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Never did i think we would buy a tesla but here we are. We bought a new tesla and are so excited to show you guys! Check out our first ever drive in the new car and our first impression. We love yall
PROPOSAL VID: usposts.info/vision/ipy8qbCWfJOjf5k/video
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank: usposts.info/vision/jNm8yZLYsKl8jKo/video
Being PDA in front of our friends: usposts.info/vision/YrK2lqeVgKKAjsg/video
Being mean to my fiancé: usposts.info/vision/js6cuJu5eqykrpE/video

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Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 27 days ago
Super cool! That’s awesome 😎
Not using My name
Not using My name 29 days ago
What happens to ya leg Cool car
Emily DeMarre
Emily DeMarre Month ago
2:04 I have broken so many bones and you get used to people saying you faked an injury. Literally everyday some rumor at school would start that I walked with my broken leg and I just learned to ignore them. Also I brought the X-rays to school 😏
Chelsea Brooks
Chelsea Brooks Month ago
so Cool
Paige Frampton
Paige Frampton Month ago
🔥PRANK IDEA FOR BELLA!!!!!!!!!! 🔥 Do you think she should do it?? ❤AND FOR KATIE WHEN JOSH (AND KATIE) GET BETTER❤ Bella! When Dallin is gone or outside or something you should pretend Banks bit you. You could make it look like a bite mark on your arm or something if you want. But, when Dallin comes back you should act really nervous around Banks and try to hide the bite mark from Dallin because you are afraid that he will want to get rid of him! #DellaFam #Team Kella #JatieFam
Sarabjot Grewal
Sarabjot Grewal Month ago
Who cuts stitches on there own literally
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
they gonna be skert skertin on a whole new levell
Brenda Stamper
Brenda Stamper Month ago
Ford f found o on r road d dead lol
Caleb Jasper
Caleb Jasper Month ago
She been in my dms
Taylor Whitaker-Slaughterbeck
Taylor Whitaker-Slaughterbeck Month ago
Josh Has been sassy to
Endi Halili
Endi Halili Month ago
they got e tesla cyber truck for thoes are wondering
Kelyse Smith
Kelyse Smith Month ago
Elon musk
Cameronisboring Month ago
I would get the model Y it’s only about 60 grand if u get the performance which isn’t a lot for yall
jVroom Month ago
Thank you for making me feel extra poor today😂
Katie beese
Katie beese Month ago
Why is Tesla in a mall they can’t fit cars in a mall
rose smith
rose smith Month ago
I am so excited for you !!!!!
justin Month ago
bro tesla cybertrucks are by far the ugliest car i have ever seen
Myah Mason
Myah Mason Month ago
Y’all look cute in a Tesla
Hayley Collie
Hayley Collie Month ago
I love your vids and you guys!!!!!
Lara Crawford
Lara Crawford Month ago
Ruger Warren
Ruger Warren Month ago
Josh you got this and I hope you can learn to grow from this
Gemma Stevens
Gemma Stevens Month ago
When are you guys giving a full house tour
Brapp Racing
Brapp Racing Month ago
Fight jake Paul
Lorna Smith
Lorna Smith Month ago
Josh..Just get Topper to lick them out (the stitches)...😂😂😂 Get Well Soon Joshy B... Love to this Sweet Couple! 💏
Beau Asmr
Beau Asmr Month ago
idk why u even need to tell us like??!?! stop bragging nobody cares except ur nine yr old fans
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 20 days ago
😂😂 omg Kids be so crazy
Sofia Flores Uriegas
Sofia Flores Uriegas Month ago
Katie: We have exiting news! People that did not see the title of the video: OMG YOUR PREGNANT 😁🎇✨ Katie: We're getting a tesla!! People that did not see the title of the video: 😑🙄
Sutter Williams
Sutter Williams Month ago
No hate but I saw this and thought OOOOOH NOW HE CAN DRIVE CUZ IT HAS AUTO PILOT
Sparky Explosion
Sparky Explosion Month ago
Get cyber bikes
James Rende
James Rende Month ago
A Tesla. Eyye man that’s cray cray. I don’t know if you’ll see this but that’s rad man. Have a fantastic day and fantastic night. Don’t be sad because you’re good enough. Don’t let fricking GRAVITY take you away from your dream. The only thing that gravity controls is the fact that you go down when you jump. You control everything else about you. Stay strong man. And if you see this bro. Say hi. Love you guys.
Jaden Morency
Jaden Morency Month ago
Who else saw them listening to prospect
Celine Hamka
Celine Hamka Month ago
That’s sick I love Tesla’s
California Lover
California Lover Month ago
Do you have cauliflower ear? To me it looks like it but maybe that’s just how your ear is
Rosie Collingwood
Rosie Collingwood Month ago
Katie: “ toppers running away from me” 😂😂😂😂😂
Amber Cabrera
Amber Cabrera Month ago
No hate-but it is the mask under THE NOSE for me💅🏼🙄
sharne dekock
sharne dekock Month ago
Where has topper been lately it makes me sad did u give him away ?
Anderson Family Of 8
Anderson Family Of 8 Month ago
Please wear your mask the right way for your safety😊
He got stitches where I got mine
Ella Leone
Ella Leone Month ago
I hope you have a great recovery also you’re crazy to be working out
Ella Leone
Ella Leone Month ago
When Josh goes the cyber truck is so awesome and thinking about how we just pre-ordered one
Mia Pennisi
Mia Pennisi Month ago
You just see a josh in a week chair going 10 thousand miles per hour on a high way lol
James Belk
James Belk Month ago
Topper gang.
andrea Gonzalez
andrea Gonzalez Month ago
We get it you are rich🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tyrek Bliss
Tyrek Bliss Month ago
Oh no another brat
Chante Lourens
Chante Lourens Month ago
Did you know the guy that made tesla is from my country South Africa
Fortnite Kids
Fortnite Kids Month ago
Call josh daddy chill
U need the ram trx
Get a dodge charger scat pack
nicol bondeson
nicol bondeson Month ago
prank idea for katie and josh: katie call your mom and tell her that your pregnant
Oscar Lidgerwood
Oscar Lidgerwood Month ago
are you goint to mars with that or what?
Hannah Shoemaker
Hannah Shoemaker Month ago
Poor Rachel the Raptor and Smokey Malone...they are going to get so jealous when the tesla comes. Lol, for real tho, i'm so excited for you guys, and I am keeping Joshy B in my prayers
Az Playz
Az Playz Month ago
Haters aren’t allowed here
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
That's insane congrats yall!
Ashton Greeson
Ashton Greeson Month ago
I love seeing josh exercise in his wheelchair it’s so motivating I bet especially for people who are hurt in some way or have to use one permanently
Magaly Hererra
Magaly Hererra Month ago
Im so glad that josh is happy and smiling. It was sad to see that he was upset over his accident because he is such a joyful and happy person. btw good job josh.
Katelyn_l Nidul
Katelyn_l Nidul Month ago
Josh what color did you get?
It’s Caitlannn
It’s Caitlannn Month ago
There faking Josh injuries his foot:🎈
Rylee Murillo
Rylee Murillo Month ago
Angie Chieffo
Angie Chieffo Month ago
I love them but they never used to be the type of people to rub what they have in peoples faces. It’s not a good look. Bella and Dallin clearly have money and they dont show off It off and rub It in peoples faces. Love you guys but i miss you from before u focused on materialistic things !
PrettyGirlMaddy Month ago
Bro i just bought a tesla also
Brandy Paul
Brandy Paul Month ago
Love you guys post notifications on and subscribe and following on the IG and TikTok love your content and oh my god that’s so cool you guys are getting a Tesla
M Month ago
Zobot's diys
Zobot's diys Month ago
1:41 that's just plain stupid. He broke BOTH of his ankles and they are in full casts, he really should focus on upper body work as he will disrupt the healing of the ankles and risk chronic pain.
Makenna Deneef
Makenna Deneef Month ago
Chevvy Month ago
The tesla model X with white interior and the winged doors is my dream car same with a black 4 door Jeep Wrangler like Katie's
Kacy Depenbrock
Kacy Depenbrock Month ago
I thought Dalin took them out btw dis is scary
kennedee thibodeaux
kennedee thibodeaux Month ago
I love y’all I watch y’all every day
Nicole Petrie
Nicole Petrie Month ago
I have taken out my dads stitches and I am twelve
addie grubb
addie grubb Month ago
Josh is so kind to Josh especially with his ankles
Kennedy Hayes
Kennedy Hayes Month ago
Awh I got my Savagehighlighter!!!! I love it so much and the sticker is in my mirror!!
Nailah Watson
Nailah Watson Month ago
Omg you guys are so awesome josh you seem much stronger and your spirits seem up I hope the best for you!
Katie Weber
Katie Weber Month ago
Ya go scoop up Della fam lol
Danna Martini
Danna Martini Month ago
Please do the period pass out prank on josh.
Sartaj Afg Beast
Sartaj Afg Beast Month ago
I came after 2 years to this channel I am back baby
Aliza Goncalves
Aliza Goncalves Month ago
Yeah schooch over there like she said... Hope you feel better Josh... Love your big fan on Instagram and on USposts...
Katie B
Katie B Month ago
That just sounds like regular cruise control my raptor truck does that
Hooman Uwu :3
Hooman Uwu :3 Month ago
Josh and Katie, you guys are so strong! keep on!! 😎
Katie B
Katie B Month ago
Get another ford raptor Tesla cars are not good vehicles
Barbora Malinská
Barbora Malinská Month ago
I love you guys so much❤️, stay savage!
Karely Camacho
Karely Camacho Month ago
Ahhhhh I was just in that mall a week ago 🥺
Alexis Delgado
Alexis Delgado Month ago
You should of copped the gmc hummer ev that's way better
Anniyah Walker
Anniyah Walker Month ago
You should react to Katie’s interview four years ago
gabby post
gabby post Month ago
Love you guys 😘💋
gabby post
gabby post Month ago
First of all I love you guys and stay strong 💪🏻 josh and also secondly you should do a prank where you give josh a lap dance while he’s on the phone
Ivor Barry
Ivor Barry Month ago
Buy shares in Tesla instead, your future selves will thank you!
Kelly Sansom
Kelly Sansom Month ago
If u guys ever have a baby i think y should call the baby Jatie B
NotPeacefulParadise Month ago
Who thinks that Josh and Katie need to make jatie dog merch? Copy and Paste so they can see!
sophia papiya
sophia papiya Month ago
y'all r the opposite of down to earth.. Katie feeling like she has to wear Gucci so she looks rich
Keira Hickey
Keira Hickey Month ago
Prank idea for Jatie: Do the break in prank on Della
Keira Hickey
Keira Hickey 22 days ago
Omg yesss
LukasPvP13 Month ago
The intro is the outro?
So glad Josh is feeling a little better today and more himself
Annie Bell
Annie Bell Month ago
Who else is wondering what Josh and Katie are going to name the Tesla🤣
dirt bikes, quads and sleds
dirt bikes, quads and sleds Month ago
He needs a automatic four wheeler will definitely cheer him up
Katie D
Katie D Month ago
For Josh eyes only 👀👀 Do the prank on Katie, the “I just need a hug” 🥺♥️ Love you guys
Text Tube
Text Tube Month ago
Josh and katie should do a prank on della where della walks into there house blogging or whatever and then josh and katie yell at them for vlogging in there house or vlogging them without permission 😂😂
Braxton Rennegarbe
Braxton Rennegarbe Month ago
how are you felling and can you vlog the wedding
Rashida Bhayla
Rashida Bhayla Month ago
We love You guys so much ❤💓
JayZa Vlogz
JayZa Vlogz Month ago
JayZa Vlogz
JayZa Vlogz Month ago
New Vid idea...embarass katie with her weird diss track
JayZa Vlogz
JayZa Vlogz Month ago
Hey Josh...embarass katie with her diss track
Alexa Month ago
Love ur videos and channel-Love ur content +my Fav Dream car❤🎉 +I never knew Katie Drives XD
Scarlett Month ago
Hey Josh! I just am so happy that you definitely seamed more your self!! We love you! Happy new year 🤪
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