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Month ago

We have bad news jatie fam.
PROPOSAL VID: usposts.info/vision/ipy8qbCWfJOjf5k/video
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank: usposts.info/vision/jNm8yZLYsKl8jKo/video
Being PDA in front of our friends: usposts.info/vision/YrK2lqeVgKKAjsg/video
Being mean to my fiancé: usposts.info/vision/js6cuJu5eqykrpE/video

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Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs Month ago
Katie’s nose job reveal goes live today on our new VIP website www.jatievip.com/ only $9.99 to join and we’re doing a $5,000 dollar giveaway
Destiny Gee
Destiny Gee 11 days ago
U should make an always plug merch and make it customizable to where people can put there instagram
ClumsyCat Charlie
ClumsyCat Charlie 29 days ago
43rd Reply
Anna Brooks
Anna Brooks Month ago
Josh if you can stand at the wedding you should do it as a surprise for Katie!
Claire Montgomery
Claire Montgomery Month ago
I've had a nose surgery and when they take out the packing. I thought it was gonna hurt and everything but it just felt like a lot of presser.
Sky Fill
Sky Fill Month ago
Stay strong josh and Katie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We are praying for josh to walk at the wedding 💒 the jatie fam got you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
STRXXBBY 6 days ago
Idea for wdding song I dont dance by Lee bryce
ocean girl!!
ocean girl!! 14 days ago
Their first dance song should be their intro song!
Makenna Porter
Makenna Porter 15 days ago
So sad I love your blog so much you are cool and kind you make me happy win I see your blog
Leah Bennett
Leah Bennett 16 days ago
Prayers go out to the people and their families going through this x
Leah Bennett
Leah Bennett 16 days ago
I pray that jesus covers you go through this and continues to cover you as you go through this and anyone else going through this too, jesus knows what your going through, i pray that you trust and believe in the lord,god bless you xxx
nalani Richard's love youtube couples
nalani Richard's love youtube couples 17 days ago
Awe poor joshes face when he dropped his phone beside his foot and flexed it I felt so bad for him praying for speeding recovery love yall both ❤🙏
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 18 days ago
Can’t wait for the Jatie Wedding 👰 it’s going to be lit!!! But wish you two a fast recovery 😊
Alayna Prudencio
Alayna Prudencio 27 days ago
Your weeding will be perfect your life will be good no matter what
Amarri price
Amarri price 28 days ago
What is wrong with her nose
Allen White
Allen White Month ago
I understand because of everything happening
Brenna Milanowski
Brenna Milanowski Month ago
Why was this my favorite video. Y’all cute
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Month ago
Please come to Sydney in Australia I want to meet u guys
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Month ago
Everyone should go subscribe to their friends della vlogs and help them get to 700k
Anna Leonard
Anna Leonard Month ago
I wish you guys all the best! My husband and I got married in September and a month and a half before the wedding he crashed his dirt bike racing motocross. He shattered his heel and had to have two surgeries before the wedding. His second surgery was three days before our wedding. It was a crazy year for sure. Our wedding was still a dream come true even though he was using a scooter and crutches all day. Bless is heart- he squeezed his foot into a normal shoe for the day. Your wedding is going to be amazing and so so memorable. I look back and I’m so thankful that my husband and I had time off together before and after the wedding to truly be present and enjoy each other.
Michael Wenzlaff
Michael Wenzlaff Month ago
Love y’all feel better y’all can play the song thinking out loud at the wedding
Michael Wenzlaff
Michael Wenzlaff Month ago
I fell at my aunts wedding I was on crutches
Viki Tremblay
Viki Tremblay Month ago
help ya girl out. where did katie get her shorts and jacket?!?! I WANT
Adiba Chowdhury
Adiba Chowdhury Month ago
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole Month ago
are we just going to ignore the fact that josh use to get punched in the face for fun😂
maddison Salls
maddison Salls Month ago
Is jules and saud coming
Tavian Leonard
Tavian Leonard Month ago
absolutely no hate. but hear me out here.. ✨wheelchair wedding✨
Jacob Ashe
Jacob Ashe Month ago
Is it jaddie 80 vlogs%?
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
yall really do be out here broken together😂😂
Zoey Nutt
Zoey Nutt Month ago
I hope jatie vlogs reads my comment that i posted and You guys will be blessed in jesus name Amen
Zoey Nutt
Zoey Nutt Month ago
I pray for yall to get better that josh will be able to stand up for the wedding and katie that your face will be a glow up and u wont have any bruises cause both of yall will be healed in jesus name Amen i have been a fan of yall for a longgg time and just pray everyday and night that u are healed by jesus stripes that u will be healed very soon i love yall and hope yall get better Amen😇👃🙏👫👰👔👗👞👢💞💍💎
bunny hop crew Midgyett
bunny hop crew Midgyett Month ago
I really hope you still get married because I think you are a good couple we love you so much
Chloe Play's
Chloe Play's Month ago
Hannah Rosseel
Hannah Rosseel Month ago
I feel kinda bad for Jack & Jaycee :((( So far for not picking sides...
Paige Kohnert
Paige Kohnert Month ago
What you should do is you should get 2 wheelchairs and when your at the wedding for both of you
Sarah Marques
Sarah Marques Month ago
Well with gods help josh is gonna be able to walk and dance with you in your wedding I’ll be praying for y’all!!!
James Matthew
James Matthew Month ago
Literally to the 1% who's reading this may your Parents live more than 100 years with good health
Kiralee Rose
Kiralee Rose Month ago
You guys are a mess and I mean that in the nicest possible way 😂 Praying for speedy recoveries for both of you
Nailed it bye miley 31
Nailed it bye miley 31 Month ago
I love u such much and I wish the best for Katie and josh surgery xxxx 😘
Aitana Holler
Aitana Holler Month ago
wait what day is the wedding?
Allie Waugh
Allie Waugh Month ago
What happened
The C fam
The C fam Month ago
Keep pushing you got this
The C fam
The C fam Month ago
Y’all are the best u tubers we are with you
Acadia Reece
Acadia Reece Month ago
The 351 dislikes are people who are jealous they didn’t get a nose job and broken legs
Jennafer Thompson
Jennafer Thompson Month ago
what I'd Larry and charlie and dixie omg
Victoria Miele
Victoria Miele Month ago
Can anybody count how many times Josh literally said "that's fair" 😂
Riley Taylor
Riley Taylor Month ago
Hope you recover soon Sad news🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Deshauna Harper
Deshauna Harper Month ago
That mini roast session tho! 😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Month ago
Praying for you guys!!
TwinkelzGacha Month ago
I saw a video on youtube of a man who couldnt stand and his friends held him up for his wedding
Katelyn Lopez
Katelyn Lopez Month ago
wait you proposed and your married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maya Braden
Maya Braden Month ago
Who’s watching on Wednesday?
Life times two
Life times two Month ago
You guys have to do a public prank where you’re fighting or wearing a shirt staying “restraining order who?” (Shirt was not my idea)
Brooklynn Connell
Brooklynn Connell Month ago
I love how positive they are about everything! Also a question for Katie how do you where a mask it seems like it would be super painful😖 it’s not to be rude or anything like that I love you guys it’s just a legitimate question I have💖
okiedokie Month ago
Leave me alone nowww
okiedokie Month ago
Stop ur annoying
Prima Rivera
Prima Rivera Month ago
There’s going to be a lot of lap dancing at the wedding
Mienke De Villiers
Mienke De Villiers Month ago
The "I used to get punched in the face" part😂
Casey Marie Daniels
Casey Marie Daniels Month ago
I saw your nose in the thumbnail about why me and Josh are not sleeping together!!!! It looks so cute Katie!!!!
mira Month ago
Angelic’s Place
Angelic’s Place Month ago
blessings to you both
Angelic’s Place
Angelic’s Place Month ago
cuties 😍
Lexi Hicks
Lexi Hicks Month ago
Katie get better your nose is going to look great
Gianna Rivers
Gianna Rivers Month ago
I love you guys and youre fighters and i know youll make it through
Moosicle Month ago
why does everything have to be for vip j80 club :( no offense but i cant pay 9.99 im broke :(
Anna Brooks
Anna Brooks Month ago
If josh could stand at the wedding he should definitely do it as a surprise to Katie! This is someone else’s idea
Ashley kay
Ashley kay Month ago
Aw i wish i was VIP :(
Aðalheiður Ágústa Sigurjónsdóttir
Aðalheiður Ágústa Sigurjónsdóttir Month ago
You should dance to the song a million years
Annie Bell
Annie Bell Month ago
Nooooo. I'm so sad Joshy b has to get surgery, R.I.P Joshua..🥺🥺
Heidi McGuire
Heidi McGuire Month ago
Snow Kostenko
Snow Kostenko Month ago
I love you guys so much y’all make me happy happy 😊
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne Month ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Lily Hayes
Lily Hayes Month ago
katie you should do a prank on josh,dallin and bella.Everytime Dallin calls Bella babe you should answer and be like oh sorry you sounded like josh lol. i just came up with this.
Monica Maiato
Monica Maiato Month ago
we are strong together jatiey fam lets go you guys got this
Kaitlyn Martin
Kaitlyn Martin Month ago
all of their videos aren't real anymore
Bryan Marcial-Gaytan
Bryan Marcial-Gaytan Month ago
That the same what happen to socksfor1
1234Silas V7
1234Silas V7 Month ago
So is he not gonna walk anymore
XxReese_CupsCandyxX Month ago
Awee I’ll pray for y’all
Danelle Kruger
Danelle Kruger Month ago
May I ask why you guys don't postpone the wedding for only a few weeks so that both of you could recover completely and have a great experience? btw love u guys!!!!!!!!!
Madilyn Soukup
Madilyn Soukup Month ago
Josh and katie all emotional at the wedding. Josh: I love u. Katie: Swerve! Everyone else: Wheezing laughing....
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson Month ago
U r an inspiration to everyone u push through the day no matter how tough it is and will fight through this love u guys so much been here since day 1 and no regrets there ❤️
Daniela Ambriz
Daniela Ambriz Month ago
I was laughing so hard when she said “At least I can can walk up to you “😂😂
Bob Weerdick
Bob Weerdick Month ago
Your a terrible couple
Summer Queen
Summer Queen Month ago
Talk about someone trying to get attention
Bob Weerdick
Bob Weerdick Month ago
You guys should not be getting married
Bob Weerdick
Bob Weerdick Month ago
I saw them in public and I saw josh hit katie
Daniela Ambriz
Daniela Ambriz Month ago
Katie you are glowing today☺️
Bob Weerdick
Bob Weerdick Month ago
I saw them in prolix and I saw josh hit katie
Bob Weerdick
Bob Weerdick Month ago
Katie is ugly with that cast on. It’s like my guts are telling me that josh beats katie
adventuring with the MCs
adventuring with the MCs Month ago
𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕕𝕚𝕕 𝕚𝕥 𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕟
Jacquelyn Jamison
Jacquelyn Jamison Month ago
Omg I was gone for 1 month and you guys are literally broken LOL 😂
tasha yasmin
tasha yasmin Month ago
I’ve felt like they’ve been married for like months now
Dana Dahcheh
Dana Dahcheh Month ago
DAY 65 of asking them to do notification shout outs like if u agree and so they can see also hope u both have speedy recoveries
yashvini vasi
yashvini vasi Month ago
You guys have to walk the wedding 💒 p Ssssssss
Payton Adams
Payton Adams Month ago
Y’all are such good couple pls post a video of y’all wedding 👰 love y’all been watching y’all sense I was five
Michelle La Grandeur
Michelle La Grandeur Month ago
I really like that painting, where did you guys get it?
Bradley June
Bradley June Month ago
dirt road by kidd g or anysong by him
Jaclyn Sura
Jaclyn Sura Month ago
Also they said katie can't miss him at the wedding Soo....... that means it's soon!!!!!!!!!! bc I don't think nose jobs recover fast😖 sorry katie
Jaclyn Sura
Jaclyn Sura Month ago
I wish they would show us the nose job on a normal video bc I don't know how to join vip 😭
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Month ago
Love y’all
ilmars kalejs
ilmars kalejs Month ago
it my birthday on thursday i will be 13
Sevdenur Tapan
Sevdenur Tapan Month ago
Can you add Turkish subtitles to your videos?
Sevdenur Tapan
Sevdenur Tapan Month ago
Can you add Turkish subtitles to your videos?
Tessa Van broek
Tessa Van broek Month ago
Kan je pleasss zeggen wat het liedje in de intro/outro is, ik wil hem heel graag hebben
Amanda Springer
Amanda Springer Month ago
I love you guys 🥰 I pray that y’all both get healed QUICK & josh is able to walk asap and he has a safe surgery and safe recovery!!!!! I pray everything goes good for Katie also when she gets the cast off and I bet it’s gonna look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 🧡🧡 good vibes onlyyy
Nellie Porter
Nellie Porter Month ago
They should use a Why Don't We songggggggg
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