Gaming With Girls Online To See How My Fiance Reacts!

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Jatie Vlogs

Month ago

Took this one to another level. Gaming with girls online to see how my fiance reacts. I dont think anyone saw this coming!
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
You can look but you CANT touch prank:
Being PDA in front of our friends:
Being mean to my fiancé:

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Janelle Bastien
Janelle Bastien 2 days ago
Its like the 10000 Times watching this but....😂😂😂 I NEVER SEEN JOSH THAT SCARED IN MY LIFE😂😂🤣🤣
Julia Wilton
Julia Wilton 2 days ago
Great video liked it a lot
Maddie R
Maddie R 4 days ago
“LINDSEY” that made me jump he yelled so loud
Yeshuwa Douglas
Yeshuwa Douglas 6 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore what the pups were doing on that chair.🤣🤣
Mathew Ramirez
Mathew Ramirez 10 days ago
Did she really just say 'gaming that won't get you nowhere in life?'😣
Tamara Hijazi
Tamara Hijazi 10 days ago
7:48 I am actually dead at this point he really got scared so bad😂😂
Plaidcoolflyer 02
Plaidcoolflyer 02 11 days ago
How the hell is that cheating?
Rachel Baugh
Rachel Baugh 13 days ago
Been in a wheelchair my hole life do too cerebral palsy
Kimberlin gg
Kimberlin gg 16 days ago
My dude was terrified💀
Ben Trovato
Ben Trovato 16 days ago
Every time a gf catches onto this prank, her way of "messing with him" is to just intensify the reaction they were going for. Why? A better counter-prank would be to act really into it, and like tell him to ask them to send nudes or meet up IRL so he'd be like "WTF?!"
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro 16 days ago
That intro makes me believe that she knows it's a prank. Because her reaction is a little overboard. Edit: Yep, it's what I thought.
Tanatswa Nhira
Tanatswa Nhira 18 days ago
Katie is mature and she is not a insecure
Caro mx
Caro mx 18 days ago
I really want them to do a twitch account and play video games there. It would be dope! 🔥😍
Audrey Kling
Audrey Kling 16 days ago
YESS!!!!! I mainly only watch twitch so that would be amazing if they did😁
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du 18 days ago
Vanessa Leal
Vanessa Leal 20 days ago
Katie should be an actress TBH 👏
Epic Launch
Epic Launch 21 day ago
I got your 6th, danggggg😂😂
Jennifer Peresie
Jennifer Peresie 21 day ago
Team Katie sucks
Dank Memer
Dank Memer 20 days ago
Thats rude
Vincent Wirch
Vincent Wirch 23 days ago
This video was like that scene in surfs up, you know the one.....Leah. Lol
TIGER PAUSE 23 days ago
The great thing about prank couples.Is the insecurities of the women.The pranks are endless.Thanks for the entertainment.
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 24 days ago
Ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂
Mckenzie Sutherland
Mckenzie Sutherland 25 days ago
When y’all get married are y’all gonna change ur intro with like topper in and stuff cuz u should like put in when u asked her to marry u then when u got married
Almighty Kash
Almighty Kash 26 days ago
Oh nahhh break up with her Immediately I can’t deal with a girl like that she’s not the one bro don’t I hope you don’t plan on marrying this girl if you do decide to do it get a prenup and make sure it’s bulletproof
Dank Memer
Dank Memer 20 days ago
It's a prank chill
Kenny Dong
Kenny Dong 28 days ago
Jatie vlogs wach legit tim they done the prank as well
Hannah Senecal
Hannah Senecal 28 days ago
katie, "u know the rules of this relationship" hahahhaha
chloe joseph
chloe joseph 28 days ago
team katie all the way
Pause at 41 then look at his left shoulder doesnt it look like a tan line? oh his left our right!
AJ Belvito
AJ Belvito Month ago
I’ve been waiting for this
Andrea’s Gaming
Andrea’s Gaming Month ago
Me : watching the dogs fighting in the background 👁👄👁
Adriandante Danosos
Adriandante Danosos Month ago
Josh how could you handle the SBMM, its sweaty
Caria Thomas
Caria Thomas Month ago
Omg Katie B so good at acting no cap 🚫🧢
Julia Kehl
Julia Kehl 17 days ago
Trueeeeee bro
Alex & Maddie
Alex & Maddie Month ago
Hey guys!! If you love couple pranks be sure to go check out our channel “Alex & Maddie”❤️❤️
Braden Losson
Braden Losson Month ago
What's wrong with gaming with girls
Dank Memer
Dank Memer 20 days ago
Caitlyn Avery
Caitlyn Avery Month ago
Am I the only one watching this after Katie’s nose Job and forgetting what her nose liked like before
It’s Kyns
It’s Kyns Month ago
you jessica i can not stop laughing 😂
Lillianna Harris
Lillianna Harris Month ago
Lillianna Harris
Lillianna Harris Month ago
Even though josh is in a wheelchair he is still winning prank wars!!!
U. D. D. Sensei
U. D. D. Sensei Month ago
The trend these days
Owen Lugenbuhl
Owen Lugenbuhl Month ago
The dogs in the background 😂😂🥰🥰
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
his reaction when she fr fr started going off👀
Alicia Chase
Alicia Chase Month ago
Everyone: listening to josh go on about games and what not Me: watching the dogs in the back Also everyone:still watching Also me: those are the cutest dogs❤️ (no hate i just thought it was fynny i love yall i stalk u guys to be honest❤️)
Job Camilo
Job Camilo Month ago
The best thing about this is the dogs fighting
Theresa Johnson
Theresa Johnson Month ago
am i the only 1 who was lookin at the dogs while josh was talking
Sophia's Aesthetics
Sophia's Aesthetics Month ago
Idea for Josh: Change the channel name to “Josh Brueckner” to see how Katie reacts to it and tell her you’re the reason of the channel’s popularity (not my idea but post until Josh sees this)!
ANGEL1 GAMES Month ago
Team katie
true jacky
true jacky Month ago
In this prank with Jatie acting psycho it reminds me of a song by Ava Max called “Sweet but Psycho” 😂🔥
Madalyn K
Madalyn K Month ago
Lindsay what the heck? You were supposed to have his back!! hahaha Not the controller!!!! his face when he realized his controller died lolol
Brynlee doing Random things
Brynlee doing Random things Month ago
In the beginning I thought Josh was standing up until, he showed the weal chair. And he said “I’m broken,” lol!
Dream Month ago
I like how the dogs are just fighting in the back
•HockeyGirl12• Month ago
Josh: I’m not putting this on USposts your acting crazy Katie:I’m not acting crazy your acting crazy Me: no you both wrong your two dogs are acting crazy!! Lol
Addison Truscott
Addison Truscott Month ago
Aww his face when she calls him a cheater.😢 He looks so sad.
Hayley Asher
Hayley Asher Month ago
Hope your ok joshy b! We will get better!
Alisha & Max
Alisha & Max Month ago
Katie and Josh yelling at each other for the prank: Me watching the pups in the back 👁👄👁
joshxkatielove Month ago
banks just chilling eating the controller😂
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Month ago
The fact that katie found out it was a prank kinda ruined the video like why do you put hints leading to the video then it never shows the anticipation than i wanted it to be so disappointing
Kendall Hovasse
Kendall Hovasse Month ago
I was laughing so hard when Josh was playing the game and then out of no where the controller died and then his face just dropped
Peggy #team josh
Peggy #team josh Month ago
Give a like if u think it was funny when banks and topper were play fighting while josh and Katie are double prank each other🐕🦮
Vigskillz Month ago
Topper and banks going at it lol
Vigskillz Month ago
Day 1 of asking josh to make a gaming channel
Jarely Tapia
Jarely Tapia Month ago
Team Katie for sure
Drunk Dora
Drunk Dora Month ago
When josh said Lindsey, I literally wheezed lmao
Addi Saferight
Addi Saferight Month ago
No ones paying attintion to yall the dogs lol!!!!!!
l m
l m Month ago
the controllers switch throughout the video .. its staged💀💀
Me Oop
Me Oop Month ago
did you not hear him say damn my controller died
Josh Muldowney
Josh Muldowney Month ago
Top tip: always get an FMJ on your weapons. Depending on the weapon type it can go through walls and even enemies, also adding a chance to get the 2 birds one stone achievement
Amelia Watts
Amelia Watts Month ago
#Team Josh
T R A S H :p
T R A S H :p Month ago
I like how they’re just fighting the dog are literally in the background fighting 😭😭😂😂
kokichi kinnie
kokichi kinnie Month ago
i havent watched u guys in a long time and i am starting to watch u guys again and im so happy
Giri_shiva Month ago
Anyone from djcook here?
Sarah Dowler
Sarah Dowler Month ago
My name is sarah
Josiah Gonzalez
Josiah Gonzalez Month ago
Ooh. The cringe
Scott West
Scott West Month ago
Whist they are arguing their dogs are fighting in the background 🤣
Max Spitler
Max Spitler Month ago
What is the date you are getting married? Are you going to film and post it?
Danielle Sanders
Danielle Sanders Month ago
My name is Danielle
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Month ago
Respekt that you won, was it warzone? That would be lit, I hope i want the last one you got 😂
The fact that the dogs are just playing in the back round
BrucekingxX12 Month ago
Josh should livestream
eila rothman
eila rothman Month ago
Grackles Cackles
Grackles Cackles Month ago
Omg the genuine fear in his face at 7:49. Omg I didn’t catch that at first but he legit looked petrified😂😂
kenzieleah _08
kenzieleah _08 Month ago
Me just watching the dogs in the background 😂
Faye Carter
Faye Carter Month ago
Katie is getting pranked by josh then josh is getting pranked by Katie. ME JUST STARING AT THE DOGS THE WHOLE TIME.
SkilledGamer3526 Month ago
Drop the gamertag?
Solomon Texstory
Solomon Texstory Month ago
I unsubscribe because I whant u and Josh to get married but he cheated 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bxbydoll Month ago
Dont lie who was honestly looking at topper and banks play fight half the time LMAO
Ashley Wunder
Ashley Wunder Month ago
Josh: talking Banks and topper: fighting 😂😂😂
Alani Caines
Alani Caines Month ago
Omg love you guys but surely you guys would start to catch on with the pranks
Salma Bakr
Salma Bakr Month ago
me staring at banks and topper the hole time.
ShowiestmossGaming !
ShowiestmossGaming ! Month ago
Ellen Chislett
Ellen Chislett Month ago
I’m sorry but Katie girl you are doin the most lollll😂😂😂
K & A Education
K & A Education Month ago
Who misses their intro?
Logan Massie
Logan Massie Month ago
Low key. Just watching the dogs
Karlamac 74
Karlamac 74 Month ago
Who else was just watching the dogs in the back.?
Jazjaz Shaffer
Jazjaz Shaffer Month ago
Heyyyyy I follow you on everythinggggg
Aleisha Clark
Aleisha Clark Month ago
It’s so good love you guys so much
Kk it’s Kenzie
Kk it’s Kenzie Month ago
I feel so bad for you josh
Melanie Balderas
Melanie Balderas Month ago
OMG 😆😆😆😆!!! This was sooo good !!
Mr LAChink
Mr LAChink Month ago
The fact that the dogs are fighting too😂😂
TreyVon Kopta
TreyVon Kopta Month ago
Josh you should do a “shut up” prank on your fiance. Both Riss and Quan, and Trish and Kam did this prank. You should do it too.
Leo Quiroga
Leo Quiroga Month ago
You should Stream
Gwyn Indriso
Gwyn Indriso Month ago
omg look at the crazy pups in the backround!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jakefrom Statefarm
Jakefrom Statefarm Month ago
My crazy ass told her to push you over in the wheel chair- if you cheat you better do it when you’re out of the chair 😬
Tahmid Fida
Tahmid Fida Month ago
So playing video games with another girl is cheating...Huh Katie?
Georgia Steward
Georgia Steward Month ago
she was joking, she was pranking him back
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