TWIN SWAP Prank To See If He Notices...

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Month ago

Twin swap prank to see if he notices.. Josh took awhile to figure this one out lol
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank:
Being PDA in front of our friends:
Being mean to my fiancé:

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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs Month ago
They really did the twin swap prank on me while I’m laying in bed broken😂 RESPECT
Tiffany Sandbo
Tiffany Sandbo 16 days ago
Bethany Omans
Bethany Omans 22 days ago
Feel better soon keeping you in my prayers
Walker Devenee
Walker Devenee 24 days ago
poor josh josh you can fight through this
Jaclyn Bailey
Jaclyn Bailey Month ago
I love jd volgs you don't know how much though but I love you guys
Fussy Tails!
Fussy Tails! Month ago
Annabell Delreal
Annabell Delreal Day ago
To Jatie vlogs:we send our prayers and hope that josh will walk at the wedding!!omg I realized it’s gonna be like a few weeks till the wedding!
Victoria Perdomo
Victoria Perdomo 2 days ago
But they don't look similar at all tho
Gabriella Yuhala
Gabriella Yuhala 3 days ago
Josh you got this you will get through this soon
Geraldine Pagan Acevedo
Geraldine Pagan Acevedo 3 days ago
I pray that he gets better and that you guys have a great life
Ryan Kimball
Ryan Kimball 6 days ago
Josh I hope you feel better because you are so such a good guy and I love you and katie love you guys 💕
sweet cake yt
sweet cake yt 6 days ago
I hope he heals and is all well I am sorry that this happened
Keira Bennett
Keira Bennett 7 days ago
Josh ily guys and we will all go through this together
Mikael Rosario
Mikael Rosario 9 days ago
Get well soon josh
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 9 days ago
Taylor McVey
Taylor McVey 9 days ago
ahhhhhh what kind of dog do you guys have
Lillian Watkins
Lillian Watkins 10 days ago
I hope he is OK and I will pray always
Carmen Kelly-Diggs
Carmen Kelly-Diggs 10 days ago
Do you watch I hope you feel better
Casaday Damers
Casaday Damers 11 days ago
I feel like josh is just so sad and depressed. Im praying that josh gets better in the long run.
Carla Taylor
Carla Taylor 12 days ago
i so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry
Gracie Swank
Gracie Swank 12 days ago
this is the cutest couple in the world I love them so much
Tyrell Stewart
Tyrell Stewart 15 days ago
I'll pray for you bro hope you have a quick recovery
Tiffany Sandbo
Tiffany Sandbo 16 days ago
Joe Ghazarian
Joe Ghazarian 16 days ago
I’m in love with you vids guys and josh your edits are bomb buddy keep it up!💪🏻
Emma Darnell
Emma Darnell 18 days ago
Hope josh can get better so that you guys can have your normal life back and go on trips to the best places
Veronica Ndombele
Veronica Ndombele 18 days ago
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan 19 days ago
Prayers sent!!
Elyse Holsinger
Elyse Holsinger 19 days ago
Aw poor Josh at the girls table 😂
Jameele Rahaman
Jameele Rahaman 20 days ago
Ya’ll so nice
Ollie Kinsey
Ollie Kinsey 21 day ago
To Josh, me and the jatie fam love u so much. we all hope u get better, and katie tysm for helping joshy b threwout this very hard time in his life, one word to josh dont be so reckless tho but dont live you life in fear. Love You Guys xxx Ollie
kiara geland
kiara geland 21 day ago
He took his hand of so slowly
Kaitlynn Stanley
Kaitlynn Stanley 21 day ago
josh you are more then that bike and your legs just keep up with your harte
Krista Parrott
Krista Parrott 21 day ago
Hey Josh I feel bad for you
Sofia Senchushkina
Sofia Senchushkina 22 days ago
katie you are so lcky to have someone that cares about you so much . no one cares about me lol
Abiana Knott
Abiana Knott 22 days ago
Ok I am praying 🙏
Estere Estere
Estere Estere 22 days ago
Josh will be ok l know that ❤️ Love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Morgan’s Gymnastics
Morgan’s Gymnastics 24 days ago
Stay lit 🔥
Haley Jones
Haley Jones 24 days ago
You have a twin ?! Where have I been at🤣
MOJ The awesomes
MOJ The awesomes 24 days ago
Your amazing Josh never give up ilyyyyyyy guys :)
Amanda Massarelli
Amanda Massarelli 27 days ago
her sister’s hair and smile 🥺
GMS KOTGARH 29 days ago
We love you josh!!!!...... Be happy and just think about positive things!... Katie is with you..! What else you need?...! She loves you... And I love you too 😂😂 You are HERO ♥
Roxie Isla
Roxie Isla 29 days ago
Josh is so perfect, he deserves everything including his beautiful fiancé. Hope he gets better!
Sydney Nystuen
Sydney Nystuen 29 days ago
Ya boi will walk again !
Chrisna 34213
Chrisna 34213 Month ago
Josh you can do these💖
CDE CDE Month ago
u will get better i promise because i had to get stitches once and i survived so u will survive
justin dove
justin dove Month ago
I really hope he fills better by your weeding ❤️🤍
Katherine Lockhart
Katherine Lockhart Month ago
Paige Frampton
Paige Frampton Month ago
🔥PRANK IDEA FOR BELLA!!!!!!!!!! 🔥 Do you think she should do it?? ❤AND FOR KATIE WHEN JOSH (AND KATIE) GET BETTER❤ Bella! When Dallin is gone or outside or something you should pretend Banks bit you. You could make it look like a bite mark on your arm or something if you want. But, when Dallin comes back you should act really nervous around Banks and try to hide the bite mark from Dallin because you are afraid that he will want to get rid of him! #DellaFam #Team Kella #JatieFam
Jaclyn Bailey
Jaclyn Bailey Month ago
I feel so bad for josh
crazzy loo loo
crazzy loo loo Month ago
josh,your the best!fell better!!!!!!good job for being brave
Carissa Martine35 Ornelas
Carissa Martine35 Ornelas Month ago
That was awesome
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Month ago
Ha ha ha ha this was so funny 😂
Turtle_60 Month ago
It’s a gob lol
Shiv choudhary
Shiv choudhary Month ago
Hehehe 😁 someone save him 😂💕💕❤❤❤❤
Abbi Crawford
Abbi Crawford Month ago
Joshy b 2021 he is amazing he is stronge and he can get through this just saying i love u guys so much and i wish u the best of luck for him to be able to walk at your guys wedding!!!
Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Month ago
Am I the only one that didn’t know she had a sister?😂
Raynee Bruggeman
Raynee Bruggeman Month ago
After there done being crippled Katie should pretend to get hit by a train in her car now that would be dramatic as hell or in car crash idk it would still entertain me 😁 I’m voting for me
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
joshs reaction was pricelesss
Legitness squad 27
Legitness squad 27 Month ago
I hope you get better
Jake Moser
Jake Moser Month ago
If Katie is a dime, her sister is a whole dollar. Holy shit...
Insaf Adams
Insaf Adams 2 days ago
Hannah Sideras
Hannah Sideras Month ago
why is nobody talking about how AMAZING Biz's hair looks
Sara Konkel
Sara Konkel Month ago
Josh u can do this we love you!
Nicah Alvarado
Nicah Alvarado Month ago
The way he calls KATIEeeeeee cuteeee
Candygirl26 Forever
Candygirl26 Forever Month ago
Hope you feel better josh!! Praying 🙏
Satisfying ASMR Queen
Satisfying ASMR Queen Month ago
I can't wait for Katie to maybe get prego and then have baby clothes merch that would be cute
Zoe Grenier
Zoe Grenier Month ago
Go Josh you got this if anyone can make it through two broken legs then you can but still GO TEAM KATIIIIEEEE!!!!!
Jaylee Rose
Jaylee Rose Month ago
Taylor Sewell
Taylor Sewell Month ago
I just broke my ankle too in august
Barbara Mains
Barbara Mains Month ago
Prayers for Josh and Katie
lucy m
lucy m Month ago
Stay strong josh like we know u will the whole of Katie fam is cheering you on and hopes u heal quick 💕👍
JWood Productions
JWood Productions Month ago
Josh I hope you get better
Darcie Thomson
Darcie Thomson Month ago
Hi josh and Katie I love u guys and hope u are ok stay strong and be safe love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cherry’s Forever
Cherry’s Forever Month ago
I hope you get better soon josh I hope u can walk soon! Love all you 💕
Claire Lindsay Valerie
Claire Lindsay Valerie Month ago
The way Josh hid his face after yelling Katie 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
D'Lacenator Month ago
Come on Josh U can do it marry this gorgeous girl and stand everyone is praying for U🙂🙂🙂🙂
Caleb Doufopt
Caleb Doufopt Month ago
At first when I saw you two I thought you were twins
Steve Barash
Steve Barash Month ago
Fell better I will pray for you in my morning prayer
Madelyn Staub
Madelyn Staub Month ago
I love you guys so much I could watch your videos all day everyday and never get bored
Marley Jackson
Marley Jackson Month ago
J- joyful O- obtimistic S- strong H- healing like a champ!!
carlie parker
carlie parker Month ago
Awwwwee ❤️❤️❤️🥺
Marley Jackson
Marley Jackson Month ago
Idek if the O is spelled right
Sophia Nelson
Sophia Nelson Month ago
You got this josh! You’ll be on your feet before ya know it I’ve gone through the same thing 🥰 best of wishes to you
Giada Gonzalez
Giada Gonzalez Month ago
You got this ❤️😁
LeoTheLion Month ago
Jatie Vlogs, if your reading this, you need to stop. I don't know if you realize it but even a 5 year old could notice the insanely STUPID clickbait you use, you use your siblings for clickbait, you do really messed up pranks + the person that's being pranked already knows their being pranked making the video that much worse. 2 your video titles, thumbnails, and clickbait is absolutely disgusting your seriously going to use your girlfriend for messed up click bait like CONSTANTLY SAYING IN YOUR TITLES "THINKING OF HAVING A BABY!!!! OMG GONE WRONG!!!" 3 stop using your twins or siblings for these stupid pranks that are pretty Grose and really messed up. + ALL and when I mean all I mean ALL clickbait you use in your titles is something sexual, REALLY messed up pranks, or something almost like "24 HOUR TWIN SWAP PRANK HE NOTICED!!!!!! GONE WRONG!!!!!!!" I just want to let you know that what your doing is wrong and you need to stop with this disgusting content and clickbait.
Lara R
Lara R Month ago
3:05 You got this Josh!
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher Month ago
I'm praying that Josh heals quickly ❤
Jayla Rae
Jayla Rae Month ago
Hey josh!! I really hope you get better soon!
wicked diecast and more
wicked diecast and more Month ago
I'm praying for you josh get better and I love your videos
Lps MikaylaLovie
Lps MikaylaLovie Month ago
To: Josh I know that it's probably hard to do pranks and stuff. But everyone is hoping and praying for u! WE NEED MORE PRANKS
Madelyn Staub
Madelyn Staub Month ago
Josh I love you and Katie so much I always watch your guys channel. I want to tell josh that he will push through and heal sooner he is a fighter. Things could be a lot worse but he should look forward to the wedding and spending it with Katie! Love you guys so much
Mikenzee Washington
Mikenzee Washington Month ago
You can do in josh
Ridley Mitchell
Ridley Mitchell Month ago
Her sister is so beautiful - that smile!
Gabrianna Bernander
Gabrianna Bernander Month ago
Biz lipstick is super bad
CM MadeUbuild
CM MadeUbuild Month ago
did they move from mi to az?
Macey Timpson
Macey Timpson Month ago
i fill really bad for josh but u are really funny and nise
Ella Tharrington
Ella Tharrington Month ago
Noooooo Josh has a broken leg :/ I’ll pray :(
Kinsey Newell
Kinsey Newell Month ago
This is me hoping for a quick recovery for Josh. I hope he gets better soon.
Santino Torres
Santino Torres Month ago
Team kopper taking notes don’t worry he will strike
Isabella Onneng
Isabella Onneng Month ago
this is what i watch when im bored best content ever
KLOE Rain Month ago
Josh You got this you are the strongest guy you will get though it I know you won’t want to see this but things happen for a reason. I hope you see this and I will keep praying for both of you love you guys
Maia Violet
Maia Violet Month ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Katie is so kind to everyone, and she takes such good care of Josh by telling him he is okay and that life is good 😭🙌🏼 I love her so much.
maria jimenez
maria jimenez Month ago
Josh just saying I pray everyday for you please take care I stay safe!!! #jatiefam
Madison Sexton
Madison Sexton Month ago
How does he get upstairs
Makenzie Craig
Makenzie Craig Month ago
MargaretMC Month ago
Hi josh I hope you stay healthy and well this may be a hard time for you but I hope you remember that we are all here for you
McKynlee White
McKynlee White Month ago
you will make it josh
McKynlee White
McKynlee White Month ago
josh you will always be my vavrit
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