Falling Out of My Wheelchair Prank on Fiance!!

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Month ago

Didnt think id be filming a "falling out of my wheelchair prank on katie" until i was 90+ years of age lol. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.. Hope you enjoy, love you guys!
PROPOSAL VID: usposts.info/vision/ipy8qbCWfJOjf5k/video
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank: usposts.info/vision/jNm8yZLYsKl8jKo/video
Being PDA in front of our friends: usposts.info/vision/YrK2lqeVgKKAjsg/video
Being mean to my fiancé: usposts.info/vision/js6cuJu5eqykrpE/video

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Hey does anyone else see the dog drinking out of the water bottle at 5:49 seconds lol
Anne Boland
Anne Boland 3 days ago
Ur vids are amazing
Tim Kamradt
Tim Kamradt 6 days ago
josh should pass outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Zuri's Fun Review
Zuri's Fun Review 7 days ago
We need an adultsitter
Ocean Jones
Ocean Jones 7 days ago
i love you giyes
Ocean Jones
Ocean Jones 7 days ago
team katie
Ocean Jones
Ocean Jones 7 days ago
you are my faveret youtube
Lyndseys Equestrian Channel
Lyndseys Equestrian Channel 8 days ago
That was me and my friends we were hollering at u guys we love all of u guys
Cleo Lws
Cleo Lws 9 days ago
I don’t think this is very funny cause Katie was genuinely so worried
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 9 days ago
dont cry dont cry
angeline dmt
angeline dmt 9 days ago
AWWW "i can just lay here"
Patrick Arnold
Patrick Arnold 11 days ago
I just love how Katie acts like she’s never done that kind of prank of Josh before.
Alyssa Horner
Alyssa Horner 12 days ago
Is no one else gonna talk abt the fact that Dallin just straight up pickked Josh up like he was a feather-
꧁ Little Teà ꧂
꧁ Little Teà ꧂ 13 days ago
I'm sorry but I was watching this with cousin and cousin bursted out laughing when Falling picked up Josh and I asked him why is he laughing and told me something that also made me kinda giggle but still Players for Josh
horse girl
horse girl 15 days ago
josh:calls katie Katie :rushes home Topper:dad u ok Banks :What happened Me best prank ever😂
Angeldiane Ancheta
Angeldiane Ancheta 18 days ago
Why I'm laughing 😂
Madison R5770
Madison R5770 18 days ago
can you do a throw up prank on katie and bella
Jayda Jackson
Jayda Jackson 18 days ago
Even though it was prank it still kinda broke my heart to see Josh in “pain”
Genesis Diaz
Genesis Diaz 19 days ago
Everyone talking about josh Me: Damn My boy Dallin strong
cAiTlin COoNeY
cAiTlin COoNeY 20 days ago
This shit messed up Like wtf dude
Mara N.
Mara N. 23 days ago
Why is she on der phone whilst driving? Bella could have been holding the phone...
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 25 days ago
This was hilarious 😂
Micaela Bassi
Micaela Bassi 26 days ago
Love your videos but pleaaaaseee stop facetiming and driving its so dangerous
BraxyWolf 27 days ago
Wolfie boi is best boi wolfie boi is best boi boi boib obi boib boib boi boi boi boi boi
BraxyWolf 27 days ago
The dog found the camera lol 5:36
BraxyWolf 27 days ago
Charloctopus T
Charloctopus T 27 days ago
I feel so bad for josh even tho it’s a prank he’s still in pain
Desirae Lapread
Desirae Lapread 28 days ago
Wow team Jatie 🙏🙏🙏🙏for josh
Judith Hosler
Judith Hosler Month ago
Dallen picks Josh up like he is a feather
Sage_o.O Month ago
Katie personality is wifey material
Lucky Shamrock
Lucky Shamrock Month ago
Everyone post Dirtbike: Why this dude hurt so bad? Everyone Before the dirtbike: *Sees title and freaks out* Josh what are you doing?? Your gonna give Katie a heart attack...
nalani Richard's love youtube couples
nalani Richard's love youtube couples Month ago
Josh you should have but water on you pants and said you were going to the bathroom and fell and peed yourself bc you couldn't get up
Paige Frampton
Paige Frampton Month ago
🔥PRANK IDEA FOR BELLA!!!!!!!!!! 🔥 Do you think she should do it?? ❤AND FOR KATIE WHEN JOSH (AND KATIE) GET BETTER❤ Bella! When Dallin is gone or outside or something you should pretend Banks bit you. You could make it look like a bite mark on your arm or something if you want. But, when Dallin comes back you should act really nervous around Banks and try to hide the bite mark from Dallin because you are afraid that he will want to get rid of him! #DellaFam #Team Kella #JatieFam
Colton Peterson
Colton Peterson Month ago
Yo do u live in NC?
Wavy Productions.
Wavy Productions. 20 days ago
No AZ right now but they switch from AZ to Michigan
Kim Bonarski
Kim Bonarski Month ago
Josh-yay wedding dress tomorrow Katie-NOT FOR YOU Josh-p•••••
Cloudy Skies
Cloudy Skies Month ago
me being happy cause his shirt says north carolina 😄😅
PoLaR _Olko
PoLaR _Olko Month ago
Film more pranks it was great 🥺🥺
layla Figueroa
layla Figueroa Month ago
😂😂😂😂 thank you have a good day 🤣🤣🤣
Kourtney Vigue
Kourtney Vigue Month ago
One of the best Jatie videos yet!!!
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Month ago
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
Josh still pulling savage pranks out here
Vivi Gamers
Vivi Gamers Month ago
I love how the dogs are even concerned about his man ❤️💫💫
Bianca Barber
Bianca Barber Month ago
Team Josh!, still pranking while injured low key savage!
Alicia Chase
Alicia Chase Month ago
Everyone:watching katie confirt josh Me:watching topper drink all joshs water Also everyone:still watching Me:does that dog have water of his own!? (no hwte love yall❤️)
Fernanda Barranco
Fernanda Barranco Month ago
6:44 josh looking at himself floating off the ground 😭
InMyHead Month ago
The way Dallin grabbed Josh’s shirt before he fell over a second time in the chair... 😆💀 Don’t scare them like this Josh, lol.
Carol Eden
Carol Eden Month ago
I good nvrmind
Carol Eden
Carol Eden Month ago
Since when was he in a wheelchair?! I ain’t caught up
Cora Pratt
Cora Pratt Month ago
Katie ran faster than the FLASH 😳, but like the AUDACITY this dude has I-
Jessica Mielnicki
Jessica Mielnicki Month ago
Bella is a real one she came running to help
Layla Daisy Everly
Layla Daisy Everly Month ago
Katie: runs to see if josh is ok Bella: sees if the wheelchair is ok
Kendall Fall
Kendall Fall Month ago
ok i might be on team josh now haha
Fernanda Barranco
Fernanda Barranco Month ago
I’ve always been cause he’s such a great person
Kendall Fall
Kendall Fall Month ago
wow just wow that is the best
༺Kiki The Golden Cheetah༻
༺Kiki The Golden Cheetah༻ Month ago
wheres the intro ....
asami salami
asami salami Month ago
I love topper and banks
Today With JUNI
Today With JUNI Month ago
Just the way that Katie and Bella ran to him 🥺🥺 And applause goes to the puppy’s as well 😘😘
Cherry’s Forever
Cherry’s Forever Month ago
This prank was savage but so sad if he did fall
Vladick Helms
Vladick Helms Month ago
I would have been on crutches, not a wheelchair. I caan use crutches with 2 broken legs (Its happended before)
Raja Izzati Raja Aziz
Raja Izzati Raja Aziz Month ago
I stopped watching jatie like a year ago and I came back and like wow katie is glowing, she looks so bubbly and happy 😍
Natahni Anderson
Natahni Anderson Month ago
lol this funny af
Eden Walsh
Eden Walsh Month ago
M&M Vlog
M&M Vlog Month ago
yall dont needa be doing pranks yall both hurting..
Boba Squad
Boba Squad Month ago
Katie:does a prank Josh:I will not stand this Josh:pranks Katie like 2 times Katie:😫
Sophie Grimm
Sophie Grimm Month ago
Josh is sitting in a wheelchair with broken everything....yet he's still pulling off the coolest pranks ever 😎 😂
Sj Squad
Sj Squad Month ago
Love You guys Hope you feel better josh❤❤❤❤
Eva East
Eva East Month ago
I can just lay here 😂
CDE CDE Month ago
It was so funny I cried
Manny Rud
Manny Rud Month ago
Dillion hand are huge
Chalotte Trefusis
Chalotte Trefusis Month ago
why has he got something on both feet
River Meadow Horse Girl
River Meadow Horse Girl Month ago
Katie and Josh always have the best cutest reaction
Emma Thomas
Emma Thomas Month ago
Gonna test positive for some random reason? Hm maybe because you clearly don’t care about the virus. Wouldn’t be surprised if they got sick
Ayushi Vohra
Ayushi Vohra Month ago
What do you mean???
Emiliano PC2021
Emiliano PC2021 Month ago
The dogs dashed to josh lol
Alexia Nagle
Alexia Nagle Month ago
Alannah Cullen
Alannah Cullen Month ago
Any1 watching this on jan 19th 👉👉
Ben Glass
Ben Glass Month ago
IM SUCH A BIG FANNN, but I haven’t been good. Ngl I haven’t been keeping up. WHAT HAPPENED
Oliver Powell
Oliver Powell Month ago
How do you get down the stairs
Josh Muldowney
Josh Muldowney Month ago
When she yelled stop stop stop she was doing yelling it as fast and eminem
Alisha Gallagher
Alisha Gallagher Month ago
Taylor House
Taylor House Month ago
i wacth the prank 100 times
Morgan Rosenthal
Morgan Rosenthal Month ago
who else just watching the dogs like when one of them liking the water bottle
Aiden Scott
Aiden Scott Month ago
It’s funny that Katie said to Josh your grounded but he’s already grounded
Lucca Houle
Lucca Houle Month ago
At 5: 37 did no one noticed topper drank out of the jatie jug
Patricia Deller
Patricia Deller Month ago
Hes so obnoxious.
Daisy Doodles
Daisy Doodles Month ago
O love how dalin didnt leave the dogs to overheat in the car
Cyla Wilkins
Cyla Wilkins Month ago
Did anyone else see the dog licking the water bottle 😭😭😂😂
Jake D'Orazio
Jake D'Orazio Month ago
this is Jake D'orazio and I feel bad for you Josh ps I know your friend from high school My cousin Julia nackman and I follow you on instgram
Cupcake Star
Cupcake Star Month ago
Joy Mason
Joy Mason Month ago
uhhh can we talk about Dallin's show of absolute brute strength
Aesthetic Crossing
Aesthetic Crossing Month ago
Idea for Josh: change the channel name to "josh breuckner" to see how katie reacts! tell her you are the reason for the popularity of your channel! Like and copy and paste so josh sees! I dont care if u credit me I just want Josh to do this prank so bad XD
eila rothman
eila rothman Month ago
okay but what happened to their intro with the cute lil videos and stuff
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Month ago
So funny
Sagal Said
Sagal Said Month ago
Lowkey funny
adcrella Month ago
they are such good friends for each other its like family i love that
billy bob
billy bob Month ago
katie: omg are u ok, like i don’t think he can be hurt anymore he’s already broken😂😂😂
Aaliyah's World
Aaliyah's World Month ago
Katie,Josh,Bella,Dallen: Are you ok what happend? The dogs: *fighting*
Isabelle Shawcross
Isabelle Shawcross Month ago
That’s a true friend ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Robert aulisio
Robert aulisio Month ago
𝑷𝒐𝒐𝒓 𝒌𝒂𝒊𝒕𝒆
Robert aulisio
Robert aulisio Month ago
𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒓𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕
Tasha Child
Tasha Child Month ago
Don’t do that to me plz lol it was so funny
Kirra Skeers
Kirra Skeers Month ago
You just see dalin in the background of the phone with the camera. And Josh trying to give him a signal 😂😂
Sandra Playz
Sandra Playz Month ago
Dallin is a true one can't believe he carried him to the wheelchair
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