What Really Happened At The Bachelor Party..

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12 days ago

What really happened at the bachelor party.. These videos are getting crazy!!
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Lawstidentity 4 hours ago
This video only confirmed one thing The pandemic is apparently over
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 2 days ago
Alex Be On Both Sides Like That's Ok Too😂
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 2 days ago
MacKenzie Parish
MacKenzie Parish 2 days ago
Dang The Guys Needed To Take It Down A Notch Lol😂
Camila Romero
Camila Romero 3 days ago
So jealous, I live in cali and things are still pretty bad here, so public places are not open :( hope this changes soon
Sivana Day ago
they shouldnt be doing this either. there putting so many people at risk
Emersyn Breland
Emersyn Breland 3 days ago
Damn. So many rude people yelling at Josh to not to get married bc his too young. So irritating 🥵. I got married at 19
Danielle Bennis
Danielle Bennis 4 days ago
poor alex lol!
Nevaeh Korczykowski
Nevaeh Korczykowski 5 days ago
Lmaoo the way Katie ran to himmmm!! So cute
Nina Sailor
Nina Sailor 5 days ago
Y’all should have done the coffin dance lmao
Joana Costa
Joana Costa 5 days ago
I guess corona is over🙃
Regular Human
Regular Human 5 days ago
I love y’all’s mask where did y’all get them?
Elayna Pitchford
Elayna Pitchford 4 days ago
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber 5 days ago
Dallin just telling everyone to bow down 🤣
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber 5 days ago
Him being carried around like that may be the GREATEST thing I have EVER SEEN😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Matthew Rakov
Matthew Rakov 5 days ago
Hi love u
Ali Tutton
Ali Tutton 5 days ago
josh and that other bride abouta dip and leave katie and her fiancé behind lmao
Joseph Carolan
Joseph Carolan 5 days ago
I don’t have a phone so maybe could I have a iPhone I’m on my moms
Joseph Carolan
Joseph Carolan 5 days ago
I love you guys
Joseph Carolan
Joseph Carolan 5 days ago
Baylee Holton
Baylee Holton 5 days ago
Love u all❤️
Maddi Newland
Maddi Newland 6 days ago
anybody remember corona??
Appleari 08
Appleari 08 6 days ago
Why wasn’t anyone wearing a mask? Like on the beach segment
Jillian Twigg
Jillian Twigg 6 days ago
Can NOT wait for your guys wedding
Derek Tremont
Derek Tremont 6 days ago
Bryn M
Bryn M 6 days ago
Josh on the throne was epic
Veronica Magallanes
Veronica Magallanes 6 days ago
Stop going on trips. Yeah you guys are getting married but we are living in a pandemic. Moving to Arizona has changed you for the worst In my opinion you don’t take precious. People are dying from this and you guys are just being selfish ass people. You can’t just go on trips whenever you want you guys don’t even war your mask like you supposed to so if your not gonna care of others then don’t go out If it’s not necessary. So instead of going on trips go educate yourself.
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole 6 days ago
Do you guy know how to wear masks?!?!
Jerome Vulgate
Jerome Vulgate 7 days ago
What’s title of the song for the Bachelor series?
Bye Sisters
Bye Sisters 7 days ago
seriously? no masks in the most POPULATED PLACE IN MIAMI
Elayna Pitchford
Elayna Pitchford 4 days ago
True dat very frustrating
tracy moran
tracy moran 7 days ago
I think they are going to make there “I do” so hype so they can have it like the “ she said yes” lol
Jeni Fauser
Jeni Fauser 7 days ago
King josh love the vid team girl
Laizey Vlogs
Laizey Vlogs 7 days ago
Hope you guys had fun! Happy marriage/ bachelor and bachelorette party
Amberly Jaramillo
Amberly Jaramillo 7 days ago
And even in their bachelor/ bachelorette party they still managed to turn it into a prank war
Katelyn Phillips
Katelyn Phillips 7 days ago
big fan of y’all! I was in Miami at the same time and seen you on that thing😂😂❤️❤️
beautybyshalaya 7 days ago
This is great content 😂
Chinu Jaglan
Chinu Jaglan 7 days ago
Gamer Khia
Gamer Khia 7 days ago
Katie need to wrap josh in bubble wrap to keep him safe from himself bc he is so crazy he is always hurting himself
Joslyn 7 days ago
I am so confused how where those people on the beach with you
Bailey O'Bryan
Bailey O'Bryan 8 days ago
The “hitting his neck” isn’t sitting right with me.. dead ass a hickey. anyone else?
Grace Hengsteler
Grace Hengsteler 4 days ago
same i was thinking the same thing
Shoot The shoot
Shoot The shoot 8 days ago
I'm not being rude or weird when I say this, but I truly hope you guys got tested for covid before the trip. I'm pretty sure you have to show proof that you tested negative to check into a hotel. Please address this in one of your next videos so people don't get the wrong idea that you were being careless or nonchalant.
Annabelle Ramos
Annabelle Ramos 8 days ago
Hi Jatie I just wanted to say yall make me feel so loved and happy and i am so excited for yalls wedding, josh i am praying for you
grace Kowitch
grace Kowitch 8 days ago
Living the hype💥💥💥💥💥💥😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😅😅!!!!!!!!! Having too much fun
grace Kowitch
grace Kowitch 8 days ago
What the heck!!!!!! Celebrating the king of being married, how Fun😀😀😀🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
B v b b l y m i i l k
B v b b l y m i i l k 8 days ago
Emily Laskowski
Emily Laskowski 8 days ago
Okay I'm from Michigan!! We have a lot of covid cases here, but our Governor, who is Democrat, told us that we should wear a mask inside a place with a bunch of people. She told us if we are outside we don't have to wear a mask because we need some fresh air. So as I seen in this video thats exactly what they were doing.
Iris Jackson
Iris Jackson 8 days ago
when josh is in thew chair and the girl zooms in. lol
Always Reagan
Always Reagan 8 days ago
Is the chair stable cause imagine if he fell off 😳
Izzy_2007 8 days ago
Oh is the pandemic over?
Alexis Roach
Alexis Roach 8 days ago
The amount of people not wearing masks makes me VERY uncomfortable... Before anyone says that Covid isnt real, please stfu I've almost lost 3 of my family members and I did lose one not to covid but we havent been able to have a service for him because it's not safe so it really bothers me when people are going on vacations and things, gathering in big groups, not wearing masks. If you stay home now, you'll be able to do more of the cool, fun things in the future without getting people sick with a virus that could slowly and painfully kill them. Please and thank you.
samom onc
samom onc 8 days ago
💯 agree well spoken!! Couldn’t agree with you more. We all need to do our part and follow the scientifically proven guidelines to stop the spread and be responsible during these times!
Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards 8 days ago
Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards 8 days ago
The throne tho! 😂😂
Katie Glass
Katie Glass 8 days ago
How was josh just walking normally in some parts
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton 8 days ago
loved this video
Chxrrybombb_ 9 days ago
what happened to your leg? well my fiancé pushed me down the stairs because i didn’t put the toilet seat down 😂😂😂
Tina Gallant
Tina Gallant 9 days ago
Josh the waitress is right way to young to be married
Shahad Khaled
Shahad Khaled 9 days ago
I died when the girls asked josh : what happened to your ankles ? Josh says : my fiancé pushed me down the stairs because I didn’t put the toilet seat down
Nia Johnson
Nia Johnson 9 days ago
The way he ate that frenchfry though...😫😶
Grant Hartmann
Grant Hartmann 9 days ago
Hold up hold up why is it that this kinda lit though
I feel like the boys are doing so much more than the girls lol
Arabella Super
Arabella Super 9 days ago
I wish I could have that much fun
Martin Darko
Martin Darko 9 days ago
Carolyn H.
Carolyn H. 9 days ago
that moment you realize it isn't Katie in the thumbnail
Martin Darko
Martin Darko 9 days ago
when i saw the intro i was like ok all of them are on drugs😭😂
Valérie Houle élève
Valérie Houle élève 9 days ago
break in prank on the girls
Valérie Houle élève
Valérie Houle élève 9 days ago
imagine they drop him noooooo
Stefanie Sanchez
Stefanie Sanchez 9 days ago
bruh am dead when she say it your bday no am getting marry you look yougn dont do it what she dose know his wife is a keeper
Carrie Whitson
Carrie Whitson 9 days ago
To be honest Katie's party is wayy wayy better
Olivia Walker xoxo
Olivia Walker xoxo 9 days ago
25 isn't too young my parents got married at 20 and 21 lol ilysm cant wait till you say I do ❤❤❤
Brett Klinge
Brett Klinge 9 days ago
The boys are going pirate mode
Gavin Sequeira
Gavin Sequeira 9 days ago
I fear no man but Dallin carrying you at night to punish you while everyone around yells TRAITOR scares me😳😨😱💀
Katie B
Katie B 9 days ago
Lol almost seems like the pandemic doesn’t exist? What?
Chloe Perez
Chloe Perez 9 days ago
Omg I live in Miami 🤯
teana 9 days ago
wait did the pandemic end
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 9 days ago
You guys got pranked good
Jrod22too 9 days ago
Does alex date keely from Preston playz?
Baby-Kay’s World
Baby-Kay’s World 9 days ago
I feel like josh taking a picture with those girls are kinda disrespectful
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 9 days ago
Taking pictures with fans Disrespect right?
gabriel lucas
gabriel lucas 9 days ago
its the not one person on that beach wearing a mask for me🥸
Julia Steffen
Julia Steffen 9 days ago
You guys should not be posting this on youtube. You made inappropriate drawings on the windows, you blew up condoms, y’all were drunk, and you were swearing and not wearing masks. You aren’t sending a good message out to all of your viewers and you have a lot of young viewers that shouldn’t be seeing this. I just think you should be more considerate about others and the content you are posting
Claire Fitzgerald
Claire Fitzgerald 9 days ago
They just pickin up all the ladies 😂
Shamira Gordon
Shamira Gordon 10 days ago
When are u two getting Married
Ambesiwe Tsotsi
Ambesiwe Tsotsi 10 days ago
Love it
Dhruvi Mehta
Dhruvi Mehta 10 days ago
No offence to Jatie I love them but the fact that no one is wearing a mask is lowkey annoying...
Jacqueline 10 days ago
I’m living for these epic vlogs ❤️😈✨
Larrissa Sheard
Larrissa Sheard 10 days ago
The boys lowkey having a hard time carrying josh lmaoo
Emerald Gilana
Emerald Gilana 10 days ago
the * chaos * HHAHAHAH
Lauren Metz
Lauren Metz 10 days ago
Low key find it cute as hell that during the group photo with the girls who were at the beach that josh only put his hand around the engaged one and had his other hand down instead of around the other girl. So cute
Just us 2
Just us 2 10 days ago
9:20 “follow me at JoshBrueckner” lol
Olivia Grell
Olivia Grell 10 days ago
I actually love the girls that had y’all carry the one girl bc she was gonna be married to like that was great!! 😂😂💕
Summer Bazan
Summer Bazan 10 days ago
omg i literally love this, it also makes me really like wow, how josh is acting fine with not being able to walk that whole time!!??🥺💗💔
Olivia Grell
Olivia Grell 10 days ago
Y’all got the best reaction ever to the king thing 😂😂😂
Just us 2
Just us 2 10 days ago
Ikr they found girls celebrating a bachelorette party that was cool and lucky
Julia Ruppersburg
Julia Ruppersburg 10 days ago
Tahira Devonshire
Tahira Devonshire 10 days ago
LMAO 😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel Knott
Daniel Knott 10 days ago
everyone knows if he wasn't married he would have slayed dal of dem on gawd.
Desiree Anne
Desiree Anne 10 days ago
Only thing that bothers me is no one was wearing a mask😕😕
RJDrago 10 days ago
I'd lowkey be scared to be carried around like that, lol, especially with the tipping!
aj Saturday Vlogs
aj Saturday Vlogs 10 days ago
Is it just me or not many people wearing mask
Naenae Yay
Naenae Yay 10 days ago
My mom got married at 19 years old
Jeannie Larocque
Jeannie Larocque 10 days ago
Covid is gone?
aj Saturday Vlogs
aj Saturday Vlogs 10 days ago
That how all 8 of us in my mom can are lol
Raynee Bruggeman
Raynee Bruggeman 10 days ago
I wonder if josh & Katie realize there audience is mostly 9-13 year olds this is way to sexual, mature basically just not meant for kids seriously the camera man was filming that dude almost having sex on tape. And no I’m not a Karen I’m 12 and I know that this is not meant for there young audience there basically selling sex to you guys. But at the end of the day it’s your choice I can’t control what you all watching just wanted to throw my opinion out there
Lilly Morris
Lilly Morris 10 days ago
them not wearing masks while going to the most populated places is killing me omg
Elayna Pitchford
Elayna Pitchford 4 days ago
Sarah Leibl
Sarah Leibl 9 days ago
same lmao
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