Will He Be Able To Walk At The Wedding? *EMOTIONAL*

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Month ago

Will he be able to walk at the wedding.. The big question you guys asked. We answer that in todays video and it gets a little emotioinal! Love you guys, thanks for all the support recently!
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Marnee Bene
Marnee Bene Day ago
I"m crying every time I watched this. I feel .really sorry for josh and katie
Jaelyn Mouser
Jaelyn Mouser 2 days ago
Josh needs to only see her when she walks down the isle, Brooo that's the most special part of tge whole wedding
Ashley Zillman
Ashley Zillman 6 days ago
when i saw them starting to cry i was hiding from my mom because i was crying...i feel so baddd im so sorry to both of u get better soon!!!!!!
janessa mellroy
janessa mellroy 8 days ago
omg she needs to stop interrupting him..
Liana Walker
Liana Walker 7 days ago
In other vids she mentioned that she does not mean to. Also in this video it talks about how sad he was and when people are sad they don’t want to talk as much.
Yaslen Lozada Vasquez
Yaslen Lozada Vasquez 9 days ago
I Hope You Feel Better Josh
Isabella#_ 1
Isabella#_ 1 10 days ago
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry Josh you’ll be ok
Seini Saumitamana
Seini Saumitamana 12 days ago
Bula, To bad that we have boarder closed. Here in Fiji there's a Fijian Man who massages broken bones back to normal. Anyways you will walk on your wedding in Jesus Name. God bless you Josh and katie❤
Makayla101 19 days ago
See now why can't he sky dive dirt bike or box anymore he will get better and he will do it it again because he is a Savage but I wish josh you can do it again she belive in your self.😪😪😪
Callie Lawler
Callie Lawler 19 days ago
Y’all going to make me cry
Mia Caulfield
Mia Caulfield 20 days ago
What I just realised is Josh pranked Katie a while ago saying he crashed and hurt his leg, he knocked on wood so he didn’t just break one a clue he broke two. He’s just to lot to go easy! 🥺
Nhikka Pagayonan
Nhikka Pagayonan 20 days ago
When Katie said "he's my person" suddenly my thoughts went to Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang 🥺💖
itsKaraElizabeth 21 day ago
180. 1. 80.
Bailey McClendon
Bailey McClendon 23 days ago
Nooo first look the first time he is suppose to see you is when you walk down the aisle, it’s one of the things a wedding is all about to me First look is for dad
anayah ahmed
anayah ahmed 25 days ago
if the wedding goes ahead will u be filming it
Jelaya's Channel
Jelaya's Channel 28 days ago
You're gonna walk dude
Alison Fox
Alison Fox 29 days ago
My prayers go out to you guys
Jane L
Jane L 29 days ago
When are you getting married!?!?!? Me Happy for you guys (besides Joshes TWO broken ankles) 👇🏻
Alexandra 123
Alexandra 123 29 days ago
Katie needs to listen to josh when he speaks. She keeps butting in.
Tessa Vivian
Tessa Vivian Month ago
Feel like Katie kinda doesn’t let josh talk and every time he goes to talk she talks over him haven’t noticed that before maybe it’s just me I love them both to pieces so don’t come at me
Jessica Bell
Jessica Bell Month ago
When Katie’s voice cracks both times as she’s talking about josh smiling... it breaks my heart 😭
Dahnay Kruger
Dahnay Kruger Month ago
Yes he will 😇🌸🙈🙈
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Month ago
You’re going to be a-okay Josh 👍😊
jatie fanpadge
jatie fanpadge Month ago
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
im not crying u are🥺
Samantha Donson
Samantha Donson Month ago
Wait until you walk down the aisle to see him for the first time. The anticipation makes it so worth the wait ❤️
Elizabeth Conner-Myers
Elizabeth Conner-Myers Month ago
Don't cry don't cry don't cry
brooklyn goode
brooklyn goode Month ago
ok pleasee stop crying bc when yall cry i cry with yall
Stephanie Mikesell
Stephanie Mikesell Month ago
Such a beautiful couple!❤💍 ...Walking or no Walking in the wedding at this point doesn't matter because yall have each other! And yall will do great things in your future!👑💎 Stay strong💪 and beautiful 🌸 Love yall!!❤🙏🍾🎉
hifsa akbar
hifsa akbar Month ago
seriously i pray for you every day inshallah you will be again walking on your legs and pranking kattie
Anita Balyan
Anita Balyan Month ago
who else does the knock on wood thingy?!
Kayla Henry
Kayla Henry Month ago
I torn my ACL and relearning how to walk sucks but y’all will get through it! Life just had hit hard this past year and maybe the rest of 2021 will be a banger 🤘🤘
MaytteVlogz Month ago
Ashley Shields
Ashley Shields Month ago
Please don’t do a first look! it’s much more special if you see her coming down the aisle for the first time rather than seeing her before she walks down the aisle
Alaiah Hinton
Alaiah Hinton Month ago
I’m so sorry
Kathleen Adriaensen
Kathleen Adriaensen Month ago
Geez. I thought the whole having volunteer surgery to fix your " nothing wrong with " noses was unreal, just as I was about to move forward to get off your site I see this. So you break both ankles, one so bad may not walk but surely will be a injury you will pay for as you get older which happens to us all, but then to go ahead with having your perfect noses broken under general anaesthetic which in itself is dangerous for what I say again...your own VANITY. Makes you both look so shallow. Let's see down the road when shit starts to happen, such as babies if you dont mind spending your money on them instead of you, for the one having them let's hope your guy still loved the way u look after stretch Mark's happen on your perfect stomach and breast, never mind your breasts. You both have everything handed to you by the Good Grace of God Blessing you with strong healthy body's and you know you look ok as well but you keep tempting and NOT being grateful for what you both were born with. Sorry just cant handle seeing this as I put in post regarding your nose jobs, while I lay in my hospital bed with a feeding tube surgically put in to keep me alive when I dont know if it's what I really want to do given my very poor state so people will say not my business but it is when u make your private life very public. 😷🥺😰😥😢💔.
Kortney-Anne Cox
Kortney-Anne Cox Month ago
They cry I cry ... I am still crying over 30 mins ltr
Paulina Z
Paulina Z Month ago
When Katie and Josh started crying Me: Don't cry don't cry don't cry...
Miranda Burgess
Miranda Burgess Month ago
I feel you buddy I have broken my ankle when my gramma passaway.
Challenge Channel
Challenge Channel Month ago
I think the first should just be included in the wedding video:) I love u guys!💕
Lexie Mitchell
Lexie Mitchell Month ago
Them talking about his ankles snapping Me- cringing sooo hard
Josh i really hope you feel better and i am praying to god to help you get better. Just remember that god is always with you and he will make you better you just have to trust him. Like you always say stay positive i tell my self that a lot and i will always think of you. Stay positive you are going to walk at your wedding and you will have a blast with your soon to be wife. I believe in you and you will get better. I love you Joshy B ❤️
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez Month ago
🤗😇Me very protective over friends and even more protective over family and you say we are family.....* clears throat* *clears throat more*.... BOY YOU BETTER STOP OK YOU GANNA GET BETTER OK YOU ARE FINE WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YALL!!😇🤗
Hannah Massey
Hannah Massey Month ago
Me: don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry😖
nader tot
nader tot Month ago
am i the only one that sees josh pinching himself so he wont cry
Amelia De Abreu
Amelia De Abreu Month ago
Why she keep interupting him -.-
anotemyer Month ago
Katie: LET YOUR MAN TALK. LOL. you talked over him this whole video lol
Parker Lutman
Parker Lutman Month ago
Ara Nova Doucette
Ara Nova Doucette Month ago
Bro , broke both my elbows last year . It’s extremely painful , still have issues with them . Hope ur ankles heal fast.
Delaney Cowan
Delaney Cowan Month ago
why are they doing all this stuff in the middle of a pandemic like uhhh
lqvinkath Month ago
@Kathleen Adriaensen agree but they said COVID will push it back..: and people plan wedding 1 or more years before they have it.. they didn’t know COVID would happen or it would go this long.. also he can’t control breaking his bones and getting surgery... so yes sometimes we need to think but also think about their situation... they can’t just cancel a wedding.. their is so much planning that goes into it that takes so long...
Kathleen Adriaensen
Kathleen Adriaensen Month ago
RIGHT! BLOWS MY MIND AS I LAY IN HOSPITAL 2 Weeks and counting, already mentioned in 2 posts, 1 about nose jobs. Both need to have a real good look at real life were getting sick and breaking bones etc are done or happen due to life beyond your control. Young and not thinking with 2 Brains given to them. But agree, COVID , and it's very real and very lonely. If he ends up in hospital to repair damage which he will as no fix for that kind of break only surgery's, and you cannot have ANY FAMILY, FRIENDS plus new wife in to visit you and the days get very long and very lonely. You both need a reality check.
hope sargent
hope sargent Month ago
ok i love both of them sm. but katie, girl. i swear ur always interrupting and cutting off josh. just let him talk💀😭
I’m to cool for school
I’m to cool for school Month ago
Why mom broke her ankle
Grace Flusche
Grace Flusche Month ago
Hope, you are feeling better. Your in are prayers. 🙏
Itzel Carrera
Itzel Carrera Month ago
This is so true. You don't realize what you have until you lost it or could have lost it. I'm legally blind but I wasn't born like this until maybe when I was 17 or 18. I just started my adulthood you can say lol but no one might think that their sight is a gift that God gave you and let you keep I am grateful that I can at least see somewhat I'm so happy that is Josh is alright.
Lava Lily
Lava Lily Month ago
You have got this. You will be able to walk if you truly believe it I will Pray for you!
Jessie Brooks
Jessie Brooks Month ago
Katie: starts crying Josh: trust not to cry Me: dont cry dont cry dont cry (me crying)
Another Person
Another Person Month ago
Hope u okay!! :(
Lea Bertuzzi
Lea Bertuzzi Month ago
it's a sign from god to tell you not to get married lol
Kylie Mitchell
Kylie Mitchell Month ago
This hits too close to home 😣 My dad just got in a car crash and broke his arm and might have torn a tendon and has a lot of bruises 😭😭
Jessika Ponce
Jessika Ponce Month ago
I feel like katie should do a "first look" with her dad and josh should see her for the first time walking down the aisle it will he so much more genuine
Ishani Odedra
Ishani Odedra 14 days ago
Yesss I feel like if josh sees her walk down the aisle for the first time it will be more emotional rather than If he’s already seen it
Chanel Anne
Chanel Anne Month ago
You know what’s a good wedding idea.... to wash each other’s feet. I hear that you guys pray and lean on God. Like how Jesus washed the feet of so and so, you can wash each other’s feet during the ceremony... to serve each other thorough Marriage. I think that would be beautiful. Just an idea. :) def something I’m gonna do when I get married instead of the garder thing. Only cause I cringe at the thought of sexualizing my marriage in front of my family. Hope that all made sense.
Stephanie le Roux
Stephanie le Roux Month ago
Why are the intro at the end of the video? And goodluck to both you guys♥️
courtney stith
courtney stith Month ago
I’m crying
AJ Hagerman
AJ Hagerman Month ago
God Is in total control, Josh You are going to better than before, And you both have each other for support
Ayden Stringham
Ayden Stringham Month ago
Let's just call josh fraggle hahaha😄🤣
Lovely Jane Miranda
Lovely Jane Miranda Month ago
Get well soon Josh! 😇 Love u guys!
Princess Aj
Princess Aj Month ago
as soon as you guys started crying i started crying because when other people cry i start crying because i feel bad 🥺but feel better josh❤️
Piper Burink
Piper Burink Month ago
Estefany Bermudez
Estefany Bermudez Month ago
I hope he does 🙏
Emma Copeman
Emma Copeman Month ago
Josh:crying Katie:talking and crying Me:crying 😭😭
Tina Benčić
Tina Benčić Month ago
God can heal you. Give your life to Jesus, God is bigger than any injury. If you believe He can heal you, He will do it.
Rachelle Menges
Rachelle Menges Month ago
Like it ok am praying for you guys
Rachelle Menges
Rachelle Menges Month ago
Ashleigh Thomas
Ashleigh Thomas Month ago
We love you josh we are 🙏 for you you are really brave if you still Believe that you will heal
Myron Sangma
Myron Sangma Month ago
I hope you guys get better 🙏 love you guys ❤️❤️🇮🇳
Sarah Todi
Sarah Todi Month ago
My 6 year old daughter has a brittle bone disease and has broken the same “top bone” on your foot that you have. I know it sucks now, she has been in a wheel chair quite a few times now, but I know he’ll bounce back even faster than her. I also felt the ‘upset, frustrated, sad’ feelings but only because I know she wants to be a kid herself. Completely irrelevant to your situation but bones eventually heal, thankfully. ♥️
Noelle Keifer
Noelle Keifer Month ago
who else realized they used their intro at the end instead of pictures??????????
Tiktok Spotter
Tiktok Spotter Month ago
This is the number of people who is praying for josh
Noelle Keifer
Noelle Keifer Month ago
Are you going to get Topper a suite?!!!
Michelle m.m.bubblegum train Marck
Michelle m.m.bubblegum train Marck Month ago
I can only imagine what that must feel like I had a broken foot in the 4th grade the day right before the first day of school and I couldn't walk. I love the way that you guys see hardships and challenges as learning experiences. That's really inspiring.
jenna anshel
jenna anshel Month ago
Awee We love you guys and I’m praying for both of you and fast recovery for joshy and for Katie’s nose . You will be able to walk josh stay strong ❤️
Bailei Bailey
Bailei Bailey Month ago
Seeing josh cry is the worst thing ever.......💔
Caroline cantrell
Caroline cantrell Month ago
next thing you know Josh is gonna get in a car accident.That will be so bad.Hope you get better.LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!
Payton Reichert
Payton Reichert Month ago
He always be a savage don’t be average and he did his savage move by dirt biking and he is not average because mostly everyone can walk but he can’t this isn’t mean to be mean I just wanted to be nice so josh if you see this don’t take it the wrong way
Jayne Crown
Jayne Crown Month ago
I feel so bad 👎 😞
roblox girl
roblox girl Month ago
Your gonna be ok y'all been tho so much so we know your gonna be ok
It’s Tina Pezz
It’s Tina Pezz Month ago
It’s not average it’s savage
Allie Mike Designs
Allie Mike Designs Month ago
Do not do 2 vids
LilysGuitar Month ago
I love you guys so much and I am not trying to be rude but Katie can’t you get the nose job after the wedding so that you can take care of josh well enough so that he can be healed for the wedding. I totally understand if it won’t work out and I know it’s something you’ve wanted since you were nine! No hate love you guys!
Jayleanahs World
Jayleanahs World Month ago
This is how many people cried when they cried 👇
Cheetah chics Boutique
Cheetah chics Boutique Month ago
All I know is if he can’t stand dallin will be holding him because the bro got his back
Mia Pennisi
Mia Pennisi Month ago
Pray I will pray for you I am so sorry Josh and Katie hope you get will soon
Skylar Dolphintalon
Skylar Dolphintalon Month ago
Stay strong youll get through it i once fell down my stairs and sprained my ankle and it killed so much especially the first day when i did it i couldnt walk on it but i know u will get through it
Nicole Kristen
Nicole Kristen Month ago
I kind of feel Katie is being a little selfish. A nose job isn't nearly as important as Josh's recovery. That is his life. One screw up with his healing for his ankles and things can take a major turn, possibly permanently. Walking is important. Nose job isn't. I feel she should reschedule a non-emergency surgery that she's choosing to have until a later time. But just my opinion that means nothing. I just know major injury recovery first hand. Feel better Josh. 🙂
Leia Steele
Leia Steele Month ago
I am crying likw mad right now but btw on tiktok i made a fan page for u and the della vlogs xx
Leia Steele
Leia Steele Month ago
Dude ur going to walk ur a Savage u will walk i promise u 😘😘😘😘😘
Nekeisah Lia Norris
Nekeisah Lia Norris Month ago
Hang in there Jatie Fam, you're gonna be fine. Trust Me and the process. Just tlk to ur legs everyday. and should be good. You would probably guess I am a genius at spraining ankles and giving them damage. Just Because I don't give them enough support (oh yep, thats the word), I forgot in my vocabulary. And... is it Elevation>? o_o. oh yep, that's the one. Hahahah probs should rest it hey, . probs not . l ol Lol I now realised what my gut instinct is telling me .... restRESTrestrestREsssttttt LOL Because Its. UR.Last.Day , Dude Idek.WhatIMSaYInG. XD But All I know, is that its gonna Be Ok .! Dude ! Just Hang IN Dere Buddyyy! just gtta love em, and giveem enoughh love and support they need (yep probably should watch this video a couple of times - to get inside my head or, probs should listen to what my ankle is telling me to do) LAUGH MYASS OFF. Cos Im a Real Dumb Ass Idiot. Ima Re Watch this couple of times, porbs few times a week - to endure in inside my head, LOL to give me a brief outlook on how to overcome an injury, Cos I Know I defs haven't seen this much support for any ting . I
Danielle Kramer
Danielle Kramer Month ago
You’re gonna walk!!! Praying for Josh. He’s a beast so he will get through it. I’m usually Team Katie but I’m #TeamJosh during his difficult time.
Jolene Richeson
Jolene Richeson Month ago
Speedy healing sent your way.
kerri L
kerri L Month ago
Aww I started to cry when u both cried I hope Josh gets better love u guys 🥺🙏
Abbigale Browning
Abbigale Browning Month ago
awwwwww guys dont cry it will be fine you can have a wedding with 2 broke legs cause me and all your fans know that Josh is strong and can pull through
Keira Rodermond
Keira Rodermond Month ago
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13
Olindaplayz !
Olindaplayz ! Month ago
@Jacobie Jones same
Jacobie Jones
Jacobie Jones Month ago
I absolutely love this verse
She Got A Nose Job *Surgery Day*
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