Telling My Fiance To SHUT UP To See Her Reaction..*NEVER AGAIN*

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Told my fiance to shut up.. def don't recommend doing this lol. Get your own custom skincare and 20% off any product or bundle with a free spa headband with the link:
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You can look but you CANT touch prank:
Being PDA in front of our friends:
Being mean to my fiancé:

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Typical Echos
Typical Echos 23 hours ago
The nose job makes her look weird
Debra Chandler
Debra Chandler Day ago
josh is a bully lmao...sometimes i dont even know if he joking his acting skills are on is this man no on netflix yet
Jayla Riley
Jayla Riley 4 days ago
katie looks so different i miss the old nose : (
Varsh Chand
Varsh Chand 6 days ago
"Get that out of my butt now" 👻👻👻👻👻👻
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 7 days ago
This is never a good idea 💡👎👎
Chinenye Okoro
Chinenye Okoro 8 days ago
I love ur videos
Christina Palmer
Christina Palmer 10 days ago
You know Katie’s mad and Josh is in trouble when she calls him Joshua 😳
emilea makaleha
emilea makaleha 10 days ago
Let’s go team Josh!!! 🥳🤣🤣🤣
Jenna Stafford
Jenna Stafford 10 days ago
At 6:54 look at the dogs face😂😂
Savannah Summers
Savannah Summers 10 days ago
"I'm a dead man walking. Well not walking crutching" 😂😭
Summer Beaulieu
Summer Beaulieu 11 days ago
It seems like all the youtube couple never disrespect each other in anyway, I'm not saying thats bad! Its actually relationship goals, but me personally have never been in a relationship were when we argue we dont tell each each other to "shut up" or "f*** off"...I mean like my boyfriends never called me a bitch or I never call him an asshole (in a disrepectful way) but there is definitely always a "shut up" or "f*** off" in our arguments. Can anyone else relate though? Like you understand where I'm getting at? Anyways I love you Katie and Josh and all of the videos you guys make!!! ❤💜
Live in USA
Live in USA 12 days ago
OOOOOOH! What about the punches at the end???
Hank And Remmie Forever
Hank And Remmie Forever 12 days ago
Is It bad that I spend 5 hours strait in one day watching them?
Hank And Remmie Forever
Hank And Remmie Forever 12 days ago
Can we just take 1 minute to look at her nose. It is so fire🔥🔥
Hank And Remmie Forever
Hank And Remmie Forever 12 days ago
Josh: "Shut up" Katie: Your so dead😡😠
Devon Kelly
Devon Kelly 13 days ago
How did your intro turn into your outro?
Clara Endara
Clara Endara 14 days ago
shut up hahahahahah
The BFFs
The BFFs 14 days ago
She dropped jatie fam😭🥺
Jonathan Danger
Jonathan Danger 15 days ago
I haven't watched J8tie vlogs in a month, and so much has changed, Katie's nose is different, Josh is on crutches, topper is so much bigger. me watching like "don't cry don't cry don't cry"🥺
Alajza Holiday
Alajza Holiday 15 days ago
Love this video
Ariciaa James
Ariciaa James 15 days ago
hold up hold HOLD UP. Topper is literally a GIANT!!! Like he's become soo big.
The Wolf
The Wolf 15 days ago
Let's all admit it, we were all looking at how cute Topper was being
iris choe
iris choe 16 days ago
they’re really good at acting
Kaitlyn Kennedy
Kaitlyn Kennedy 16 days ago
Omg Topper has gotten so big :O
Shaughna Crew!
Shaughna Crew! 17 days ago
Zakiyah Gill
Zakiyah Gill 17 days ago
What happened to her lips
Zakiyah Gill
Zakiyah Gill 17 days ago
Did Katie get a nose job
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 18 days ago
Amber Lam
Amber Lam 18 days ago
Copper is so cute what kinda dog is he?
Kevin Engels
Kevin Engels 20 days ago
Euhm... Katie said in the beginning of the video shut up and then she says she never say shut up...🤔
Alexis Hmelyar
Alexis Hmelyar 20 days ago
I love how Katie knows her worth ❤️❤️ I love you guys!
LifeAZZ Mareeka
LifeAZZ Mareeka 20 days ago
I’ll would’ve slapped the mess out of him
Claire Hashbarger
Claire Hashbarger 20 days ago
Ohhh we have a lovesac too! Ours is the same design but black. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!!!
Arianna Acevedo
Arianna Acevedo 21 day ago
Why is he on crutches?
Audrey Grace
Audrey Grace 21 day ago
I feel like Katie did over react, but I also think it is good that she does not tolerate being treated badly.
Maria loves dogs
Maria loves dogs 22 days ago
Poor katie she was smiling and her smile broke apart
Maria loves dogs
Maria loves dogs 22 days ago
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 22 days ago
Oooooof Noo
Geo 22 days ago
So nobody gonna talk about how Katie said josh was a d!ck
Trinity Fernandes
Trinity Fernandes 22 days ago
Josh where is your shirt from?
lizbeth hettiarachchi
lizbeth hettiarachchi 23 days ago
Ik I’m really late but when Josh imitated Katie 😂
Emily Nie
Emily Nie 23 days ago
Katie: "Were doing a vlog today!" Josh: "Yep were going behind the scenes" Both of them: self conscious about getting pranked Us: Of course they are getting pranked
Sophie Dyer
Sophie Dyer 23 days ago
Ur nose is horrible
Jacey Tuck
Jacey Tuck 23 days ago
He send it
maddie_the_mommy since 2018
maddie_the_mommy since 2018 23 days ago
I honestly feel that if you keep pranking each other like this it may ruin your relationship.. I've seen it happening to other youtubers. I really enjoy your content but I dont wanna see it ruin the relationship between you
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 23 days ago
I love u guys but I would like ur vids much better if y'all didn't swear all the time or if u could just bleep it out pls thx
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 23 days ago
What happened to the intro why is at the end honestly I like it there
Johanna Josepolo
Johanna Josepolo 23 days ago
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 24 days ago
how i would thing there wedding will be like bikes and all that yall cant lie
Randi Lynn
Randi Lynn 24 days ago
Wow Josh
Ava Marvin
Ava Marvin 24 days ago
Prank idea for Katie: Have a non severe allergic reaction and carry it on for a little while, then pass out into Josh’s arms. Maybe put some makeup on your body to make it look like hives, but put it on under a jacket so he can’t see it until you take it off. Love you guys! ❤️ ( not my idea ) ( like and repost )
donna snape
donna snape 24 days ago
I am not hating but josh said at the end of this video why are all my pranks mean . only he can answer that as he is the one who picks them . But since his accident it feels like he's trying to sabotage his relationship . which is a shame because i adore them both .
Justin Patterson
Justin Patterson 25 days ago
RIP Joshy B! You will be missed my guy.
Aiperi Akunova
Aiperi Akunova 25 days ago
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kira mahosky
kira mahosky 25 days ago
The intro is back 🥺😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Noelle Keifer
Noelle Keifer 25 days ago
Josh knows hes in trouble when she calls him "Joshua"lol
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie Bailey 25 days ago
Clearly Josh misses the adrenaline! That’s why he’s getting brave and stepping to KB. 😄
Miss Beccy Roblox
Miss Beccy Roblox 25 days ago
* when u try to be a baddie but still a basic white girl* 💜💜💜💜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isabella Lee
Isabella Lee 25 days ago
Wait, Katie has a little sister? I thought Jasmine and Biz were both older than her! And then she has a brother, too...Who am I missing? 🤔
Collin Nesbit
Collin Nesbit 25 days ago
Hey jatie my birthday is Monday and my mom said I could get something and I wanted the mary me hoodie but it's not out anymore 😔
dude brue
dude brue 25 days ago
Rebecca Pritchard
Rebecca Pritchard 25 days ago
that smile freaked me out 1:08
Celine Hamka
Celine Hamka 25 days ago
Topper is so cute
Aliza Goncalves
Aliza Goncalves 25 days ago
OMG! LOL :) Can't Wait you guys to get Married..Mrs. Bruckner. OL! 🎇🎇🎇🎇 Love you Jd Fam! 😭🌺🤗🎉🎊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍉
Jamie Cohen
Jamie Cohen 25 days ago
Love topper
Jamie Cohen
Jamie Cohen 25 days ago
Your dog is so cute doggy is adorable omg doggo is the cutest
Jamie Cohen
Jamie Cohen 25 days ago
Abby Cow
Abby Cow 25 days ago
Subscribe to Adi Fishman 🔥🔥
Evie Goodchild
Evie Goodchild 26 days ago
Go Katie! If someone did talk to her like that she should definetly reply like that!
Freya Reid
Freya Reid 26 days ago
Kati on the next prank you need to go hard girrrrl,get him back.Do the most craziest prank ever.Team katie
Crispy Cream
Crispy Cream 26 days ago
Not to be mean but it is kinda annoying when she just keeps talking none stop especially if I was josh. But that doesn’t mean I would tell her to shut up don’t come at me
Rachel Devery
Rachel Devery 26 days ago
Rachel Devery
Rachel Devery 26 days ago
BearZip Blox
BearZip Blox 26 days ago
Bro- Ur going outside and U DONT HAVE A MASK ON!? 👁👄👁. 😳
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 26 days ago
“Guys Topper loves his walks.... o hey don’t pee on that” lmao please
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj 26 days ago
The dog is sooo cute!!!😱
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj 26 days ago
Shut up...Shut up....Shut up....😂😂😂🤣😂😂😅😅😅😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅😂😂🤣
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj 26 days ago
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj 26 days ago
Your nose looks great, congrats!
Lucy Monroe
Lucy Monroe 26 days ago
I didn’t really nice say shut up that’s mean. From Lucy Monroe
Azemina Cerimovic
Azemina Cerimovic 26 days ago
Katie should prank Josh that she doesn't want to get married any more and she wants them ti just be friends( ps this is my idea so copy and paste so they can see) I hope u have a great day.......I ❤you stay safe
marlon serpas
marlon serpas 26 days ago
You guys better post today if you guys don’t post today I will unsubscribe
joshua nuestro
joshua nuestro 26 days ago
Ok karen
GeoFN 26 days ago
It’s funny when she said he’s acting like a di*k
Summer Lunsford
Summer Lunsford 26 days ago
Him: I’m a dead man walking, well not really crutching Me😂😂
Jordyn Cochran
Jordyn Cochran 26 days ago
Am I the only one that thought during this video josh should’ve done another falling prank off his crutches on Katie🤣😂❤️
David Adamson
David Adamson 26 days ago
Joshalina lookin... I about died!!! LoL
Ethan gaming
Ethan gaming 26 days ago
did topper get bigger?
Katie should order a drink and put it under a guys name and put it In the cup holder facing josh
Addison Davis
Addison Davis 26 days ago
Plz don’t say bad words
Addison Davis
Addison Davis 26 days ago
D word and the h word
Idontknowwhattomakemtname 26 days ago
what bad word did he say?
Sienna Counts
Sienna Counts 26 days ago
lol the beginning is literally how my mom and step dad sound
Colton Siegel
Colton Siegel 26 days ago
So if they do pranks every video how do they not expect anything???
Sarah Salzer
Sarah Salzer 26 days ago
kait your nose looks so cute and I hope your legs feel better josh I'm praying for all you guys
Gabe ramos
Gabe ramos 26 days ago
You should go into the phones setting and add a foreign language to the phone so they can't read it
Rylee Evans
Rylee Evans 26 days ago
This was one of the rudest videos I think they have made 😂 I really hope he doesn’t treat her like that :/
Victoria Smigiel
Victoria Smigiel 26 days ago
Plz do a new house tour in AZ
Emma Lewis
Emma Lewis 26 days ago
Is anybody else worried that they have not posted??
Puppy ArtHeart
Puppy ArtHeart 26 days ago
Ba'Asha West
Ba'Asha West 26 days ago
I’m sorry I’m not paying 99.00 dollars for 3 skin care things I’m sorry it no
Pxncaxes 26 days ago
Jatie hasn't posted in 2 days, something went down. "we will post everyday" I hope they're okay.
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 26 days ago
Poor Katie. Good one josh Love you guys .
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 26 days ago
Goatrazzi Family
Goatrazzi Family 26 days ago
I like her better before
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