Cat 6 hours ago
J80 should make swim suits bc they would be soooo cute.
David Adamson
David Adamson 7 hours ago
I wish I could be dating a chic just like Katie
M A Y M A Y 7 hours ago
This is joshes best prank
Khadra Abeeb
Khadra Abeeb 7 hours ago
Omg 😱 soo cute they finally Married
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 7 hours ago
Hahaha he reacted fast
Manna Rachel Govathoti
Manna Rachel Govathoti 7 hours ago
When josh said ‘dreaming about being a savage’, I got the captions as ‘dreaming of being a sadhu’ 😂😂😂... That’s quite the contrast I must say
Leida Silva
Leida Silva 7 hours ago
Keyword bad idea
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 7 hours ago
There both so cute
Mohamed Adam
Mohamed Adam 7 hours ago
I gess he has been in that situation a lot, and he forgot he was married lol
Randi gamage
Randi gamage 7 hours ago
Any adelaine morin fans 🥺💛
Ballah Y0
Ballah Y0 7 hours ago
Team josh
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 7 hours ago
Love can heal anything,in Josh's case his broken ankle😂😂😂,still a miracle though👍
Let’s be Aesthetic 🌼🍉
Let’s be Aesthetic 🌼🍉 7 hours ago
🙄😞😢 u don’t reply
BornToWin Show1995
BornToWin Show1995 7 hours ago
So cute.. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Gypsie_SEQ 7 hours ago
He definitely didn't see the camera
Let’s be Aesthetic 🌼🍉
Let’s be Aesthetic 🌼🍉 7 hours ago
OMG I want to meet u soo bad but I can’t I have been crying in my bed for a week well that’s depressing plss reply 🍉🖤
pink blossom
pink blossom 8 hours ago
how many of those j80 jugs do you drink a day 🥰 i’m thinking of getting one and once i went to the hosp for severe dehydration 😬 and i’m slowly getting dehydrated again so i need some tips! it’s okay if you don’t respond 🥰i love you guys! hope you guys have a good day💖
Katrina Lawson
Katrina Lawson 8 hours ago
the way that josh looked at katies but in the shower is just funny
MaTsUn 8 hours ago
Josh is from poland proof 0:17
Gemma De lange
Gemma De lange 8 hours ago
He looks a lot like mattyb
Marya H
Marya H 8 hours ago
I have an avocado thing like that and it s easyer with it
Allison Harris
Allison Harris 8 hours ago
Im so excited if josh and katie if a kid there kid will be so cute😍😍
Youri Leenman
Youri Leenman 8 hours ago
Do you know how many comments I had to scroll through before I finally found someone that said this was dangerous. This is not acceptable as a prank and they should stop doing idiotic cheap ones like this. Even if this was staged.... don't teach kids that this is okay.
Ariona Denise
Ariona Denise 8 hours ago
Y does she low key look like Charlie
Olivia Hanford
Olivia Hanford 8 hours ago
Yall are such a cute couple. It's so crazy watching y'all when y'all first got together to now being married. I can just tell by watching how y'all are around eachother that y'all are truly meant to be. I pray that the love y'all have for eachother stays this way forever & y'all have an amazing everlasting marriage. Y'all remind me of me & my fiance so much. Much love🥰💗
gypsy lee
gypsy lee 8 hours ago
when Topper and Banks meet text you should put the song me and my bother on
Among us
Among us 8 hours ago
Jatie after dark
Amani Macklin
Amani Macklin 9 hours ago
bella sounded a lil sick lol
BellabongGunner 9 hours ago
You guys must get a second shower head
Yobani Rodriguez
Yobani Rodriguez 9 hours ago
I feel bad for the dog he sounds sad it makes me wanna cry
Macci 9 hours ago
Pregnancy Routine???
Hailey Mercer
Hailey Mercer 9 hours ago
I love how he did it the first time then he feel off the bed and looked at Katie and who
Tinajero Sisters
Tinajero Sisters 9 hours ago
She is so cute 😊 I
Trina Cruz
Trina Cruz 9 hours ago
# caosjfhdbggugcybfgtfgffftyffgttyhgttnfgfttntytgtgtttttttttttttttttttmdjhdbffyfhfurgei8ksshkkzjxzjxjusjs7snw6nszuhxdydhdhdhcychcchcycyfjfreldododldkdgdgtr hdchfhrubruvnfruhgbfrhufhgryu nvfurngh heurgbfrhuvnfruhgnfrjugbhfurnvhurfbhvurfbvhucemjfifemkdowswmfdjienferjinvuhfengjtribvrnjjvnufejfrjignfrhungfrjungrfjihgrhfungnvfrhuvbfhrungjefihgfheuhfreuufgfehufebrfyyerhfhufehffeuyggfeytrhuhycbedjunddeujfbrehuferbyufrebgufbrehuuherfbfrehubfruehbfrebuhhuberfehburefbuhuherfbrfehubferhubfwrbhufrwbuhrwfbuhwrfbhurfwbhuwfrbhufrwhbufrwhburfbhubuhwfrqubwqfrubhwqrghubuqrfwbhybgqwrgqwgrhbuqwrghubqwrfbuhiwfrqibuhqwrbuhfiqwhruvbiwqfrubihbuiggrwqqwfrihh fwdgu iwrf qguiwquhr o p p p
Brooke watson
Brooke watson 9 hours ago
Prank idea For Katie Bruckner Have period Cramps in the middle of the night on my Husband josh to see how he reacts
Lizzy Hubert
Lizzy Hubert 9 hours ago
The next night routine is going to be with kids!!!!!
Milla Moo gaming
Milla Moo gaming 9 hours ago
Josh was so funny in this vid lol
Madison Kish
Madison Kish 9 hours ago
I love there new picture for there profile channel ❤️
Cassie Simpson
Cassie Simpson 9 hours ago
This just makes me want yall to have a kid even more
Isabella Inorio
Isabella Inorio 9 hours ago
Crumbl cookies are so good
Elle_ _Ponytail
Elle_ _Ponytail 9 hours ago
Am I the only actual person here? Y’all are robots if u can’t tell that this is staged. Wtf 😂😂
Vyshnavi kumar
Vyshnavi kumar 9 hours ago
She is so pretty and savage tbh 😂❤️
Destiny Joyy
Destiny Joyy 9 hours ago
Aww her little run
Phoelia Ang
Phoelia Ang 9 hours ago
next would be pregnant night routine then newborn night routine🤣🤣🤣
Keliyah young
Keliyah young 9 hours ago
this was so funny
Alanna Shults
Alanna Shults 9 hours ago
Brandaun King Carter.
Brandaun King Carter. 9 hours ago
Love y'all so much stay safe and stay strong and keep on graining and never give up 💯❤️ positive vibes Josh and Katie love y'all so much I'm part of y'all family for life keep on coming with more pranks and more videos
MelaExcited Kfam
MelaExcited Kfam 9 hours ago
Isabel Arredondo
Isabel Arredondo 9 hours ago
PRANK IDEA FOR JOSH: Pretend you got a call from a Doctor confirming your pregnant and run off in front of him.
Kuljeet singh Chopra
Kuljeet singh Chopra 10 hours ago
Merisa Klica
Merisa Klica 10 hours ago
K&A MUSIC 10 hours ago
Carley and Justin Carley and Justin
Carley and Justin Carley and Justin 10 hours ago
Cooking with jatie
Carley and Justin Carley and Justin
Carley and Justin Carley and Justin 10 hours ago
Cooking with jatie
FF_ Gofy05
FF_ Gofy05 10 hours ago
Poor topper
Samantha Arminda
Samantha Arminda 10 hours ago
Katies dress is beyond gorgeous! Their wedding day was the happiest day of my life because my IDOLS got married to one another! God bless you both!❤️
Melissa Ortiz
Melissa Ortiz 10 hours ago
I have that same avocado cutter I use it every day
Samantha Arminda
Samantha Arminda 10 hours ago
Aww! He was so confused!🤣🥺
Nicole Vaz
Nicole Vaz 10 hours ago
I love the show who killed Sara!!
Shae Dasia
Shae Dasia 10 hours ago
I was watching their older videos and I just have to know...What happened to Katies nose piercing????
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 10 hours ago
Y’all saying josh is brother is so kind and a gentlemen and all which yes I agree but y’all acting like most ppl just stair at their brothers wife naked and be like “ damnnnnn shawty “ LIKEEEE
Anisha Tolud
Anisha Tolud 10 hours ago
I think she slapped you for saying "where are you" 🤣🤣🤣
sheryyykll dnechs
sheryyykll dnechs 10 hours ago
all of your pranks are SCRIPTED
sheryyykll dnechs
sheryyykll dnechs 10 hours ago
sheryyykll dnechs
sheryyykll dnechs 10 hours ago
this looks so scripted
Lus Angelina
Lus Angelina 10 hours ago
Can you guys do a full house tour???
Manna Rachel Govathoti
Manna Rachel Govathoti 10 hours ago
16:14 , Katie has 2 tattoos and thus has a total of 3
Elim Recinos
Elim Recinos 10 hours ago
LOL 😂 when he fell of the bed😂🤣
June Waters
June Waters 10 hours ago
omg who killed sara is amazing!
EmmeB_123 10 hours ago
To whoever sees this please remember that God loves you so much and He has a plan for you!! ❤️❤️
Georgia M
Georgia M 10 hours ago
ahhh couple goalsssss 💗🥺
Rose Rutherfurd
Rose Rutherfurd 10 hours ago
Who else thinks they should me a waterproof mascara called " Don’t Cry "
Brooke watson
Brooke watson 10 hours ago
Prank idea For Katie pretend that you got a phone call and say that your with your husband
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher 10 hours ago
Haha he didnt even question her at the start and hid 😂😂😂
Supergirl 27
Supergirl 27 10 hours ago
He was so tired he was like ok and chill with it until he she said boyfriend
Shae Dasia
Shae Dasia 10 hours ago
kerrigan konkle
kerrigan konkle 10 hours ago
"that couple we met at the gym'' IS THAT BRADY AND MADDY?? she was my coach!!
Shae Dasia
Shae Dasia 10 hours ago
It's such a light slap tho 😭
Shae Dasia
Shae Dasia 10 hours ago
Hes so cute. He just peeps under the covers😭
C H 10 hours ago
Katie: ok daddy Josh: 😂 USposts: here’s an ad