My Fiance Reacts To My Nose Job For The First Time

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Month ago

My fiance reacts to my nose job for the first time ever! Who Loved his reaction to my new nose??
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Katie Glass
Katie Glass 9 days ago
Why are people being so rude her nose looks amazing it’s her nose she can do whatever she wants like get a life and stop worrying about what people do to their face
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 14 days ago
Toooo cute, I’m so happy for you ☺️
Elyse Holsinger
Elyse Holsinger 14 days ago
This was so cute Josh said “She was perfect from day 1” I just love how cute their relationship is they have the best most beautiful relationship her nose is so perfect
Elyse Holsinger
Elyse Holsinger 14 days ago
I can’t wait for Katie Bruekner
Kat 15 days ago
Wow... we will never forget the OG Katie nose!
SiimplyEmberrxx 16 days ago
Anyone notice there intro is gone?
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 18 days ago
u look great! happy for you
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 18 days ago
haha it kinda matches joshs nose profile now :)
KI KI 18 days ago
She’s beautiful 💗
Natalie Shereck
Natalie Shereck 20 days ago
Love your nose Katie stay positive love you guys.
Suryansh Singh
Suryansh Singh 20 days ago
I saw jatie on insta and now im addicted
I am a bee bzzz
I am a bee bzzz 24 days ago
Katie is so pretty. I can't even- 🖐️😌 omg- queen💅✨❤️
Roa Samson
Roa Samson 24 days ago
I cannot think of a more perfect couple than these two
Quinn Hoagland
Quinn Hoagland 26 days ago
She looks so good!! Literally a perfect nose!
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 26 days ago
Chanel Oberlin x
Chanel Oberlin x 26 days ago
8:40 your welcome :)
ILY MOST 27 days ago
Emily Emery
Emily Emery 28 days ago
Omg love the new Katie nose yaaa
Chloe McCraw
Chloe McCraw 28 days ago
She looks like Amelia shepherd
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 29 days ago
Dude you look horrible. Oh nah 🤢. You ruined your face.
Lauren Montanez
Lauren Montanez Month ago
Who “nose” what the new year will bring haha but honestly it looks really great 👍🏼 I’m also happy ur happy Katie!!
Caroline Piles
Caroline Piles Month ago
It will prolly look more normal in a few days but she looks so weird not like bad it’s just hard to get used to bc that’s not how she normally looks honestly I think she looked just fine before
Kassidy Bryant
Kassidy Bryant Month ago
I love the fact that even through this hard time in their life they are still smiling, laughing, and having fun together...stay strong Josh and Katie I love y'all and remember that God's got you and He has a plan for you💛💛
Lazir Modernwarung
Lazir Modernwarung Month ago
umm tbh its happened. but i respect.. its your life..
Natalie Bland
Natalie Bland Month ago
I I got to say Katie B you look great! You look so much more like Biz though it’s all I Gotta say.
Gabrielle Tarka
Gabrielle Tarka Month ago
i’m confused do they like not use their intro song anymore
Addison Williams
Addison Williams Month ago
hi katie your nose looks so good i love you guys 🥰
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Month ago
Everyone should go subscribe to their friends della vlogs and help them get to 700k
lucy mccaul
lucy mccaul Month ago
I love her nose i think it really suits her and she is amazing and so beautiful.
Josie Drake
Josie Drake Month ago
Katie you are so cute and if josh does not like it but I’m sure he will 🟣
Liney Walt
Liney Walt Month ago
Can we still see the pics that the Dr. took when she was on the operating table?! I am not apart of the V.I.P sadly but I still want to see them
HA Crazy Kidz
HA Crazy Kidz Month ago
House Tour*!
HA Crazy Kidz
HA Crazy Kidz Month ago
House your
Dawn Lord
Dawn Lord Month ago
Looks amazing!!
Greg LEMONIUS Month ago
Greg LEMONIUS Month ago
The only reason why I dislike this video is because I prefer jadie nose as how it wad
Makena Gonzales
Makena Gonzales Month ago
Katie looks like a whole different girl ing she’s so pretty❤️
moni x
moni x Month ago
Nose job is done. No matter what you think of it. How do you think she feels reading your comments ? She likes it and that is what matters. If she wouldn't tell us the majority of people wouldn't even notice the difference. It was a small change and a small change does a big difference when you are focused on it. You are just not used to the new looks. And it's also swollen and she has tape on it. Her side profile is deff better, maybe it did change her a little but it's not like she changed her whole face. She is equally pretty either way. 💛💛💛
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson Month ago
I love y’all so much sorry for your broken leg josh
Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach Month ago
Honestly I'm still adjusting to how Katie looks but I'm sure if the swelling subsides and with a little time, I'm sure it'll grow on me. Happy for her tho. But I kinda feel that Josh is on the fence and is just being nice.
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Month ago
I miss Katie's old nose, but i'm happy that she is happy too
Mila Muratovic
Mila Muratovic Month ago
i love her new nose but its weird because we are not used to it yet. its totally different than before #spread love
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton Month ago
love your new nose katie looks great
Shani Outlaw
Shani Outlaw Month ago
Infinity Brown
Infinity Brown Month ago
it makes you and biz look more alike
Brandon Niskala
Brandon Niskala Month ago
Katies front profile of her face doesn't look different at all because when she had a broken nose it didn't look like it because we only saw the front profile
Brynn Pichette
Brynn Pichette Month ago
You guys are my favorite vlogers
Rayjaun Taylor
Rayjaun Taylor Month ago
You live with him,he would have already saw your nose.These people are just dumb,but they need them USposts views from the 10 year olds
Kaitlyn Smith
Kaitlyn Smith Month ago
No turtle anymore. she looks and talks like Sid from ice age at the ending of video. No hate ❤️
McKenzie Kniffen
McKenzie Kniffen Month ago
If dallin says no that means the real answer is no
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Month ago
Broke my collarbone yesterday skiing. Rockin that sling, y'all cripples wanna hang? Kzoo MI.
Soren Satala
Soren Satala Month ago
I’m like josh it takes me a few days to really appreciate things
Alexis Turner
Alexis Turner Month ago
Confidence is great, but I really hope she doesn’t turn so stuck up and arrogant....
Katie LaPointe
Katie LaPointe Month ago
I thought that Katie, already got a nose job like 5 months ago. Love it🧡 but you always look beautiful 😀😊
IM_WEIRD_55 Month ago
When I missed my chance to see josh in houston :(
Dana Dahcheh
Dana Dahcheh Month ago
DAY 67 of asking them to do notification shout outs like if u agree and so they can see also love u guys so much cant wait for the wedding yall r so cute together!!
J0Y Month ago
Katie because obviously I lovve him so much 🤣😂😅😅😂 5:27
Sarah Month ago
he’s holding back tears
Ramona Hall
Ramona Hall Month ago
I love it 💖
Olivia Guzman
Olivia Guzman Month ago
It looks amazing Katie and Josh's reaction was so sweet!
Brenda Fernandez
Brenda Fernandez Month ago
Hey, just wanted to say bc i got a nose job around this time last year, and the first like 2 weeks after my cast was off, I looked really different bc i was swollen - in my cheeks, in my eyes, the bridge of my nose Everywhere in my face basically,, and it really felt like a shock. However it was only the first two weeks for me so trust me, you will look like yourself again!! (Ofc with a cute nose) Also girl its been a year after my surgery and i feel like i’ve had this nose my whole life. Take care, and I wish you a fast recovery
Yadira Arnold
Yadira Arnold Month ago
accept Jesus into ur heart u can still be saved turn away from ur sins those who declare that Jesus is Lord is saved .
a n i a k a r i s h m a
a n i a k a r i s h m a Month ago
I feel like she does look different, my opinion
a n i a k a r i s h m a
a n i a k a r i s h m a Month ago
they sound different what do you mean Josh
Amayah Dexheimer
Amayah Dexheimer Month ago
Omgg it looks so cutttee
Amina Karim
Amina Karim Month ago
Why does she look so different from the front it looks so good tho she just looks different because her face is swollen I think I am not a doctor lol. ( this is not for katie to get sad)🥺💗
Patricia Deller
Patricia Deller Month ago
She looks goid. But sad j is all about how she looks.
marlon serpas
marlon serpas Month ago
Why haven’t you guys been posting
turiayah boateng
turiayah boateng Month ago
Never clicked so fast in my life lmao x
Jeremiah Douglas
Jeremiah Douglas Month ago
Love the vlog! I knew Josh was going to like it! Why wouldn’t he, he loves you and he cares about toy! There is no way he wouldn’t like it! Have a amazing day, keep your head up, and keep being the amazing Josh and Katie!
Walter Children
Walter Children Month ago
It looks good and different on he top
Addy_playz Month ago
Omgggggggggggg I love you guys so much sorry I missed so much I start school at 5 and I get home at 6
The shark Master
The shark Master Month ago
They did a good job hope you like it
Des Reesby
Des Reesby Month ago
It looks amazing!!!!!!!
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson Month ago
Sweet reaction. Looking good Katie. Love you guys
cornelius pryor
cornelius pryor Month ago
Katie should do the Airbnb prank on josh. She could get one of Bella‘s friends that Josh hasn’t met and pretend to rent out one of their rooms in the house. That would be so funny
Mars Gougeon
Mars Gougeon Month ago
You had the perfect opportunity for a prank ! You should have said you didn't like it 🤣👍
Ella Schultz
Ella Schultz Month ago
Wow now she looks a lot like Biz! You look awesome
Charli and More
Charli and More Month ago
Katie you should a prank where you say that you hate your nose and u regret it
Jenika Main
Jenika Main Month ago
Katie should do a prank that she gets kidnapped
Charli and More
Charli and More Month ago
Josh u should call off the wedding cause of her nose for a prank and say it’s cause off the nose job
Jaden Watkins
Jaden Watkins Month ago
My little sister is all for team Katie who’s with her and I am all for team Josh who’s with me!? I love you guys so much Jatie you guys are amazing!❤️
Madeleine Deyzel
Madeleine Deyzel Month ago
Josh should prank katie into taking a pregnancy test that says she is pregnant to see her reaction!!
Its mastergamers
Its mastergamers Month ago
Sunitha Black
Sunitha Black Month ago
It looks weird lol
Aleigh Staie
Aleigh Staie Month ago
i think it looks great u kinda look like ur sister
Destiny Gilbert
Destiny Gilbert Month ago
I love it!!!
Katy Goodwin
Katy Goodwin Month ago
I’m getting mine done after I pop this baby out of me I’m nervous lmao
Pineapple Sunshine
Pineapple Sunshine Month ago
Katie looks AMAZING no matter what!! She looks beautiful and all that matters is that shes happy with it and I love it!
K1NG ALL3N Month ago
Katie about to be a mouth breather for 3 weeks.
When she said and hide your man lol
Karina Ramirez
Karina Ramirez Month ago
It looks terrible
Alondra Rivera
Alondra Rivera Month ago
She looks beautiful.
Emily Dunn
Emily Dunn Month ago
Is it just me or does she look a lot like her sister Bizz?
Bailey Beaudry
Bailey Beaudry Month ago
Omg omg omg omg ahhhh I just got jatie vlogs merch !!!!
Georgia Steward
Georgia Steward Month ago
Katie should pretend that she still wants to be Katie Betzing after the wedding and that she doesn't want to be called Katie Brueckner. I found this idea in one of your videos from seven months ago but I think it would be really funny.
Kyla Epple
Kyla Epple Month ago
The Cool Cousins
The Cool Cousins Month ago
I love y’all so much!!! Katie, you look beautiful!! Josh, I hope your ankles heal soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
silkeyxxdropzz yt
silkeyxxdropzz yt Month ago
When are you out of the cast?
It’s me Reb
It’s me Reb Month ago
If I’m being honest I love Katie but I just don’t like it
becca stone
becca stone Month ago
I love it!!!!!!!!! its so cute!!
Telling her i don't like her nose job
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