She Got A Nose Job *Surgery Day*

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She got a nose job! Katie has wanted to do this since she was 9 years old and today is the day! We want to take you guys on the journey of her nose job surgery and recovery. Love ya'll!
My Surgeon was: Dr Shapiro
Tiktok: @joshxkatie
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dani felix
dani felix Day ago
this is off topic but GREEN IS YOUR COLOR
Malissa Colburn
Malissa Colburn Day ago
You are so Brave I love you so much Katie Stay strong And I'm sending my love.
Rachel Blacker
Rachel Blacker 2 days ago
Kaite I think it's gonna look so good I'm so excited to see
Karolina Kolasa
Karolina Kolasa 4 days ago
is she like wearing ecurlick nails or no i am just wondering
Cassie Warner
Cassie Warner 4 days ago
H y dgyt😍🥰😘❤💓❤💓
Giovanna Garcia
Giovanna Garcia 5 days ago
katie did it hurt
Kayla Sheffield
Kayla Sheffield 6 days ago
Man if we could switch lifes i do the sugary and u can do anything snd then switch back when its done
Jade Collins
Jade Collins 9 days ago
I saw this my finger couldn't type i feel the tinglyy in my veins that is so painful.. I can't even...
Taiya J
Taiya J 15 days ago
if you look at the palm trees looks like a smile
Paige McAteer
Paige McAteer 15 days ago
I broke my wrist and had to have surgery went under anesthesia to I’m with you girl
Jerry Shaffer
Jerry Shaffer 16 days ago
I hope you do well I'm send you good luck I can't wait to see the results
why don't we girl
why don't we girl 17 days ago
U look amazing no matter what
Rick Forgione
Rick Forgione 18 days ago
I hope you feel better!
chels russell
chels russell 22 days ago
i wish i had your nose cap like #blessed but its your desicion
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 23 days ago
Hope you heal quickly 🤩🤩
Isabel England
Isabel England 24 days ago
Katie’s mom is the coolest Karen I’ve ever seen. She’s chill.
Bethany Omans
Bethany Omans 24 days ago
Heal soon
jade massey
jade massey 24 days ago
listen i under stand being insecure is hard but please do not promote this to your young fans it is a toxic mentality to put children through
jade massey
jade massey 19 days ago
@Denise Ager ok that ends our argument
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 20 days ago
@jade massey and I respect your opinion
jade massey
jade massey 20 days ago
@Denise Ager i dont really respected but i respect your opinion
Denise Ager
Denise Ager 20 days ago
@jade massey okay thats just dumb But thats what you believed in so I got to be respectful
jade massey
jade massey 20 days ago
@Denise Ager the age they target for is like 8-12 so they now think something like this is okay just because their favorite youtubers did it (I'm not shaming her in any way) so with they now think something is wrong with themselves and that mentality is toxic and can lead to mental health disorders ( depression ,body dysmorphia etc.) so if she wants to do this idc but just dont promote it .
Justyna Olczyk
Justyna Olczyk 25 days ago
I will never get over American kids calling their parents by their name. That is just sooo disrespectful👁👁👁
**Aesthetic·softy **
**Aesthetic·softy ** 27 days ago
Prayers for u Jatie! (Ik ur name for short is Katie but, ya know, it’s ur yt name so yeah LoL
Amy Turner
Amy Turner 28 days ago
My friend has a really big bump in her nose, a little farther down than Katie’s, and it’s quite prominent. It’s also kind of hooked, so it goes down a bit over her lip. I think she is beautiful, but we were talking about it once for some reason and she said that her nose is that way because she has a severe deviated septum. She still is able to breathe well enough, but she says that in a few years she will HAVE to get a nose job because it will get really bad. I don’t even notice her nose at all anymore, and I wish she wasn’t as self conscious about it. I hope that Katie is happy with her new nose shape, and that my friend will be happy too. Satisfaction would be the best outcome in any scenario (in my eyes). They both are beautiful, but the grass is always greener on the other side. I hope Katie heals fast and stays happy!
Carson Peck
Carson Peck 29 days ago
Why didn’t you go to Seattle to get Jackson Avery as ur plastic surgeon
Beverly Hill
Beverly Hill 29 days ago
Hope you feel ok😔
Jules and fun101
Jules and fun101 Month ago
I am so happy for Katie. Cant wait to see the results
Tom Utley
Tom Utley Month ago
Looking good girl. Your so cute. Good luck
stephanie yates
stephanie yates Month ago
Katies mum is so pretty 😍
Can't wait to see the finished product 🙌🏽
mrs hilton
mrs hilton Month ago
y’all sooo needed a photo for memories of y’all together in the wheelchairs
Ball Lover
Ball Lover Month ago
Girl ur nose is perfect 😍
Lily Johnson
Lily Johnson Month ago
I look sososo pretty Whith out makeup and I hope you fill better I wish u the best
kwhet25 Month ago
BTW you are beautiful Katie
Marcella Arteaga
Marcella Arteaga Month ago
I hope u are feeling better soon I am be praying 🙏 for u to get well soon can't for the new nose and I'm ready for the new nose 👃 from biggest fan
Mary Grace Webber
Mary Grace Webber Month ago
Alyssa Lee
Alyssa Lee Month ago
It likes so cut already
Sofie Anderson
Sofie Anderson Month ago
I've always loved her nose actually but her new nose looks so good too!!! She's so pretty no matter what... no fair♥️
Courtney Maddox
Courtney Maddox Month ago
Hope you have a safe recovery! Your nose was perfect before but I will support you in anyway!!
Brianna McCadden
Brianna McCadden Month ago
Katie your mom is really pretty like a princess 👸
Andi Ireland
Andi Ireland Month ago
Did it hurt i am 17 and I am getting one in a week
Amarah Lathrop
Amarah Lathrop Month ago
I want a nose job but as soon as she said she puked I changed my mind. My emetephobia so no to that.
Toddler Bennett
Toddler Bennett Month ago
I bet it will look amazing once it is finally recovered
Jessica Kuehler
Jessica Kuehler Month ago
Abid Butt
Abid Butt Month ago
Have a safe recovery 😓😔😭🥺♥️
Amber Paden
Amber Paden Month ago
love you have a safe recovery
Project Sadie
Project Sadie Month ago
2:21 i live in Ypsilanti Michigan
Cousins Gaming
Cousins Gaming Month ago
I'll come back when its done. Your nose looks nothing wrong but if that makes you feel good about yourself, im happy too
JAY MERARI Month ago
Came back here to remember what her nose looked like 😂😂 ♥️ ❤️
Hope Brown
Hope Brown Month ago
When you sleep, do you ever have to worry about rolling onto your nose?
ZoneDevil Gaming
ZoneDevil Gaming Month ago
Kinda random, but that krig build josh was running is kinda fire
Jake Moser
Jake Moser Month ago
She finally got that beak wacked off huh lmao
Mariam Hamad
Mariam Hamad Month ago
Flippie lol
Keisha Purvis
Keisha Purvis Month ago
how are u suppose to snezze
Gianni Wiggins
Gianni Wiggins Month ago
Katie I don’t even know what I look like Josh Hot mess
Hayley Asher
Hayley Asher Month ago
When Katie was in the car and they where on there way home I was laughing so bad it was funny Bc she was saying funny stuff lol
Hayley Asher
Hayley Asher Month ago
5:26 Katie’s nose looks like it bleeding! WHY THE DOCTOR MAKE KATIE NOSE BLEED LOL (Jk)
Hayley Asher
Hayley Asher Month ago
Katie why did you get a new nose you have a pretty nose already!
Angelic’s Place
Angelic’s Place Month ago
love you angel
Amber Gerhardt
Amber Gerhardt Month ago
Does anyone know where Josh's hoodie is from.
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez Month ago
🙏Tip you should belend your food so it would be easier for you to eat if you don't try it its oki hope you feel better😇🤗
Can’t wait to see the ruslt
Rita Darveau
Rita Darveau Month ago
OMG Katie I’m so happy for you and sad cuz ima miss your nose ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sappy sad/happy
Daria Dziurdzikowska
Daria Dziurdzikowska Month ago
Why peas
Daniela Ambriz
Daniela Ambriz Month ago
You were beautiful before the surgery right now and you will look beautiful after the swelling goes down.🥰
Anne Moffat
Anne Moffat Month ago
Kacey Vratis
Kacey Vratis Month ago
Kyeita Fish
Kyeita Fish Month ago
praying for katie that her surgery go great and yall wedding day be nice and yall look cute
cloaked in darkness
cloaked in darkness Month ago
I totally respect Katie's decision to do this, but when will she realize that she's literally always gorgeous while I'm over here like no, sir, I'm not a potato, sorry for the confusion.
Charlotte Daily
Charlotte Daily Month ago
i had surgery last monday on my back and bro i kept getting sick and i still can’t eat a lot without feeling sick so i understand! feel better though and have a quick recovery
Addison Rodgers
Addison Rodgers Month ago
I ment when not hen
Addison Rodgers
Addison Rodgers Month ago
sorrey for the vomit i feel you hen I was 18 I got involved in a fight.
Sophie Zheng
Sophie Zheng Month ago
wait, why does she need a nose job though???
Bobbi Kinkelaar
Bobbi Kinkelaar Month ago
Hope all is well!!! Can't wait for the final results 😘
Fathima Azam
Fathima Azam Month ago
Fathima Azam
Fathima Azam Month ago
Sj Squad
Sj Squad Month ago
Wish you the best recovery katie and Josh ❤❤❤
Lucia Da Cunha
Lucia Da Cunha Month ago
Omg big fan just subscribed and log in hope u are better you look amazing
Gracie Whitton
Gracie Whitton Month ago
It looks so cute already!!💗💗
Milania Dickel
Milania Dickel Month ago
Katie you are so strong and we love ❤️ you and josh 👇🏻
Kinsey Marks
Kinsey Marks Month ago
Yo sorry if I put a lot of weird things in the chat my phone is glitching
Yana Thakkar
Yana Thakkar Month ago
Did they take out the part where she had that like blood snot thing?!?
Peyton DiFiore
Peyton DiFiore Month ago
I can’t wait to see it, I hope you feel better
Ashlyn Slaughter
Ashlyn Slaughter Month ago
I hope it turns out well and you like it Katie I love you
Joslin Alvarez
Joslin Alvarez Month ago
its sad how people are not content with how God made them ☹️ they will face the consequences on judgement day when Jesus asks them why they did what they did
Madison Yarbrough
Madison Yarbrough Month ago
Hope your recover is good, we love you.❤
Lexa Swift
Lexa Swift Month ago
Katie: I might lose a little bit of weight! Me: When can I get my surgery?
why did you get a nose job
Néâr Dêà
Néâr Dêà Month ago
Why would anyone do this to himself 😨
Sam Howell
Sam Howell Month ago
With your nose covered like that your voice is giving me Blake Lively vibes.
LAVA833Live Month ago
5:44 all I can think of is Gary numen’s are friends electric? playing in the background
Drunk Dora
Drunk Dora Month ago
Anybody got flashbacks of when Katie got her wisdom teeth out?
glittergirlbrown Month ago
Natasha Renwick
Natasha Renwick Month ago
Hope u get better Kati get well soon I am your biggest fan ever I watch the USposts video as soon as u post them
Sarah Wiles
Sarah Wiles Month ago
i hop you are ok katie
Nati4323 Play
Nati4323 Play Month ago
I love Karen in the Videos❤️ She is such a supportive and fun mother😂
Queen Gia
Queen Gia Month ago
why they not putting the intro song?
Kris Tina
Kris Tina Month ago
I like to watch and watch all your videos and activities😘❤️♥️💪
Kris Tina
Kris Tina Month ago
What happen with you!???
Jason Lisle
Jason Lisle Month ago
Your going to look beautiful
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones Month ago
should’ve ate the mashed potatoes with the spoon upside down so u didn’t have to open your mouth so much.
Manny Vega
Manny Vega Month ago
The couple on wheelchairs 🦽
Alexis Hmelyar
Alexis Hmelyar Month ago
Safe recovery! I love you guys! You are beautiful either way!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
My New Nose Reveal!! *Emotional*
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