Taking Care Of My Fiance For 24 Hours.. *2 Broken Ankles*

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Month ago

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Declan Brown
Declan Brown Day ago
Not both of his ankles just on one spot he broke into different spots total interest and disintegrated part of the bone
Jingle Bops E
Jingle Bops E 3 days ago
Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon 6 days ago
Hold it for me babe 😂😂
Mallory Malon
Mallory Malon 6 days ago
I just pray that not only his ankle gets better but his spirit. I know that this is a really hard time for you both and i can not imagine what you are going through and i just pray that it all turns out for y'all. #jatie
Dalton Henderson
Dalton Henderson 7 days ago
He is to muscular that’s the problem that’s why it hurts he’s like muscle a million
Carla May
Carla May 8 days ago
I hope that you are OK
Brittany Rayner
Brittany Rayner 12 days ago
Pray for him and I have had stitches in my foot
Karolina Kolasa
Karolina Kolasa 12 days ago
are you guys together or no just wondering did you guys get divorced yet just wondering cuz some of the youtubers i watch are divorced
Karolina Kolasa
Karolina Kolasa 12 days ago
is he still like not able to walk or he is
Koros 13 days ago
He could need surgery if he keeps walking on his broken bones!!! Hope you heal well man
Harold Brow
Harold Brow 15 days ago
Josh I will pray for you I hope you feel better soon 🥰🥰🥰😍😍
glossy chqrz
glossy chqrz 16 days ago
💖you guys are adorable together🥺
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro 17 days ago
I'm sure you'll be able to limp to the altar when the time comes.
Shaughna Crew!
Shaughna Crew! 17 days ago
I didn’t leave you I had to leave you Makes sense Katie
Matt LeQuire
Matt LeQuire 17 days ago
Bruh Ik how it feels when you have one ankle broke I can't imagine 2 I have 2 rods n 4 pins in my right ankle from jumpin my dirt bike 5or6 years ago...
Muzz A
Muzz A 17 days ago
the fact that Josh is still happy and is getting through this is amazing we love you so much and really hope you will get better soon. love you so muchxxxx :)❤💖🌹💋💕😍❤ you are strong and you can get through this no matter what. stay strong and never give up. we love you so much💕💖💖xxxxx
Savannah Boothe
Savannah Boothe 20 days ago
Can a disseminated ligament heal?
kiara geland
kiara geland 21 day ago
One like equals one pray
Isabella Mendoza
Isabella Mendoza 22 days ago
I though this was a prank for a sec...
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 23 days ago
Bro let people help you for real
timothy li
timothy li 25 days ago
My ankles are tingling while watching this
TRENA KALLINEN 25 days ago
I hope Josh Gets Well! Hope get gets a wick recovery!
Craig Handley
Craig Handley 25 days ago
Tracy Stanton
Tracy Stanton 26 days ago
😍we love you josh hopefully 🙏🏻 you feel better 😘 we love you Katie to love you
Saundra Love
Saundra Love 26 days ago
That’s terrible what happened but I’m praying and he is going to get through this stay strong Josh you will get through this
Ocean lights
Ocean lights 27 days ago
He should of been using a desk chair with wheels to push himself around the house lol
Sorina Clowers
Sorina Clowers 28 days ago
Ive broken both my nees and i hope his tirned out like mine
Brynlee and Addy
Brynlee and Addy 28 days ago
Praying for joshy b
Lureesa Hollis
Lureesa Hollis 29 days ago
I'm praying for Josh and katie
FUN Bella! Bella’s FUN Ideas!
FUN Bella! Bella’s FUN Ideas! 29 days ago
Yall divorcing?
Anonymous Month ago
Praying for you Josh❤
Alicia Martinez
Alicia Martinez Month ago
Props to Dallen and Bella for being there for their friends 👏
Josh is a true Savage 🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥 "Hold it for me babe" 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Fairey
Jessica Fairey Month ago
My brother was a motorcycles but he had to sell them because he broke his legs and arms and cracked his skull so you are lucky that you didn’t have really serious injuries 😭😭
Eunice Baldovino
Eunice Baldovino Month ago
AWH I actually broke my right ankle so I know what it feels like to always have support but he broke both makes me super sad🙁 JATIE FAM LOVES YOOOUUU
Jason Crider
Jason Crider Month ago
I think it’s gods way telling him slow down
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
aww hes so sad🥺
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Month ago
Hope you heal quick Josh 😊
Paula Samuelson
Paula Samuelson Month ago
Oh man. That's terrible Josh. I know the pain you are going through. I am 68 yrs old. On Thanksgiving I fell and broke my hip and fractured my femur. Its been almost 2 months and I am struggling terribly. One days good then I'm down for a couple days. Wish you could rent a wheele chair, I feel so bad for you. May the Lord give you strength and comfort in your time of recovery 🙏
Jake Moser
Jake Moser Month ago
It ain't end of the world man, the boy is a survivor. He's gonna be just fine, relax.
Hen Ku
Hen Ku Month ago
That so cute 🥰 you are the best girlfriend
Maggie Gallagher
Maggie Gallagher Month ago
I just broke my foot in like 50 places and my doctor is freaking me out so I have simpathy for you also I tore a ligament in my arm and I did that by walking up the stair but I didn’t fall just tripped
Maria Knoblaugh
Maria Knoblaugh Month ago
Praying he can stand at the wedding. Hang in there Joshy B.
Mari Fobbs
Mari Fobbs Month ago
Aww poor josh
#¿?DìñøMįłk Month ago
Joshy B can get married in a wheelchair 🥺
Art Guitars N' Country Life
Art Guitars N' Country Life Month ago
I’m surprised they didn’t give Josh a wheelchair too. It makes no sense why they didn’t... You guys could get a power chair which would be easier on him. My boyfriend is just as stubborn. Good luck Josh you got this!💜Katie good luck lol💜
Sherri Joyce
Sherri Joyce Month ago
Katie really wants the last name brueckner for some reason
Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis Month ago
It would be so cute if he surprised her at there wedding that they could stand🥺🥺
SSAsian Month ago
When is the wedding?
Guyanne Kazarian
Guyanne Kazarian Month ago
It was funny seeing Katie run around and helping him and I hope we can stay at the wedding wish the best of luck to you both
Josh Meier
Josh Meier Month ago
Love you Josh
Danii B
Danii B Month ago
Your dog is probably very concerned about Josh as well there senses are stronger then ours so he knows.
Addy Rinker
Addy Rinker Month ago
Why did they not give him a wheelchair
Chris Shults
Chris Shults Month ago
Josh if you want to continue to ride dirt bike maybe you should think about getting a trainer alot more to it then getting on and riding
Sharlyn Ponce
Sharlyn Ponce Month ago
I wish this did not happen to you I wish I was there I will take care of you if I was take care
Caleb Hicks
Caleb Hicks Month ago
i prayed for him
Another Person
Another Person Month ago
Hope u okay. I have surgery on my knees soon. Wish me luck.
H I Month ago
Dear God, Please be with Katie while she takes care of Josh and more importantly please be with Josh in his time of pain. We pray that you bring him happinesses and positive thoughts. Please protect Josh. If he makes the choice to get back into dirt biking please send angels down to protect him. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen ❤️
A Ballard
A Ballard Month ago
That room is meant for yall
Mia Cardillo
Mia Cardillo Month ago
Can we talk about how Bella and Dallin are such good friends 😢
Lauren Hearl
Lauren Hearl Month ago
We love you Jatie and are praying for you ❤️❤️❤️
Grace Plays
Grace Plays Month ago
He needs a weelchair
Rebecca Hedges
Rebecca Hedges Month ago
Omg I've fractured my ankle before and I'm only 8 but life broken 3 other bones aswell!
Isabelle Month ago
Sending Josh motivation and get well wishes!!! If you can over come this Josh you can over come anything.
Charmaines World
Charmaines World Month ago
I hope u get better❤️BTW I broke my leg and it took 10 weeks to heal
Rui Martins
Rui Martins Month ago
Why did they not give him a wheelchair like
Coolgamer 123
Coolgamer 123 Month ago
I love you Guy’s
Julianna Kay
Julianna Kay Month ago
Prayers are for josh
Drunk Dora
Drunk Dora Month ago
“Why are you watching your dad pee? That’s kinda weird.” -Katherine B 2021
Janel Drews
Janel Drews Month ago
I know how he feels when I dislocated my knee cap and sprained my CLM prayers for Josh
Liz DeLorey
Liz DeLorey Month ago
Praying for Josh B
Hash Videos
Hash Videos Month ago
its kinda funny but sad but i got stiches on that same very spot but it was annyoying to set my chin on my chest lol!!!
conover52 Month ago
I feel so so so so so so bad
John Cox Master Cartoonist
John Cox Master Cartoonist Month ago
Good news! The get well card is ready to go! Hopefully it'll be published by Friday.
Ella Crosby
Ella Crosby Month ago
James Rende
James Rende Month ago
Ayeee cutest couple out there. You got this guys. You both will get through this together. I hope you see my comments on a lot of your videos because I just want to make you guys feel happy and supported. Love you all!
Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach Month ago
I'm great with photoshop. I can make Josh stand on their wedding. Got your back Josh! 😁👍
MML.gatcha.creation c
MML.gatcha.creation c Month ago
But why crutches he needs a wheel chair
Christina Pagan
Christina Pagan Month ago
I pray for josh everyday even before i go to sleep and as soon as i wake up i hope you get better in heal and when i saw when he broke his legs i started to cry my eyes out god bless u and imma keep praying for u #prayforjosh #staystrongjosh
elliot patterson
elliot patterson Month ago
praying for josh
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Month ago
Skylar Dolphintalon
Skylar Dolphintalon Month ago
Omggggg i really really really hope tht he gets better
Miss.-.Sophi3 Month ago
Where is his wheel chair?
Lelize Gonzalez
Lelize Gonzalez Month ago
Prayers to you guys hope you and Josh find the strength to pull through this tough times ❤️❤️
Nevette Van Biljon
Nevette Van Biljon Month ago
Goodluck Joshy B! Hope you recover fully and quickly! All the love and prayers will be send your way!!
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Month ago
mea jackson
mea jackson Month ago
i prayed josh get weddll
K Squad
K Squad Month ago
Reply if u hate trying to press like and it dislikees Just me? Ok
Danielle Kramer
Danielle Kramer Month ago
Prayers for Josh!!! #TeamJosh
Josh Gamesjk
Josh Gamesjk Month ago
I feel ur pain just broke my ankle too from a ATV accident
Maleah Wood
Maleah Wood Month ago
Keira Rodermond
Keira Rodermond Month ago
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
Airyana Laker
Airyana Laker Month ago
Josh:" you left me" Katie: " I Didn't leave you" Josh: "you left me" JOSH IS SO ME WHEN MY BF LEAVES ME🤣🤣🤣
Ava Woodcook
Ava Woodcook Month ago
Kaija Nev
Kaija Nev Month ago
I love you guys and I am sending you love and prayers!
l Whitehouse
l Whitehouse Month ago
you will be ok
spy ninjas are the best yes
spy ninjas are the best yes Month ago
I pray for josh and he scard me when he fell off and tell him that ia he oh ok and tell him thwt to take his time
Live in USA
Live in USA Month ago
Get well soon Josh! You got it all!!!!
Cluster_Vlogs Month ago
He literally can’t walk god help him and treasure him
T M Month ago
😬 I’m surprised they want you to put any weight on that kind of break.. i feel like that would make it take longer to heal.. but I’m no doctor 👩‍⚕️ 🤷‍♀️lol Love y’all’s positivity.. Many prayers for a quick recovery!
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