20 days ago
We need a #bopper or #tanksvlogs for topper and banks
Teresa Fields
Teresa Fields 20 days ago
I really enjoy you alls videos. You all are a beautiful couple inside and out much love from Teresa
Lizelle Jacobs
Lizelle Jacobs 21 day ago
Is it just me or are they the perfect couple
X 21 day ago
Guys i absolutely love jatie, but could you like one person could speak at a time cuz when i binge on your videos at a point its super annoying yall keep interrupting each other://
Natalie Bland
Natalie Bland 21 day ago
Y’all should just be epic and make a video of y’all playing call of duty!
Judah Mefford
Judah Mefford 22 days ago
What sports did you play josh
Sai madurakavi
Sai madurakavi 22 days ago
Katie made the dream up because it’s actually impossible to read something in your dream.
Kim Seokjin’s Wifeu
Kim Seokjin’s Wifeu 22 days ago
Rave Snyder
Rave Snyder 22 days ago
Drivers license
Rave Snyder
Rave Snyder 22 days ago
I know that whole song
sam heupel
sam heupel 22 days ago
3 strikes you’re out!! She gonna put an end of stuff happens again!!
Hailey Smallwood
Hailey Smallwood 23 days ago
u can tell katie loves her nose bc she turns so much and it makes me so happy!
Jada Newton
Jada Newton 23 days ago
Cameron M
Cameron M 23 days ago
Katie has said literally every video since her nose job that she cant work out because of her nose job. Sis we get it
lu6aspsg 23 days ago
Katies dream story never ended what happened next...!!
Celeste Ducrest
Celeste Ducrest 23 days ago
Prank idea! Have Katie and Dalin alone and have Katie “have bad cramps” and start crying and see how he reacts
Tara B
Tara B 23 days ago
No control over dreams!!!! 😂 ❤️ Josh and Katie! Can’t for the big day!
Lil Sabo
Lil Sabo 23 days ago
As I’m watching this I’m just thinking josh would would go sky diving in his wheelchair because he da biggest savage
Brianna 23 days ago
You used the intro as the Outro... hahaha no hate thought just thought it’s funny
Venice de Lange
Venice de Lange 23 days ago
I wanna see more of toper
Gianna G
Gianna G 24 days ago
Are u guys going to make a new intro
Brett Klinge
Brett Klinge 24 days ago
Josh when he gets the cast off his leg be like a stick
Kyrra Higday
Kyrra Higday 24 days ago
Haha 😄 🤣 😂 😆 lol it was just a dream
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 24 days ago
Why haven’t you guys posted it’s been two days since you guys posted this vlog
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 24 days ago
You guys better post today if you guys don’t post I will unsubscribe from jatie vlogs
Caleb Eckhart
Caleb Eckhart 24 days ago
im your bigest fan if you see thise mesege can you mesee me
Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry 24 days ago
I love Josh. BUT THIS MAN INTERRUPTS KATIE like very second. But he’s so funny😂
Pamela Kirk
Pamela Kirk 24 days ago
they have to do a wedding series please
emily 24 days ago
11:14 topper looks like a diff dog 😭😭
K&AVLOGS 24 days ago
Katie you look absolutely stunning! Josh loves you so much you can tell !!! Wishing you guys the best !
Xuxi Lydia
Xuxi Lydia 24 days ago
you guys are so growing on me, ilove everything about you guys from the intro to how Josh loves Katie..... ima fan
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 24 days ago
Good questions josh
Maia Kennedy-Heldt
Maia Kennedy-Heldt 24 days ago
Next videos are going to be bachelorette and bachelor parties
Georgia Steward
Georgia Steward 24 days ago
Is posting ever other day going to be their new schedule now? Like no hate I love Jatie and all but I don't have insta so did they say that was their new posting schedule on there or something?
The Stew Vlogs
The Stew Vlogs 24 days ago
Having dreams of cheating just means ur stressed about something, which makes sense with Josh getting in an accident and with ur nose and the wedding and stuff.
The Stew Vlogs
The Stew Vlogs 24 days ago
Katie's nose looks so so good really natural.
Idkk Biss
Idkk Biss 24 days ago
Are you posting new video today
jaylee kraus
jaylee kraus 24 days ago
katie: ''no babe im perfect''
Ali Habisch
Ali Habisch 24 days ago
ever notice how ever since katie got her nose job she purposely turns to the side every chance she gets
Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose 24 days ago
JOSHHHHHH I HAVE A PRANK REQUESTTT!!! So you know how you did a clown prank on your Katie and you woke her up as a clown...well do that again but act like a pervert 🤣🤣🤣
Carson Lovelady
Carson Lovelady 24 days ago
i just subscribed
Yasenia Franklin
Yasenia Franklin 24 days ago
Prank idea: make a playlist with only sad and break up songs and when you go somewhere only play that playlist over and over again. ( only play it over again if your going somewhere far)
Gift & Jess
Gift & Jess 24 days ago
Wait this dream was actually hectic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lexi 24 days ago
Katie’s new hair on her Snapchat story is so freaking cute
Kamikaze 15000
Kamikaze 15000 25 days ago
Does anyone know why there not posting daily anymore, no hate I just wanna know
Mxegxn’s World
Mxegxn’s World 25 days ago
Josh and Katie don’t know this but they make quarantine even better!
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 24 days ago
They make me smile until I realize and I’m like 😟
Natalie Beamon
Natalie Beamon 25 days ago
i am a big fan
Vaishali Mhatre
Vaishali Mhatre 25 days ago
her nose looks sooo diferent i actually dont like it :( no offense, her before nose were better
Tzuriya Lambert
Tzuriya Lambert 25 days ago
if you guys have a baby girl she will have kate i eyes if you have a boy and he will have got his eyes😍
Brick Maverick
Brick Maverick 25 days ago
I'm just going to say this now, if you can't see the red flags my man you should start looking a little harder. This girl has been acting super sketchy over the last few months, I can see someone talking to someone else on the side from a mile away. Just protect yourself before you get in a life long commitment. Someone that would easily leave over small things couldn't make it through the difficult times in life.
meisje marit
meisje marit 25 days ago
When do you get married? 🤔
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 25 days ago
Tbh Katie doesn’t look good after the surgery .
FAITH MAYO 25 days ago
I loved this video
Brandon Wyatt
Brandon Wyatt 25 days ago
I think the channel name could be called jatie Gaming
Brandon Wyatt
Brandon Wyatt 25 days ago
I think jatie vlogs should do a Gaming channel
Kelsey Brown
Kelsey Brown 25 days ago
Don't cry don't cry I can't wait for your wedding
Ansley Owens
Ansley Owens 25 days ago
HEY JOSHH!! I just met you at the motor cross race in Indianapolis, Indiana! It was so fun and you were so kind!
Jessica Greger
Jessica Greger 25 days ago
Lynley Randolph
Lynley Randolph 25 days ago
Love ya'll hope you love your noise and Josh hope you get better sending prayers
Helia .M
Helia .M 25 days ago
Love you guys so much 😍❤🥺
Helia .M
Helia .M 25 days ago
The dream 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark Wagner
Mark Wagner 25 days ago
I luv katie b. When she soft voices her reactions lol. Wait what actually? Lol
B-ball Girl4ever
B-ball Girl4ever 25 days ago
Just got foot surgery and can’t walk for 2 months. I give props to you Josh for being on crutches and stuff man it is freaking hard. Especially when you don’t have a ton of upper body strength. Cant play basketball for 3 months now either which sucks but do you have any advice of what to do to keep your mind off of all the things I can’t do?
Ashley Barfield
Ashley Barfield 25 days ago
Love you guys!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the wedding videonl omgggg!!!!
Gryphyn Upton
Gryphyn Upton 25 days ago
Jk take youre time
Gryphyn Upton
Gryphyn Upton 25 days ago
Gryphyn Upton
Gryphyn Upton 25 days ago
Gryphyn Upton
Gryphyn Upton 25 days ago
Please post I NEED JATIE
sherry Worth
sherry Worth 25 days ago
watermalomne 25 days ago
is it just me or does josh look super tan??
martha lee
martha lee 25 days ago
More pranks like you guys did months & years ago
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 25 days ago
Why haven’t you guys posted today?
R0o uU
R0o uU 25 days ago
she kinda looks like dove cameron now
sommerjenta 25 days ago
Are you guys posting agian tomorrow ? Whounder why no wideo agian ?
Katie Ellington
Katie Ellington 25 days ago
What is the date for the wedding video
Lilly Morris
Lilly Morris 25 days ago
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 25 days ago
You guys better post today if you guys don’t post I will unsubscribe from jatie vlogs
Keerat Bhatia
Keerat Bhatia 25 days ago
Katie: Sweatshirt and Jacket Josh: T-shirt Me: What season is it again???
Anna Elise
Anna Elise 25 days ago
Love how the first question turned into a whole story then he’s like never mind I don’t want to know🤣 y’all bring smiles to so many peoples faces with y’all’s vlogs💛
Pierce Rough
Pierce Rough 25 days ago
Anyone else still wanting the Josh B vs Logan P fight?
Julie Edwards
Julie Edwards 25 days ago
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 25 days ago
Sorry for the inappropriate question but have you guys ever done the dirty?
Amiya Jackson
Amiya Jackson 25 days ago
Is it just me or katie looks totally different
Marize. De Laat
Marize. De Laat 25 days ago
I honestly love them so much!!Josh hope you get better soon!!And Katie you look even more amazing than before!!You guys are my fav!!My second fam💕💕
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 25 days ago
Do you even drink?
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