I’m Regretting This..

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Month ago

She's regretting this.. Poor Katie B is gong through it right now after the surgery. She actually is doing very well and doesnt have to much pain! Just missing out on some everyday activities because she has to rest! We love ya'll
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Anita Balyan
Anita Balyan 4 hours ago
I’m sooo srry to say this so no offense, 2:05, Josh sounds like squidward from Spongebob Square Pants tv show and Katie looks like the grinch that doesn’t have its green skin. AGAIN, SO SRRY...!!! 😂💀
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 20 days ago
Everything will turn out a-okay 👍🌸
Bethany Omans
Bethany Omans 24 days ago
Poor thing I hope you heal quickly
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 27 days ago
I hope you're OK Soon.
Tom Utley
Tom Utley Month ago
Happy for you.
Tom Utley
Tom Utley Month ago
Looking better girl
Tom Utley
Tom Utley Month ago
Josh your so so funny
Fallon Jack
Fallon Jack Month ago
Who else was just touching there nose the whole videos 😂 lol
Taylah Bergin
Taylah Bergin Month ago
Lol the click bait title tho
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
“Broken Brueckners!” so true😂
Hi S
Hi S Month ago
The broken Bruckner 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Wisniewski
Jessica Wisniewski Month ago
Rest rest rest! I can see the swelling increase throughout the video, ice your nose and lay upright more rather than standing. Standing creates pressure on your nose.
Fernanda Barranco
Fernanda Barranco Month ago
I don’t know who to feel bad for in this video
Jasmine Davani
Jasmine Davani Month ago
the cutest crippled couple
hi hello
hi hello Month ago
Y'all need merch that on the front says broken brueckners (sorry if that's spelled wrong) in the front up at the top like the retro looking merch and on the back has like Josh on crutches and Katie with the nose stuff
Tia Parker
Tia Parker Month ago
I hope the both of u gets better been a fan for years now love u
Londyn Henry
Londyn Henry Month ago
☹️🥺😭😥 Hi
Londyn Henry
Londyn Henry Month ago
Adriana Damato
Adriana Damato Month ago
Katie your so strong and amazing for keeping your dream it gets hard but you can get through this #jaite ❤️
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran Month ago
"for the Karen" 🤣🤣
Maya Teig
Maya Teig Month ago
Have Josh try a period pain simulator
Alison McDaniels
Alison McDaniels Month ago
Katie your pretty just the way you are
Sadye Miller
Sadye Miller Month ago
What if u have to sneeze??
Mikaylah Moore
Mikaylah Moore Month ago
I’m a really big fan and I love u guys so much and I really wannna met u guys but I life no where nere u🥺 and I also don’t know ur Murch website 🥺🥺🥺 pls notice
Katie Melton
Katie Melton Month ago
Girllll!!! You already had your glowup🥰😍
Brianna Morris
Brianna Morris Month ago
Is topper going to be at the wedding?
Angelic’s Place
Angelic’s Place Month ago
𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚙𝚕𝚎 𝚐𝚘𝚊𝚕𝚜
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez Month ago
🥰Hope yall get better soon love both of yall🤗
Super Siblings
Super Siblings Month ago
I’ve been a fan of them before they were engaged and had there own house in Michigan. And I use to be a fan right when they started dating because I watched them on Katie’s channel I am a true fan I am so proud of you Katie. Nothing was wrong with your nose but as long as you like it that’s all that matters!! Keep shining you and Josh have inspired me to be myself and to love anyone and everyone. THANK YALL!! I love y’all so much😌😌
Snow Kostenko
Snow Kostenko Month ago
You can tell the Lord is the center of their relationship it’s beautiful ❤️
katie- how long does it take untill its healed
Chango Month ago
Hey I love you videos but I’m sorry for saying this but you Remind me of Sid from Ice Age
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin Month ago
Go buy a face sheild (mask) to shower
Daniela Ambriz
Daniela Ambriz Month ago
Even though it got a little more swollen I can definitely see the purple went away
lonza mae
lonza mae Month ago
“It’s been one day THICKNESS” 😭😭😭😭
Adventures With Annie
Adventures With Annie Month ago
However sees this comment your day is going to be THE BEST
Adventures With Annie
Adventures With Annie Month ago
Jatie is amazing. I subscribed! Be sure to check my channel out too!
Ella Dapkewitch
Ella Dapkewitch Month ago
Ok but what happens if you sneeze
Tiffany Eckerd
Tiffany Eckerd Month ago
I hope you and josh feel better soon. Time I broke my nose.
Lilyanne Schmitz
Lilyanne Schmitz Month ago
You guys should make merch of the broken Bruckners
Shann Month ago
I wanna get my bump off my nose but I'm so scared of the pain and bruising
Jebnie Jean
Jebnie Jean Month ago
awe katie you sounded like yourself like 5 minutes in you look awesome
London Moore
London Moore Month ago
i love yall so muc and i wish u nothing but love and hope i hope u get better love u
Rae CassAt
Rae CassAt Month ago
Evelyn Charles
Evelyn Charles Month ago
trying to count how many times katie said "guys look at my eyes"
Allison Ford
Allison Ford Month ago
I feel like you might have problems with your nose later on from doing that but idk
Natalie Krueger
Natalie Krueger Month ago
I hope you guy get better soon
Iris Jackson
Iris Jackson Month ago
i am not a part of the journey can yall make a video about unrevealing katies nose?
Nathalie B
Nathalie B Month ago
I really hope there will be a full house tour when everything is done. Also, I hope josh recovers quickly and Katie, feel better. Still look amazing
Suhani Mehra
Suhani Mehra Month ago
Katie should google “how to cancel a wedding easily” then “fall asleep” with her phone screen on so josh sees and reacts. Like so she sees!!
glittergirlbrown Month ago
jonah levi?
jonah levi? Month ago
Shelby Young
Shelby Young Month ago
Get well soon #brokenbrueckers
Caiden Annetts
Caiden Annetts Month ago
i miss the times where they always vloged at Katie's house
Jolene Richeson
Jolene Richeson Month ago
You're a trooper. Mine was not as easy going. I bled from my tear ducts. Sending quick healing to you both.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache Month ago
*Best couples*
Delia Vlogs
Delia Vlogs Month ago
Also i want to know when the Black joggers will be back in stock with all the sizis? i want a pair!
Delia Vlogs
Delia Vlogs Month ago
will the merch be going on the J80 fit website with the "Don't cry" merch? Or will it only be for the VIP members? I have a gift card and i really want A sweatshirt!!!!!
Martha Grubbs
Martha Grubbs Month ago
I can see blood
Carson Jewett
Carson Jewett Month ago
Honestly Katie still lookin good with acne makes y'all more relatable lol
Allison Month ago
You may be the broken Brueckner's but remember that the Jatie fam lives you!❤️
Nadeen Elhennawy
Nadeen Elhennawy Month ago
Who’s been a TRUE fan of “ jatie vlogs “ FOR OVER a YEAR😇
Wesley Basye
Wesley Basye Month ago
you still look good girl keep doing your thing
Lily Ambrose
Lily Ambrose Month ago
Why??.... she looked beautiful before....
T Hans
T Hans Month ago
hoop you feal better
Brielle Month ago
hi hope you have a quick recovery ILY💕
shya setina
shya setina Month ago
Im a Meme
Im a Meme Month ago
Who is here from DJ Cook
brad john
brad john Month ago
I love guys i dont care what you lool like Katie you are so pretty
love you jatie vlogs
Wren Rose
Wren Rose Month ago
he drop kicked you in the noes
Wren Rose
Wren Rose Month ago
Kates journey to be a super model.
Sarah Walworth
Sarah Walworth Month ago
Is it bad to ask how much it cost? 😂
Baylie Jd
Baylie Jd Month ago
Katie btw, you look so good even when you are swollen and have casts on your face!!!
Baylie Jd
Baylie Jd Month ago
Omg!!! I loved when he was trying to talk like Katie 👍 👇
Miriam Reimann
Miriam Reimann Month ago
Is it just me or does Katie sound like Charli D’Amelio??
Cody Brandner
Cody Brandner Month ago
Im team katie I hope you feel better soon the both of you
Emily Ihrke
Emily Ihrke Month ago
Omg Katie should act like a Karen threw drive throws!
Josh Muldowney
Josh Muldowney Month ago
Look under her eyes, she didn’t get much sleep, so I’m thinking that something went a bit wrong and caused pain, but the fact that it’s not audible (ow, ouch, that hurts e.g.) means it’s not very painful, so that’s good
Abigail Trzesniewski
Abigail Trzesniewski Month ago
they gave Katie flowers but she can't smell them😆
Riese Gordon
Riese Gordon Month ago
When does the new merch drop
Elmer Friend
Elmer Friend Month ago
Is Della fam In the couples retreat house. I never see them in your videos. With couples retreat
Mr_PigEoN Month ago
Who came here from DJ cook?
Niki forever
Niki forever Month ago
ʜᴏᴡ ʟᴏɴɢ ᴡɪʟʟ ɪᴛ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴏ ғɪɴɪsʜ ᴜʀ ɴᴏsᴇ xxx
Louise Barlow
Louise Barlow Month ago
Stay strong, big hugs Katie & Josh x
James West
James West Month ago
Katie was a perfect 10 before the nose job.
Bella Nichols
Bella Nichols Month ago
Katie I did that and it hurt bad and I regretted it but when I seen u did it I did not regret it afterwards
Claire Ivey
Claire Ivey Month ago
they need to do the tik tok that’s like show what you look like and then show what you ride and josh shows the wheelchair 😂😂
Tyler Blu
Tyler Blu Month ago
2 of my favorite USpostsrs just got surgery
Eshan Marfatia
Eshan Marfatia Month ago
Whitney wilson
Whitney wilson Month ago
Anyone contemplating a nose job, be aware it will be very very delicate and the healing process is more like an actual year or more until the nose it totally healed.
Queen Emme
Queen Emme Month ago
Sry but I just looked at insta and why dose she have to be flexing all her Gucci like she’s the only one with it I have it too girl
Josue Santos
Josue Santos Month ago
Ayyy did anybody notice the song “dakiti” by bad bunny & jhang Cortez in the background 10:53
Maryanne Stafrace
Maryanne Stafrace Month ago
Why did you do that it will change your voice FOREVER!
Justin Vandenberg
Justin Vandenberg Month ago
Just show it already
Love Yourself
Love Yourself Month ago
She can’t-
Emily DeRose
Emily DeRose Month ago
I’m low key upset she got a nose job. Like I’m glad she’s doing it for herself but she was so pretty without the “perfect” nose. bur oh well
Aubree Reed
Aubree Reed Month ago
Praying for you both! Everything is going to turn out okay!!
Lps MikaylaLovie
Lps MikaylaLovie Month ago
Charlotte Batey
Charlotte Batey Month ago
Yo you guys need to make jatie fit trainers!!!
1:03 if i was katie i would've stepped on his foot for that
Thor Odinsson
Thor Odinsson Month ago
Just remember when you're done hating on somebody just remove the videos that you watch from your search history so you don't give them views
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